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My YouTube Channel got 10K Subs, but am I Not Happy? Why am I not happy with 10K subscribers from the KatoBoonFamily YouTube channel in only six months?

I write about my struggles with a video on the private mode by YouTube. YouTube put my video into private mode, for my eyes only. I point out that somebody responded and communicated with me through Twitter and YouTube.

Here is what happened (or better, what is worse, what did not happen). I was hoping that talking to somebody on YouTube could lead to a solution for my imprisoned viral video. I was wrong. It got far worse.

Here is what happened:

  1. YouTube: “Update: We’ll keep your video private as it contains info that can put someone’s safety at risk.

YouTube claims:

The accusation by YouTube: personal information such as names of people’s images are included in the video.

For more info on how to resolve this, check out your DM. following up, here’s what you can do to fix this:

  1. Download your video. On a computer, download the video using your Video Manager. If you have a copy of your original video saved, you can skip this step.

2. Remove and entirely obscure all identifying information in your video – including footage, thumbnails, audio, title, description, and tags instructed on YouTube.

If your video contains images of identifiable individuals, consider using our blurring tool. 3. Re-upload your video. Upload the video again. Remember that re-uploading the video won’t carry over the view count and comments from the original upload.

This would be very unfair of YouTube for my KatoBoonFamily channel.

To keep the original URL: Upload your video as Unlisted – on the “Visibility” tab under Publish now, choose Unlisted. Let us know if you have other questions.

Well, I did have some questions.

Ai flagged my video after three weeks because I put two tag words in the title “swine” and testicles.”

YouTube put the video on 18+, so I immediately removed the two hashtag words, not because I agreed, but resolved the problem without a headache.

I removed the words but AI now punished me more and put the video in private mode for me to see only. Finally, I spoke to somebody on Twitter.

The appealing button said error, and you can’t appeal to a video put in a private mode ( yes, the runaround). After lots of explanations from my side, things got worse.

I asked the usual questions:

What do I have to do to get the video active again? I got to send two links to me:

Age restriction: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2802167

Copyright claim: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2797370

The Runaround

Team YouTube knew what I asked perfectly but refused to answer the questions.

The copyright claim link is hilarious. I have been a producer for over 35 years, produced 400 events for TV, and made movies in Hollywood. My experience taught me about copyright, and I am cautious in applying the copyright rules.

Therefore I buy my music and pictures by paying for a license for my KatoBoonFamily channel on YouTube. Now, I had another youtube channel where I used that link to remove the content of people who uploaded my productions and violated the copyright law.

Bas Boon IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1940705/

Standard answers, not helpful, very frustrating.

Many people are unaware of these laws, so I understand youtube made a standard answer by providing such a common link.

The link had nothing to do with my case. My video’s following claim was that I endangered the identity and safety of an individual.

For three weeks, this was not a problem when YouTube and the music maker made money with my viral video. Indeed I asked politely, I am sorry if I did, but I am unaware of this.

Give me a chance to edit out that person or blur his identity or prove I have a license to use the footage in dispute, so I get this resolved.

As far as I know, there are only friends in the video, and the image of the pirate bay cafe is no issue (it’s my cafe).

The most significant subject in the video is pig breeding but brought in a funny way. YouTube flags it as a problem (pic. by Shutterstock)

YouTube would only say: that we can not give specifics. Remove and entirely obscure all identifying information in your video – including footage, thumbnails, audio, title, description, and tags.

If your video contains images of identifiable individuals, consider using our blurring tool.

I made the thumbnail myself, and it’s funny and not against their policy and some of the pictures I bought from Shutterstock.

Unlike a music claim where I can provide a certificate and proof I paid for usage, this is now not the case. YouTube wants you to guess.

It does not seem as if I knew which content I should not put in my productions. I would have avoided making the KatoBoonFamily videos with that content if I did.

My video is funny and not shocking compared to other pig breeding videos. I had a very mild version of pig breeding footage than what you can see in public on YouTube. So somebody, out of nowhere, now claims my video endangered this person, so says YouTube. But they wouldn’t tell you who.


YouTube keeps making things weirder, or some woke person dislikes my item.

Blur everybody, remove the thumbnail and title, and eliminate the sound (I quote their solution).

YouTube instructs me to make all these changes, and I still can not get my 220.000 views.

After all, YouTube congratulated me every week for three weeks with my YouTube video results and asked me to double down on this video. The age restriction link puts my video in a private mode. Let’s first get the footage into 18+ mode; this can make progress.

Youtube can’t tell me what is wrong. Does YouTube claim this video would endanger people and reveal their identity? The content creator should know who. Why won’t YouTube tell?

Here is what I think happened.

AI screwed up like many times with my previous videos. I work according to YouTube guidelines. All claims YouTube claimed are false. YouTube has to restore mistakes from its side. It is a long process and not creator-friendly.

Somebody made a mistake, and it’s almost like they are searching for ways to defend Ai’s decision.

I am making assumptions now. I now go from two hashtags words to endangering people and content claims after three weeks of successfully uploading the video (no age restriction). Does that not make sense to me? It feels wrong.

I follow creator courses to make my content more attractive for people to keep watching. VIDIQ supplied me with the two tag words. I pay them 50 euros per month for membership. I pay for my education on this and learn editing etc.

My first viral video:

Papa Boon wrestles a funny pig was not in the KatoBoonFamily script.


My viral video went up to 1 million views. Then I edited the wrong hashtag.

My viral video went up to 1 million views. Then I edited the wrong hashtag. Finally, I got a viral video that potentially would have 1 million views rapidly (50K per day).

No animals are hurting in my videos—no nudity or vulgarity (plenty in other videos, more graphic swine breeding). I found pig castrations videos on YouTube on a similar subject, with no warning or private mode.

Extra sour The video would have put me over the threshold of views within one year to partner with YouTube in their advertising program.

Where is the love and help for the YouTube Creators?

I swallow a bitter pill after spending a lot of work and dedication as a content creator. I put in money and time and do not even get a chance to undo whatever YouTube claims I did.


We live in times where political preferences can get you fired and banned.

“Free speech is going dangerously backward.

The “offended” community ruins everything. For example, I make a highlight video of happy moments with a baby, and 268 people of 100K put thumbs down. We live in strange times.

Communication through YouTube and Twitter to solve my YouTube problem.

Team Twitter YouTube is constantly communicating with me, which brings hope for resolving this headache. The communication is not fast enough; I am sure they are understaffed.

My request to solve the matter goes unanswered. YouTube people know perfectly well if I would have to blur everybody. Remove my thumbnail and sound; it’s the end of the video. The URL link is now dead.

Why is the answer from YouTube unprofessional?

What should I blur out? Why can YouTube not tell me this? What can I do, and will I comply? I wish I could be jumping for Joy, reaching 10K. Subscribers.

YouTube can do this at will with anybody, and you can’t change a thing. For my future content, it worries me as I made funny videos and not age-restricted videos. Common YouTube, you need happy content creators producing successful viral videos.

The video did not move to the public space; you must sign in with YouTube to view the content. YouTube asks you if you are sure you want to see this content, ruining the viral content. Communication with YouTube is practically zero, which is very disappointing. KatoBoonFamily YouTube Channel now has almost 25K subs.

Check out the channel of the KatoBoonfamily YouTube channel


Bas Boon www.basboon.com

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