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FBI organized Idaho staged “Patriot Front Group” arrest? I thought I was looking at a slapstick movie. What is wrong with the FBI’s “white supremacist” actors? Did they learn nothing after their horrible exposure to the fake Governor Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping? 

Thirteen men plotted to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer, but two men were acquitted. But wait, so that means the court convicts the other 11 white supremacists? No, they were almost all FBI (at least 9 of them) and even had to admit they came up with the idea and plan to stir four brainless individuals into going along with them. A jury found two individuals not guilty (the none FBI patches, that is). Thank God a jury system exists because any corrupt democrat Judge would have convicted them.

This FBI operation would be an excellent nomination for the epiphany of entrapment and stage events. Ooh, wait, what is this?

Idaho, headlines in worldwide media report “Police arrest 31 members of the Patriot Front in Idaho”.

Idaho “take one” ok, open the hatch of the U-haul truck now, camera action, roll. Thirty-one people are arrested on the spot by an army of FBI and police officers at the Idaho Pride parade. Patriot Front’s name is essential because it is all those “nasty MAGA Trump” supporters. The FBI needs a win after the last avalanche of cluster fucks.

The target is the Idaho Gay Pride LGBTQ Parade; this “attack” would do the trick. These 31 members of the Patriot Front were going to disturb a Pride parade. 

You know, that Pride Parade with a bunch of degenerates, mentally ill, primarily suicidal, sexually frustrated perverts where it’s allowed to groom children in public. Naked bearded men with lipstick wearing high heels sexually enslaved people in leather outfits or, in some cases, no clothes.

Idaho Police Chief Lee White (ooh, man, that name, the simulation screwing with us again, his name is White) called the people arrested a “little white army.” They must have run out of white FBI crisis actors as the FBI makes more inclusive hires. So, 31 people is now a small army. The arrested extremist must have had many AR-15s, AK-47s, munitions, and guns. 

Wait, they found some riot gear and one smoke grenade in the car? When they open the U-haul Truck’s back door, over 60% of the people inside wear a face mask. It looks staged. All of them are wearing a cap. Pictures show the same outfits, sitting on the ground with their hands tight behind their back. Thirty-one Neo-Nazi/ White Supremacists wearing the same patriot costumes were to blend in with people from the Pride parade (sarcasm). This way, they would not draw the attention of the FBI and the police (sarcasm) LGBTQ cult members. I wonder why they do not choose to all get nacked? That would have been less suspicious. What were they thinking?

Grey caps, a standard script writer should have made those caps orange. 

Maybe the Proud Boys or Patriot Front should recruit people like Salvador Ramos. The 18-year-old allegedly transgender Ulvade shooter. According to the official stories, at least he had 9000 dollars worth of AR15, guns, rifles, and ammunition, all the money he saved working at Wendy’s. The heroic police and FBI waited outside for 75 min while he was murdering kids inside a school. The FBI and police saw a mother enter the school to save her two children while waiting. The police lied about this. Maybe those guns to Salvador were present, and the FBI knew him.

The group name: Patriot Front, is one thing to associate all evil Maga Trump” supporters as bad Neo Nazis white supremacist terrorists, but the scriptwriter may have forgotten about the orange hats. Maybe that would be over the top?

The ones with no hats and facemasks are the patsies. They use these suckers for yet another FBI Entrapment case. Headlines everywhere, even in my country, the Netherlands, FBI, and Police arrest extremist nazis in an attempt to disturb an Idoha Pride Gay parade.

Idaho Police admit there were informants in the group. There we go again.

The people they arrest have facemasks and sunglasses, and it screams FBI. Ooh, bummer, they interview a cop in front of a camera and admit they had informants within the group. This interview with the cop is off-script. He should not have spoken at all.

Thirty-one people zip-tied with hands-on back, but can they keep their facemasks and sunglasses on? Hahahaha. Maybe it was boiling that day in Idaho, and the cops had empathy with the poor white supremacist extremist? I tweeted immediately this does not pass any smell test—no way to ID the “terrorist” nazis. The poor sucker patsies thought what they did was for the correct cause, but all are getting crucified.

The FBI set this up. This movement is way too organized for precisely this purpose. This reduces the “little army” to a few people, maybe not even a dozen. 

The Whitmer case showed 9 FBI agents and four suckers. I bet over half of this “little army” is FBI crisis actors. They need their white supremacist Neo-Nazi headlines for their division plan. It smells like a “Smollett,” Obama/ Biden, Democrats fabricating headlines for the Fake Media. The markets are collapsing. The dollar is taking massive hits, negative GDP, stagflation, sky-high oil prices, and the push for a civil war. The Republicans should hire ten Nazi actors with flags and covered faces and visit every Democratic convention. Bring their camera guy. Then push in mainstream media that Neo-Nazis love and support democracy. This will be awesome.

This staged event proves that the Biden/Obama regime will eventually arrest any Trump supporter and label them as a Neo-Nazi white supremacist terrorist. While at the same time, they send 40 billion US$ to Ukraine.

It’s ok to be and support Nazis in Ukraine.

Ukraine is the most corrupt country in the world. Actor-paid puppet coke head Zelensky has only allowed Neo-Nazi white supremacist-affiliated political parties and has forbidden all other political parties. Hey, western media, is this not some great story to report? Where the allies fought with the Russians to defeat Nazis in the second world war, for some reason, now the world has to support Nazis?

I suggest the defense lawyers of the Patriot members the following strategy. Inform the prosecutors that the men in the U-haul truck were on their way to Ukraine and had just made a refreshment stop at the Idaho Pride parade. They all wanted to go to Ukraine to fight with the Nazis. This way, they might get empathy from the public and media and, therefore, innocent heroes. A staged photo opp near an airport with all Patriot Front Group members wearing the Azov battalion patch will do the trick.

January 6th circus.

The January 6th trial showed selectively edited videos with some dramatic voice-overs. A complete Democrat-controlled circus where Washington again indicates the abuse of their power. From the 15000 hours of security footage, they allowed only the democrat January 6th commission to use edited footage to highlight a propaganda video. The FBI infiltrators who wear red Mega hats can not be seen in this video. I can see the end of these hearings morph into another Russian Collusion Hoax—one where they exonerate Donald Trump from any wrongdoing. The democrats help Donald Trump promote his image for running again.

When can we see the other 15000 hours of footage of the January 6th video tapes?? I suggest Dinesh D’Souza, who just released the documentary 2000 mules. He is a great candidate to make an FBI January 6th leadership propaganda film that will do the trick. The sucker with his bullhorn on his head. He sits on a chair in the capital and takes over the country with his magic staff. 

What a freak show America and vast parts of the world have become.

People should ask the following question: Why not look into election fraud? Why not give the voters an investigation? An official study by a neutral investigator group. The democrats tell seventy million Maga voters it’s the most secure election ever, there is nothing to see here. Neglect all the discrepancies in these elections. Thrust us democrats and media and take your loss?

The democrats promoted the Hillary staged/fabricated Russian Collusion Hoax for four years and did some fake impeachments”. They are using the most corrupt nation on the planet, Ukraine, to impeach Trump (DJT was right about Ukraine), but you know what? Trust us.

Now that is a legit cause for an actual insurrection with weapons. Just organize an investigation and not promote staged events. I bet there would not have been a protest in the capital of a million disappointed Maga voters. And the FBI would not have to buy some red hats to blend into the crowd for another false flag. There will be no need to arrange for some angry Maga supporters to guide them into the capital building. They would not be there, and the outcome would have prevented the democratic coup. Biden would now be in an old folk’s home, treated for dementia.

There are many better reasons for an actual insurrection and congressional hearings by Republicans.

A democrat liberal lunatic wants to assassinate supreme court member Brett Kavanaugh. The result of brainwashing, which turned a democrat into an assassin, could be the result of democrat senator Schumer. Not to forget, the fake media hate propaganda in the case of the Roe vs. Wade decision. By the way, I am still waiting for the supreme court to leak some Epstein client list information.

The George Floyd riots scream insurrection, with 2000 cops injured. Several police officers even die. Whole houses and shopping blocks were set on fire by “peaceful” protestors, looting, violence, and 2 billion worth of damage. CNN describes this as a peaceful protest.

George Floyd, the armed robber, is portrayed as a saint.

George Floyd was a career criminal who once robbed a pregnant woman by holding a gun to her stomach. He played in porn movies and was an addict. Floyd was almost 2 meters tall and weight about 120kg when resisting arrest. According to doctor Fowler George Floyd died of a heart attack, which would be expected considering the number of drugs Floyd had in his system. I did not whitewash the knee of the officer in Floyd’s neck, which took too long. But this incident is not worth George Floyd’s statues and worshipping this criminal.

Recently we witnessed the return of Carl “Watergate” Burnstein, who now knows his expertise on why January 6th is worse than Watergate. He turned into a clown like most CNN teleprompter-paid puppets. The walls are again closing in on Trump (more endless walls). The mindreaders are out for blood, hilarious slapstick comedy, but ultimately bad for the US.
Imagine if you had to apply the rule of law during the George Floyd riots and arrest all the insurrectionists (or rioters, looters, arsonists, and killers), you would need several soccer stadiums turned into prisons.

We did not see “watergate” Bernstein for a while, as everything the Democrats and the Biden regime are doing is worse than Watergate.

Republican congressman Steve Scalise was shot with five other people by a democrat who fired 60 rounds. He started the assassination attack after knowing only Republicans were playing ball that day. No congressional hearings, not a letter about gun control?

The protestors of January 6th are still in jail. But there is no prison time for an Antifa lunatic who shot two Aurora protestors while aiming at a Jeep driving through a crowd on I-225. He shoots two people and does not get jail time; what?

If Trump was in charge.

The US would still be oil independent, the other two China trade deals would have been signed, and there would have been no war between Russia and Ukraine. Gass would still be $2.- a gallon. Where are my daily Trump ‘mean tweets”?

LGBTQ, Irritant, Smelly Fat People, Creepy Crawlers.

(C) Bas Boon

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