Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
Spearfishing with comical Kato Boon, papa Bas saves a puppy. This is Spearfishing for Luckey beginners.

It’s the weekend, and comedian Kato Boon is up early to go spearfishing. On this day, papa Bas will also meet a puppy in distress and do a heroic act.

Kato saw a spearfishing cartoon on YouTube, which video he played 100x. Papa Boon surprises son Kato Boon the next day with some early comical lessons in spearfishing.

Watch how lucky Kato catches a giant fish with his first throw. All goes well till Papa Bas gets stuck in the mud and falls in the water. Papa Bas stops laughing, especially when comical Kato Boon gets a hold of the garden hose.

Hilarious scenes of Kato Boon player with water amuse the KatoBoonFamily, all laughing.

On returning to KBF farm 1, Papa Bas visits an old dog friend. Bas helped a trapped puppy three months ago after he got stuck in some chicken wire. The puppy is aggressive and tries to bite. Will Papa Bas be able to release the dog from this trap?

The little puppy wanted to eat a chicken or steal an egg and got instant Karma. It’s heart-warming to see how Papa Bas cuts the chicken wire to free the puppy. It was great to see comical Kato Boon have so much fun catching fish. The sun, however, was scrutinizing and was the cause for papa to have sunburn for a few days.

They meet again now. Three months later, Papa Boon is curious about how the dog is doing.

Ducks, Pigs, Chicks, and Insects. Kato Boon loves it.

(c) Bas Boon

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