Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Kato Boon as Hollywood aspirations, here I come.

In the last KatoBoonFamily chapter, I asked what we would think Kato would become a fighter or a farmer? I even suggested to myself I would prefer him to become a hedge fund manager.

As Kato Boon reached now the age of knowing how to operate a tablet, his favorite occupation is watching Spiderman, Batman,

Kato shows Hollywood admiration daily he watches The Hulk and Mr.Bean. Kato watching Hollywood films results in the record-breaking destruction of toys and house gear (he thinks he is the hulk). Kato’s nephew Pam gets dressed as Darth Vader, and Kato comes to swing out as Batman.

How will this epic battle turn out? Papa Bas was active as a Hollywood film producer. One of the movies Bas produced was the film “Bad Guys” with his partner Frederico Lapenda.

The movie “Bad Guys” won three awards at the Hollywood Beverly Hills Film festival. Maybe there is another destiny for little Kato as he is a natural-born actor.

I made a video about Kato Boon named “fighter or farmer’? we can add actors now to the list.

See for yourself and leave a comment below this video.

(C) Bas Boon

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