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Sam Bankman “FTX” and TikTok Changed US Elections. This is the story of a super-criminal named Sam Bankman-Fried and the US youth who voted for and supported Biden.

US Youngsters with TikTok Brains Vote Democrat.

According to a poll from CNN, 75% say Biden is putting the US in the wrong direction. The same CNN claims that the young voters saved the democrats and gave the republicans a defeat during the US midterm elections.

Popular Kari Lake is a self-proclaimed female Trump who pulls enormous crowds while campaigning. On Twitter, she has 639.7 K followers. Her opponent is Katie Hobbs, an unlikable hag with only 33.7 K followers on Twitter. On Instagram, Kari Lake has 419K followers and Katie Hobbs 7340. Hobbs can’t fill up a parking place with democrats like Biden.

But do we, the people, have to believe in a neck-to-neck race between both candidates? Trump and many others are crucified for doubting and questioning the 2020 election. Many machines failed. Millions of ballots dropped out of nowhere and were counted weeks after the election day. One thing did go well for the democrats they received 40 million from donor Sam Bankman.

Democrats with TDS and Tik Tok Brains at Work.

I thought the people responsible for the 2020 election disaster would have learned from this. I predicted exactly this, and I said that the swing states would have machine counting issues again. Mail-in Ballots problems and late counting for the midterms were not difficult to predict. You would think democrats, especially Republicans, learned from the last avalanche of mistrust because of how they handled the ballot counting.

Guess what? We are counting again in the same states. Now Pennsylvania is a complete clowns circus. “Winner” Fetterman speaks less understandable words than demented Biden. The man had recently had a seizure and looked like a Cro-Magnon from a Neanderthal movie. He cannot even have ten people attending listening to his word salad speeches, including family members. Again, we see the same pattern, Dr. Mehmet Oz has 3.9 million followers on Twitter and Fetterman 78.8 with probably 50K bots.

I will get to Sam Bankman-Fried soon. He is the second largest contributor to the democratic party.


The different numbers of followers of these candidates on social media popularity are insane.

If we compare the US midterms with Brazil’s elections between the popularity of Bolsonaro and socialist Luna once again, we see the same pattern. Suddenly there are considerable drop-offs in ballots with weird spikes for socialist Luna. What are the odds they have problems with machines counting votes? These massive ballot drops favoring one candidate also happened with Fetterman vs. Dr. Ozz and Hobbs vs. Kari Lake.

Now suddenly, it’s very even, and after a run-off, criminal convicted socialist Luna wins.

But what about the justice department in Brazil? Like in the US, a vast majority is corrupt and biased. The billionaire with the dollars determines the outcome, and Tech Giants like the Chinese with TikTok algorithms. That’s it.


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The people chose a socialist who went to jail for twelve years for corruption instead very popular president Bolsonaro. Now Brazilians are hot-headed and do not easily give up when it is clear somebody is stealing their votes.

There are millions on the streets now and colossal protests, including blockages by farmers and truck drivers. Will it change the outcome? I don’t think so.

The globalist machine is working full force for its 2030 agenda. You can not beat such a level of corruption. Joe Biden, the president with the most votes ever and the best midterm election results with a 75% disapproval rate. Makes total sense.

Is Tik Tok Skynet (movie Terminator)?

The Tik Tok Algorithms influence US Youngster Voters. Unmarried miserable, digitally addicted drug and alcoholic junkies are the new democrat hope. All are wracked with guilt, sometimes killing multiple of their unborn babies. They go from party to party and partner to partner. Lying Biden comes by and promises to forgive student loans. Aah, free money, think the gang of morons. Who do I have to vote for to get my free money? Speaking about free money, Sam Bankman makes money to give it all away, according to him and his nerd friends. The most significant donations are made to the democrats, but there is a catch.

The democrats will want to manufacture more of these addicted, lonely loser zombies. That means the democrats will vote to keep Tik Tok operating in the US. The big help comes in the form of “Robin Hood” Sam Bankman.

Instead of looking to India, which banned the Chinese TikTok app, the democratic party opened an official account.


TikTok algorithms favor a particular party. Who would have thought this?

TikTok is pushing and promoting democrats on Tik Tok way more than conservatives. Where have we seen that before? Now forget all the articles and retarded questions regarding hearings from politicians. The Chinese will get all Tik Tok user data and steal your information if there is a data breach. Well, screw that.

It’s nothing compared to a programmed algorithm moving all the lonely hateful youth losers into the democrat camp. On top of that, China loves to give them some medicine. This “charity” comes in the form of fentanyl. More chaos and misery for the US, the better for China and Russia.

I also blame the Republicans partly for their incompetence in not bringing a clear voter message.

Fooling the youth voters by promising student loan relief is a clear sign of a successful democratic voting strategy. All people who you can promise a Utopia for the future, however ridiculous, is still a clear message. Climate Change, Abortion Rights, solar energy, and taxing the rich. A clear message from the democrats, however unreachable or far-fetched some of the propaganda nonsense is, does the trick for brainwashed TikTok addicts.

If I were a republican and ran for the presidency, I would go for Thorium-based Nuclear Energy and fusion. Make a clear message about the benefit of clean energy for a lower price than oil and gass. Explain this is the future for the workforce and families and anybody who has future dreams. It is no longer a question of if but engineering and financing. This message is a clear positive, and feasible transmission. Sure, less crime and less tax than the usual republican points. But the main point is clear about it.

Remember January 6th? It’s gone. I remind you that according to the Fake News, Trump stole secret nuclear documents and hid those documents in Mara A Lago. That story? It’s gone, never to be mentioned again. The usage of the justice department and agencies such as the FBI and the CIA are utterly politicized and corrupt.

Voting office in Wisconsin, the American flag has been replaced with an LGBTQ flag at the entrance,

FTX is a scandal and a perfect example of Democrat weasels.

Look at the amounts of money flowing to the DNC. The latest scandal with FTX gives the people a great look at how corrupt and dirty the politicians are.

Remember the headline. US soldiers now have boots on the ground to check where the funds and weapons have gone. Finally, after eight months, you would think. Even worse, most of the money and military hardware sent to Ukraine is untraceable. By now, it must be hundreds of billions.

Is it a coincidence that the crazy FTX guy donated tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, to the Democrats?

First, I will predict now that this special US military team will find nothing. Team research under the Nobel task of finding donated taxpayers money from people in the US and Europe are in Ukraine for a different reason. They guide future battle plans for the US and NATO troops to squash Russia. It’s also hard to find anything as hero “Clint” Zelensky is untouchable. Lots of the billions were flowing back through the usage of Ukraine’s cryptocurrencies, particularly a company called FTX. Wtf, what are the odds?

When they find fraud in the Zelensky regime and mainstream media report it, you will know it’s time for peace. That’s the sign when they offer Zelensky to the slaughter.

Sam, the soy Boy Vegan Democrat, has crazy hair and 22 billion.

Ooh, the CEO of FTX is the Daughter of the SEC Heads Former Boss.

It reminds me of Katie Hobbs overseeing her election, checking the counting areas for ballots after election night. The collapse of FTX is showing up a lot of dirty money laundering, and the Democrats are once again right in the middle. More crazy Sam Bankman-Fried from FTX was a proto-type democrat. He was a self-proclaimed “Robin Hood,” always giving away “billions,” according to him.

One of the main reasons that FTX went bankrupt is that crazy nerd Sam gave billions to his Harry Potter-looking nerd girlfriend. She then, of course, blew the money, and the money Sam gave was from investors, not himself. Sam “Robin Hood” just turned into a “Bernie Madoff,” a thief with a catastrophic effect on crypto holders and companies. But he drives a Toyota Corolla? Sure, but he did own jets and personal jets as well. A source from the FBI says they wanted to look into FTX Ponzi Scam on numerous tips. But blocked by the DOJ, which is in bed with the democratic party. You do not wish to investigate a criminal mastermind who is your lifeline in donations, would we?

His ten-man FTX insiders team all lived with him in the Bahamas. Sam was the second biggest donor of the democratic party, with 40 million, just under George Soros. It was rumored he would give 1 billion to the democrats for the 2024 elections. And this feminist soy boy does not stop there, oh no. He is also a member and sponsor of Klaus Schwab’s WEF. The simulation added Fried to his nickname, never thrust a fat democrat vegan feminist philanthropist banker with Fried attached to his name.

This Harry Potter weirdo chick with Nerd Soy Boy Vegan Sam stole 10 billion. The world has gone mad.


Replying to @starrynighthouse5 I wish this was a joke #ftx #carolineellison

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El Salvador parked their bitcoin at FTX. The poor people tried cryptocurrency to free themself from the inflation spook. Now a “Harry Potter” nerd group just made that all vanish. All for the poor?

If there ever is a perfect example of how democrats think, handle and rule the world, do not look further than these two democratic weasels. Sam “The Vegan” and his “Harry Potter” girlfriend. Good “virtue signaling” people who claim to have high grounds. These people care and donate to the environment to prevent climate change. To stand up for the vulnerable and help poor people and their misfortune. It’s a scam, a hoax. It’s fake, just like the fake media.

But there is more when you, as a peasant, could not see your grandparents dying and have an ordinary farewell. Two hundred people in Congress took Ivermectin. An guess who funded the big-anti-ivermectin “study”- yes, there is that name again, Vegan Soy Boy self-proclaimed Robin Hood Sam Bankman-Fried.

The simulation at work his name is Bankman-Fried. Do I need to say more?

Why I left the crypto market over a year ago.

This fakery is the exact reason why I left the crypto market. Many of the YouTube channels have influencer experts talking about the ups and downs of this market. But in times of war, sky-high inflation, pandemics, energy crisis, harry potter nerds, and zombie presidents like Biden, all previous graphics won’t help the sinking ship.

If the cryptocurrency market gets lower, why would some huge investors not buy up all bitcoins, and how can it be used for the people? Where is the benefit? Would the banks all moving to crypto money allow an outsider to control a vast part of the market? The Fed could print enough money to buy every Bitcoin out there. Look how Sam Bankman was allowed to do what he did.

It’s the nerd generation, a generation lost.

The now youngsters will all walk with a hunchback in 15 years from bowing over 14 hours a day to their mobile devices. Easy to manipulate sheeple who are full of hate and jealousy. That they vote out of stupidity or hate is their business. However, think again the world has a Tik Tok brainwashing problem. This phenomenal Chinse algorithm of TikTok is why Facebook and Instagram are dying. The attention span is bombarded with sound short movie clips to keep the youngster’s endorphins glowing. It will affect us all if they vote the world into Skynet Armageddon. The problem, Skynet just gave the order to launch a nuclear strike. We won’t be there to fix it. We will go down with con artists like Sam Bankman and the young TikTok generation.

YouTube and MMCrypto are used in Billion $ Crypto Scam. 


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