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Pedophile Pandemic, Epstein, Why Elites Hate Trump? The devil is in the details of Epstein, Trump, Clinton, and Mass Shooter’s motive as to why the media makes you hate Trump!
Jeffrey Epstein is dead, pro-Trump supporters accuse the Clintons of murdering him, and the Democrats blame Trump. Donald Trump is a pedophile, racist, bigot, white supremacist, orange man terrible, the list is endless. The mass media, Hollywood, and big corporations all hate Trump, but why?

Why do they hate Trump?

The economy is doing better than ever before, lowest unemployment records for Hispanic and African Americans. Trump lowered taxes and put a prison reform system in place. He moved the embassy to Jerusalem and stood up against China. Donald is trying to end wars and is becoming friends with Kim of North Korea.

Why is the gap between the right and left getting bigger?

The last mass shootings fuel the fire, and the gap between left and right is getting bigger and more violent, but why? Democrats Blame the president, and the republicans claim – gun control is not the answer. Understanding why these young people become mass murderers is far more sinister than people imagine. Here lies the root of all evil, explaining why Hollywood and the mass media hate Trump.

Trump is like a giant broom cleaning up a massive evil mess!

The last mass shootings made you almost forget Epstein. Jeffrey Epstein was the pedophile guru with tentacles in many countries (at that point, somebody almost killed him in jail). But now he is officially dead! Not long after Epstein’s death, the #Clintonbodycount is trending at over 100.000. It took to Twitter just less than a day to change that in #Trumpepstein

Pam Keith and many others on Twitter: “But the simple fact is the left did not physically control Epstein’s person. Bill Barr did! Fact: Pure and simple. Fact! And no one had more to lose than Epstein than 45.NO ONE! Maybe it is her Mathematics skill. But she must have meant president number 42.

Here are some more facts, and you be the judge:

Fact: Trump banned Epstein from his Mar-a-Lago estate as Epstein assaulted a 14 yr old girl.

Fact: Trump stated to the police voluntarily after Epstein’s arrest. According to the police, Trump was the only person who helped!

Fact: Trump has never been to Lolita island of Jeffrey Epstein

Everybody Trump ever knew was called in to testify, and they’re all still alive. Anyone who knew a person who talked to someone who once saw a person who knew about crimes committed by Clinton is dead!

Fact: Documents reveal Trump was on Epstein’s plane once a very long time ago. And Donald never went to Epstein’s island. Witnesses claim that Trump never had sex with anybody.

Fact: The flight log shows Bill Clinton was at least 26x on Epstein’s Lolita express. But in the official statement from Bill Clinton, he claimed he only was four times on that plane.

There is no compairisment between Bill Clinton and Trump. Trump never went to Epstein’s island.

Facts: witnesses claim that Bill Clinton once held a private party on Epstein’s island.

Another Fact: Epstein’s sex slaves came forward and claimed Bill Clinton had sex with them

More Facts: There is a picture of Bill Clinton with Epstein’s sex slave Rachel Chandler (then 16)!

Fact: this is the most crucial fact; this is why Hollywood and many in the entertainment and “news business” hate Trump. Since Trump’s presidency, more pedophiles and sex traffickers have surfaced and been arrested than all previous presidents. “Broom” Trump is cleaning the swamp. Don’t believe me?

More than 100 sex-trafficking victims rescued across the US amid busts FBI says: August 7th, 2019 

Elijah Wood Says Hollywood Has a Pedophilia Problem

The priest who said he urinated in communion wine and was attracted to satanism gets 25 years for child porn

They sentenced Bill Cosby for three to 10 years in prison for sexual assault

Harvey Weinstein could face life in prison after new sexual assault charges

Here is everybody Corey Feldman has accused of sexual abuse in Hollywood.

Unreported: 1500 pedophile arrests have been made nationally since Trump took office!

Boy Scouts America have pedophile epidemic are hiding hundreds…

The Crimes Must not be Buried with Jeffrey Epstein

Pedophilia an epidemic in US


I think everybody gets the point: pedophiles, criminals, and illegals are not happy with Trump

Are Bill & Hillary Clinton Involved with Child Trafficking?

Fact: Huma Abedin, Vice-chair of Hillary’s campaign husband Anthony Weiner, was convicted of sex texting with a minor (that’s only what we know)! The story gets more sinister with this headline:

Anthony Weiner Spotted Moving Back In With Huma Abedin After Time In Halfway House

Yes, after his prison sentence, Anthony is seen moving back into the house of Huma Abedin.

Surely the Clinton Crime gang does not stop there; John Podesta is the campaign chairman of the Clintons

5 Shocking Facts About the Clintons and Haiti You Likely Don’t Know!

WikiLeaks: Podesta invited to ‘Spirit’ dinner; the host’s known ‘recipes’ demand breast milk, and sperm

This Satanist e-mail account was hacked, and guess what? It showed that the DNC rigged the election as they favored Hillary before Bernie Sanders. The DNC / Hillary fuck Sanders leads to Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation. There is also speculation over many code words used by pedophiles in the revealed e-mails from Podesta!

Ship seized in 1.3 billion cocaine bust is owned by JP morgan chase

“Record” fentanyl drug bust made at US-Mexico border

US Coast Guard unloads 26.000 pounds of cocaine seized from pacific

ICE arrests skyrocketed under Trump!

Creator of one of Rhode Island’s most prominent child porn collections gets 40 years in prison

False Gods and Satanism

1.5 billion Muslims have Muhammed as their prophet. And Mohammed married Aisha when she was nine and only went to bed with her when she was 11. So he was a pedophile! 

Child Brides.

In January 2017 Saudi court banned child marriage under 15 (yes, you read that correct in 2017)! Kyrgyzstanians kidnap and rape more than 20% of child brides. The rape forces them into marriage. The Quran describes One of the reasons a Muslim person can have four wives. It is a duty of Muslims, especially after wars.

Many women would lose their husbands in wars. As long as you can provide for these women, it is ok to have more wives. So the poor cannot have multiple wives. There is no mention of the minimum age for these numerous brides. But with Mohammed as an example, there were no minimum age limits.

Now, if you think it would be only Islam and Muslims promoting child marriage and pedophilia. I must disappoint you. I write about this in another blog: King John married 12-year-old Isabelle, and Richard the second was married to an 8-year-old. (see list child brides Wikipedia). 

Having child brides was very “normal” for an extended period.

You get the picture. It was pretty “normal in those times to marry and have sex with children! The Church is a cesspool of pedophilia in an unprecedented way. False priests and false “gods” create hundreds of thousands of children becoming victims of sexual predators, often turning them into pedophiles! Which now becomes a whole lot more than only pedophilia. They use it to practice Satanism, praying on the innocent soul of children[BB1]!

The indoctrination and use of sex subliminal messages and Pedo signs have to start young!

They convicted a disgraced top executive at Disney and sentenced him to nearly seven years on multiple counts of sexually abusing children.

Disney videos for kids with hidden sex messages 


“Effeminate” purple Teletubby with a triangular child detecting aerial on his head. He carries a handbag full of chloroform and cotton wool balls to subdue his targets. Tinky Winky has previously been the center of sexual innuendo with the revelation that he was gay.

Teletubbies has been aired in over 120 countries in 45 languages

in the United States, the series airs on Nickelodeon as part of Nick, Jr block Quote: Tinky Winky Effeminate purple Teletubby with a…

After seeing this clip: make up your mind:

The number one British pedophile “Was Jimmy Saville’.

Indeed when the BBC is in the picture, we can’t skip the name, Jimmy Saville. The BBC is the number one Fake News public broadcast group from England and severe Trump haters. Jimmy Saville worked for the BBC. He is the number one British pedophile with ties to the royals!

They all knew it; nobody did a thing. Only when Savile died did the pile of shit come to the surface. He abused over 500 children, and the media stayed quiet!

Jack and Jill went up the Hill were actual people, but it is not what you think. It’s about Rape!

Here are some more morbid nursery rhymes you might have heard:

Mel Gibson: Hollywood is “Den of Parasites “who “Feast on Blood of Kids”

Dennis Hester, 3th in place to become the president of the US, was a pedophile!

Popstar Michael Jackson was a pedophile!

They were calling David Icke and Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist. Both reported for decades on people like Jeffery Epstein. Jimmy Savile and Prince Andrew …you would still call them conspiracy theorists and wackos today?

Italy shocked by Child pornography scandal:

This is the top leader of Italy having sex with underage girls and practices satanism

Portugal elite linked to pedophile ring:

“Defending Pedophilia”

You could defend pedophilia as plenty of samples of young kids who get married stay with their older partners until they die.

Children are curious. They experiment to explore. And for the conservatives who say there are only two genders and there should not be any form of abortion, it is murder. How young can a girl get pregnant? If it is all about nature, gods will, and pro-life? It’s nature who are we to decide when, with whom, and how old should our spouse get involved?

The youngest mother on earth was six years old and five months:

The answer is quite simple: a young kid can’t even feed or support herself. Therefore she cannot and should not be able to decide to have children. She does not have the means to support the newborn, educate, feed, and buy clothes for the little infant. She is not able to teach it manners and behavior. 

We can say the same for all those raped girls who get pregnant at a young age. Or liberals who have sex very young, too stupid, lazy, and dumb to use a condom. 

What future does this baby have? When the parents (if they stay together) are very young and cannot even support themselves? Any conservatives against abortion who are going to write a check? What about all the African kids growing up without a father who ends up in prison? What about all those young children becoming drug addicts and criminals themselves?

Black Children Exposed to Violence and Victimization

Quote: “Children and youth in the United States experience an alarming rate of exposure and victimization from all the crimes that adults-from property crimes to homicide-plus child abuse and neglect. The National Survey of Children’s Exposure to Violence indicates that more than 60 percent of children from birth 17 years experience victimization and 38% witness violence sometime during childhood”!

Here comes the church “religion “you can’t use any means to avoid pregnancy, the most giant rape factory in human history with Satanic Pries all over the world praying on innocent souls, lecturing children

Hells Angel (Mother Teresa) – Christopher Hitchens

Pride parades out-of-control transgender teaching kids how to twerk. Desmond, the 10-year-old drag queen, performs in a bar where the older man throws money at him. Some pictures of kids twerking at parades its propaganda, satanism, immoral, and inhumane. I am not religious, but what kind of values and morals can a kid learn from this pervert and insane behavior at a young age?

Liberals “Drag” kids into early Sexualization

The liberal courts worldwide are infected mainly by pedophiles and Satanists. They will do anything to defend pedophiles. And it mostly is done in the open the most recent wicked example:

Sabrina Carpenter – In My Bed music video

Talk about an Occult video of brainwashing the youth: this video from Sabrina Carpenter has every occult symbol you can imagine. Her black outfit and black nail polish. Two neon lights in her room in the shape of a naked woman point to the Sexualization of minors. 

Even in the text of the song:

“Something chemical inside me. Messin’ with my mind. And I can’t help but feel like. I’m feeling like someone else.”

“Something animal inside me. Tryin’ to remind me. There’s no need to worry about it. And lose myself.”

Something chemical inside me (drugs MK-ultra enslaved people) I’m feeling like someone else.”

The ringleader of the Child gang is to be released from prison 17 years early!

The person who exposed this child to Muslim Child Grooming gangs was imprisoned again. The world is upside down. Tommy Robinson is banned from social media like Alex Jones. The justice department turns things around and blames Tommy for obstructing justice by reporting the truth.

Ohio State Finds Team Doctor Sexually Abused 177 Students

What can we do about all this insanity?

To beat the system and corrupt government and infected sick Fake Media, we, the people, have to do it ourselves.

Bill Pulte is an excellent example Twitter philanthropist using social media and the guys who care about cleaning the streets of Baltimore.

Young inventors who clean Oceans plant record amounts of trees, turning seawater into drinking water.
Most billionaires became philanthropists like Andrew Carnegie, The Rockefellers, and Vanderbilt, to name a few.

Ultimately, they realize they can’t take all their money with them. And maybe it is guilt or remorse about a workaholic lifestyle that makes their empathy gene extra vulnerable in the end. The need to give back to the community becomes a human instinct. Those people can make a difference. The government has too many infested obstacles that are in bed with the dark side.

Law of attraction Opera Winfrey

Young inventors who clean Oceans plant record amounts of trees, turning seawater into drinking water.

Most billionaires became philanthropists like Andrew Carnegie, The Rockefellers, and Vanderbilt, to name a few.

Ultimately, they realize they can’t take all their money with them. And maybe it is guilt or remorse about a workaholic lifestyle that makes their empathy gene extra vulnerable in the end. The need to give back to the community becomes a human instinct. Those people can make a difference. The government has too many infested obstacles that are in bed with the dark side.

Law of attraction Opera Winfrey

The reason why Opera is not running for president? As a self-made African American billionaire woman, she knows her success did not come from negative energy. And surrounding yourself with harmful and hateful people, and she will stay away from the cesspool of human misery!

On one of their shows, Oprah Winfrey invited the book writer of “the secret.” The book is about the law of attraction. It describes that if you visualize negative things, you attract more negativity. The same goes for the people you hang out with. There is a thing we can learn from parts of so-called holy books. It will teach you that the moment you deviate from some golden rules (there is truth in this message), you will be attracted to the negative side of life.

Some call that the devil! People who want to stop drinking go to AA meetings. People who want to stop taking drugs go to special clinics. When they want to drink or take drugs, they go to bars and places where everyone drinks or takes drugs! After Epstein goes to jail, Bill Gates still visits him?

So, it is your environment, the programs you watch on TV/mobile phone, and social media. Your upbringing pushes you to behave and become a certain way!

Check your surroundings and who are your closest “friends.”

When your surroundings fill your mind with unrest, it has consequences. You will have lousy sleeping behavior and feelings of guilt. The inside of your bloodstream has an overdose of subscription drugs /drugs or alcohol. Bad things are going to happen. It is inevitable!

There is a different result when you are a family guy. If you exercise, stay away from drugs and alcohol, and surround yourself with successful people. Chances are you will get old with a high quality of life without too much stress and disease.

The power of visualization.

This rule is so powerful that the power of the mind. The visualization can make you sick or can heal you from diseases. I am a big fan of Scott Adams, who wrote the book “Win Bigly.” I follow his periscopes about the power of persuasion. He last spoke about his phobia of visiting South America because he had terrible food poisoning the first time he went there.

Then he explained to his audience that he wasn’t afraid of anything. But during his scheduled trip to South America, he could only think about one thing “I hope I do not get sick from food poisoning or some stomach flu). Well, you guessed it: he got sick again!

Demonic Democrats Donald Trump’s hatred fires back at “the law of attraction at work.”

Trump is the master in gathering huge crowds and, with humor, sarcasm, and simple-to-understand messages. He moves the masses. He is also very productive in getting things done. Donald Trump compliments many people who achieve great things. But he also makes time for ordinary citizens.

Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” must be one of the most potent and positive slogans of all time! Trump is also a fighter who fights against the forces of evil. And he will respond to allegations like he is pointing out the Fake News and exposing them!

Trump is also a master at giving people compliments. He is extraordinary in building a massive movement that all move in the same direction. This action from Trump is straight out of the book “the secret,” the law of attraction, the power of persuasion!

The Book The Secret at Work.

Now here comes the Trump “Curse.”

A description and explanation of the law of attraction (Oprah Edition). Here are some samples of people who felt their Anti trump rhetoric backfire unpleasantly:

Lindsay Vonn: I won’t be representing the US president at Winter Olympics. December 17th, 2017, was the headline on CNN: Two days later, Lindsay Vonn withdrew from Sunday events at the World Cup in Switzerland. After suffering a severe back injury during a super-G race two days after she made the anti-Trump statement.

Adam Rippon figure skating, Shai Davis speed skater, and Nathan Chen figure skating met the Trump curse. Maybe they should try to understand the law of attraction. Their negative and verbal anti-Trump rants do not help their performances!

Ashley Wagner (figure skating)” Donald Trump is disgusting”: not long after that statement, we can read headlines: Asley fails to make the US figure skating team in an early start to Olympic drama!

Jemele Hill “Trump is a white supremacist” as a sports analyst from ESPN. It did not take long, and she got fired! Martellus Bennett (American Football) “skis white house visit and spends time with comedian Chelsea Handler.” Soon he changed teams, and now, he has no unit.

Remember that female comedian with the cut of fake Trump’s head in her hands?

“Comedian,” Kathy Griffen thought it was funny to pose with a dummy sawed of bloody Trump head. Her attention was short-lived. Years later, she claims “Trump” ruined her life as she lost her job and cannot get hired now!

Batman actor Ben Affleck: critical of Trump and spitting his venom and “thoughts” in the media about “Trump’s locker-room talk.” Ben Affleck apologizes to Ms. Burton for misbehaving (sexual harassment) not long after his Trump demonetization rant!

Colin Kaepernick kept on kneeling and disrespecting the American flag and president Trump. Years later, he is complaining that nobody is hiring him. That’s what happens if you sue the NFL and dwell in negativity!

Chris Cuomo, another Trump critic, gets exposed as a frustrated violent, steroid-using, roid rage idiot in a viral video where he freaks out because somebody calls him Fredo. He threatens to ruin the guy’s life and throw him off the stairs (on camera)! Both Brothers Cuomo loses their jobs to sex scandals.

Trump Karma, Law of Attraction

Bruce Maxwell, The baseball player, was the first kneeling anti-Trump public protester. Surely that did not age very well, as in October 2017. Bruce was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon!

The magazine Teen Vogue wrote an article in 2016, “Donald Trump is gaslighting America” not long after that, the magazine had to cut 80 jobs!

The Village Voice “Can we impeach trump”: a few months later – The Village Voice folds after 60 years!

GQ Magazine “If you vote for Trump then screw you” in November 2017, the reports on GQ: Layoffs hit GQ as Conde Nast cuts continue”.

Daily News “Stop the Con, Off his Meds, Burry Trump in a Landslide”: July 2016 Massive Job cuts at the daily news.

Playboy (yes, the magazine with naked girls) “Hugh Heffner’s son feels “personally Embarrassed that Trump was on the front cover.” In the New York Times, reports say that Playboy is considering ending its print magazine soon after that!

Mad Magazine “cover: Trump dumbest people.”

July 2019 Mad Magazine to end publication after 67 years of illustrated humor”!

You get the picture that the amount of virtue signaling people with Anti-Trump messages and diversity rhetoric is staggering. With the top spot being reserved for Gillette: their latest commercial made the company lose 8 billion dollars!

CNN is the frontrunner for pushing a racist and hateful campaign to divide the US and is the frontrunner. They do this by fabricating anti-Trump rhetoric daily.

Drunken Don Lemon from CNN is the latest hypocrite exposed as a fraud. His daily Anti-Trump rants and accusation resulted in precisely the opposite. Don Lemon is sued for sexual harassment in public with witnesses!

CNN anchors are getting Trumped.

Chris Cuomo recently can be seen in a video where he threatens to throw somebody down the stairs. Cuomo almost became violent after he was called “Fredo,” which Cuomo immediately made into a racist thing!

CNN’s Richard Quest is number one on the list of sexual CNN perverts. He once was escorted out of central Park in possession of Meth. He had a rope around his dick and carrying a toy at a place where the sun did not shine:

How can we change this negative energy field into something positive which helps humanity?

Billionaire Bill Pulte on social media, started the internet Twitter philanthropy. Everybody should follow this guy and take a lesson. He will not let himself be drawn into politics.

But create a substantial positive energy field and use social media incredibly positively. He finds a way to help people and cause a ripple effect in others doing this!

Scott Adams is another person everybody should follow for making you aware that the way you think negatively and act negatively comes from the information you consume!

The Republican activist Scott Presler organizes Baltimore Clean UP after Trump tweets:

Now, remember, nobody should pay attention to the forces of evil. If you want to see a perfect example of how deep the hate and madness of racism is buried in sick people. Look at this headline:

Exterminator about the Baltimore sun response on the Republican Volunteers cleaning up trash in Baltimore:

Let’s focus on positive things and help each other. Billionaires like Carnaby, van der Bilt, and Rockefeller became philanthropists in their later years, giving fortunes to charity.

David Koch recently died, and he gave 1.3 billion to charity. His money helped build a 120 million US $ cancer treatment center. Here is a list of what David Koch did with his money:

Hater Bill Maher on Koch: he’s Glad David Koch is dead. “I hope the end was painful”? What a thing to say about somebody who just died and gave 1.3 billion to charity. So why the hate? Ooh wait, he was a Trump fan and was a big donor to the republican party- this is what TDS does to people- next in line for the karma “Trump curse” Bill Maher!

Chinese richest man buys property to preserve wildlife.

The Chinese billionaire behind online shopping Alibaba has placed an order for 28.000 acres of the pristine American wilderness. It is a 28-million-dollar bid to preserve the wildlife, fish, and forest in these rugged mountains of the northeastern United States.

Since 2008, Sweeney has spent millions on conservation projects in his home state of North Carolina to protect and preserve its forest land. He has purchased nearly 40.000 acres over the last decade. This makes him one of the largest private land owners in the state. Sweeney has also donated money to several conservation parcel projects, including a 1500-acre expansion to Mouth Mitchel State Park.

Billionaire Intends to buy 15% of the planet to protect it!

Instead of thinking that your vote will change anything, it will only help a politician get more powerful and wealthy. Focus on the good and what we can do ourselves. The conservative activist who organized to clean the streets of Baltimore is a perfect example.

Not all of us have money to spend for charity like some multi-millionaire or billionaires; however, let’s do what we can. Democrats spending tax money is disastrous, and Antifa complainers who live in their mother’s basement. They blame successful people and others for their incompetence.

There is no change or improvement in their surroundings. The needle of the positive meter is not moving. The more people jump on the Bill Pulte train, the more significant the positive riddle effect!

Anonymous shut down thousands of Dark Web sites for hosting child porn

If you are a liberal reading this, remember that Trump is fighting the establishment. It is a nest of pedophiles and perverts who are all feeling and experiencing Trump’s policies. Pointing the finger at Trump makes you complicit with all the perverts above.

Trump’s racist smear campaign.

The demonization of Trump being a racist is a smear campaign orchestrated by the Fake News. Partners in crime are Hollywood, liberals, and democrats. It has zero to do with Trump being a racist. Their hate won’t hide their skeletons. And as we can read, plenty of frames hide in their closets. They are falling out of the closet at record speed. Something the world has never seen before! It’s time somebody leaks Epstein’s client list.

They are getting Trumped by “the chosen one “with that. I mean, 60 million Americans chose this president and not in a religious way! Sometimes reading this summary of child abuse by people in high positions sacrificing and raping children makes me think about the term devil. I am not religious, but sometimes it makes you doubt!

Pedo Biden and Crackhead Hunter’s New Suicide Squad.

(c) Bas Boon

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