Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Ducks, Pigs, Chicks, and Insects. Kato Boon loves it. Another day at the KatoBoonFamily farm with chicks, insects, ducks, and pigs.

Lockdown number 11 in Thailand, but the KatoBoonFamily is not noticing any difference, just another day at the farm.

Kato is educating himself on how to feed the animals effectively.

For the first time, Kato is witnessing the birth of little Chicks. During the afternoon break, Kato pays with a Mantodea “Praying Mantis” and a Thai Rhino Beetle and admires ducks.

Kato Boon is playing with insects.

The fascination of our kids with insects is remarkable. Funny, Kato Boon likes ducks, but insects are his favorite. The Praying Mantis does look like some creepazoid Alien. When the Mantis “Mantodea” finally flies away, Kato is not amused.

The day ends with Kato watching his favorite dinosaur program and Conan Boon resting in a hammock feeling the life for fame vibe (L4F). It has been a long hot day at the KatoBoonFamily farm.

It is excellent for the parents to see how Kato Boon grows up at the farm. He loves animals such as pigs, ducks, frogs, and even insects are excellent Pigs.

Happy Birthday, Funny Baby Kato Party Cake Song Fails.

(C) Bas Boon

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