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The first day at Thai school may be his last for Funny, Kato Boon. #KBF31 Kato is 2.5 years old and is growing fast. Time to go to kindergarten the beginning about learning lessons about life. Papa Bas remembers his first day at school well.

Papa Bas and school are not a good combination. Learning for Papa Boon was too dull then, so his “professor” career ended early. At age 15, papa Bas became a young rebel. Will funny Kato Boon cry and make a scene on the first day at a Thai school in the Esan district?

Papa Bas asks their uncle, ants, and friends what they think funny Kato Boon will do in kindergarten. Papa Bas Boon and Mama Rak try to instruct young Kato not upset the teacher and babysitter. No fighting, no Batman and Spiderman imitations, be useful at school, behave, be nice.

Papa knows his son Kato will be alright and not let himself get bullied. Will other kids need a babysitter? How will the teachers respond to Kato’s hyperactive behavior? How will the playgroup deal with this energy “wonder”? The first day at school for Papa Bas Boon’s son will be enjoyable. Papa is proud and full of confidence, and he makes a bet with the locals and mama Rak; Papa claims his son kato will not cry.

This video is another brilliant episode of the KatoBoonFamily series. Watch funny Kato Boon from inside a Thai School in real-time. How is the third day at school going for Kato Boon? The teachers speak to mama Rak, and she worries.

Spearfishing with comical Kato Boon, papa Bas saves a puppy.

(C) Bas Boon

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