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Are Nasa symbols and organizations demonic?

Whats does NASA have to do with Satan? Did Nuclear bombs go off on Mars could a nuclear war have destroyed Mars?

My fascination as a kid for space was because of my grandfather who was a freemason.

I was born in 1967, too young to remember the worldwide “hysteria” after the first man stepped foot on the moon only 2 years after I was born.

A black and white Tv with a broken antenna I can remember because I missed an episode of Tarzan.

As a kid, I had a great imagination, which has brought me into problems. My grandfather was in astrology, and he had telescopes. I visited grandpa and watch the stars and the moon; I loved these telescopes.

Recently I started to visit the NASA website after multiple rovers landed successfully on Mars.

I love to go through each newly uploaded picture by NASA in the search for life on Mars (see screenshots from pictures I took at end of this blog). It looks to be a nuclear war has taken place on Mars looking at multiple battlefields with skulls everywhere.

Rocks or fosiles

Now here is where things get strange. It did not take me very long to find the weirdest “anomalies’ you can imagine. Ok, so maybe I suffer from a severe acute form of pareidolia, but I can not help myself to peak every day on Nasa’s website.

I started to ask questions to myself. I live in Thailand, and there is a famous rock here with the name the elephant rock.

If you see the rock (see picture), you think it is the work of humans. The rock is not the work of humans just nature pulling a prank on humans and elephants.

I got into multiple arguments online about my growing form of “pareidolia,”.

My mom tells me not to post anything on Facebook. She worries people label me a conspiracy theorist.

I never really cared what other people thought. These accusations made me to doubled down. I would reply to the labeling community. This is my response: I agree the elephant rock in Thailand is by nature and understand why some people think it is not.

I would counter the online labeling community (Bas is a conspiracy theorist) with the following question:

The pareidolia questions?

Are there more rocks looking like other animals/images where the Elephant rock is located?

That would end all conversation. I never got an answer-back.

I would challenge skeptical people by providing a Nasa link to look for themselves. The 4 K pictures of the “pictures named the “rock nest shows pretty much only “anomalies” it’s harder to find an ordinary shape rock?

It looks like looking to a graveyard of a battle out of the movie Lord of the Rings demonish figures who fought a battle for Satan or against Satan. It seriously looks like some huge nuclear explosion went off.

Skulls that look like Orcs straight out of Lord of the Rings, Aliens, strange fossils heads with helmets and fight gear. I see the shapes of boats, statues, animals, rocks with the shape of devil satan.

Check out some of my findings and a collage of pictures at the end of this blog.

Delusional, pareidolia or something else?

I became fascinated and started to follow some YouTube channels: Mars Anomalies and Art Alien TV. Those channels had artists who mastered the art of photoshop and analyze pictures from Mars. It looks like Nasa blurred certain pictures.

I am a little skeptical about these Mars channels first. After hours and hours of watching and researching the links to NASA Mars raw images, I was hooked.

I began to become irritated. Why are the Viking lander moon pictures from 1976 look better than my daily portion perseverance and curiosity mars rover pictures provided by Nasa? We know they can give mega-billion picture photos from mars.

If my I-phone could make clear screenshots of anomalies that a blind person could see was not a rock, why not better-quality pictures? My, I-phone can film and record in 4K? Why have we never gone back to the moon, our technologies advance 50 years+?

Why are there suddenly several rovers, including China, driving around in the same district on mars? Tons of questions that deserve legit answers.

The Moon Landing Conspiracy

For the conspiracy theorist, here is my take on the moon landing. There is the million-dollar question: have people been to the moon?

In my opinion, yes. Was the footage fake? I say yes.

In my opinion, they pre-shot the landing footage in case of failure. The space race between Russia was too much pressure. So, they went there but did not show live footage (in case of failure).

They pre-recorded the footage in case of failure. I think they did go to the moon because the LRO orbiter shows that the flag is still there!

Unfortunately, these days that is also thin evidence considering what technologies with AI computer animation can do.

The proof for me is the daily Mars Rover pictures and streamed video reaching earth. The number of anomalies and skulls ( see pictures at the end of this blog, it looks like Satan finished the planet) is too much to fake.

I compared it with the aftermath of a nuclear explosion, it reminds me of a fragment of the movie Terminator.

The rovers are running on Mars, that said, what is NASA hiding?

Let’s look a little deeper into NASA.

The Signs of the Devil are everywere

In my previous blog, I talked about 666 and Bill Gates /Obama. It is amazing how many times the Fake News and others would use the number 666 and other devil symbolic references and signs. It does not take a whole lot of digging to encounter the dark side of society. Once again, the devil shows its face.

The Nasa logo has a spere (called the meatball) with a red V-shaped wing representing aeronautics. If you look at the Healthcare symbol with the snake, we could easily interpret this Nasa logo’s red V-shaped symbol as a serpent’s tongue.

There are way too many Satanic references, what is going on here?

Bas, you are seeing spooks and satan. You are acting like a conspiracy theorist. I am still not convinced of supernatural events at this point, but I am curious and love questions.

My research made me doubt if are there other forces at work here? The start of NASA and the people involved will give us the first hint; 

Nasa started with Nazis, freemasons, and magicians again. Top of the list is Nazi Werner von Braun, who invented the V-2 rockets which caused havoc and killed tens of thousands of people in England.

This monster von Braun escaped the Nurnberg trails and the Americans brought von Braun to work in the US. No prison, no punishment, just the next nuclear bomb project for Von Braun.

Von Braun works in the US and creates a nuclear bomb killing hundreds of thousands of Japanese citizens: The Atomic bomb, yes project Manhatten was under the supervision of Nazi Werner von Braun. Imagine if the nazi’s had nuclear bombs, they were close,

People like Bill Gates are the devil in sheeps clothes his friends are world’s notorious pedophile and a Satanic worshiper?

These people have no empathy, soulless eyes. If you look at them, you find blackness, like Bill Gates and Jeffery Epstein, something is off.

We see a similar pattern with Bill Gates, whose friend was a pedophile rapist Jeffery Epstein and his female “spiritual “adviser” Satan worshiper Spirit Cooker Marina Abramovic.

Bill Gates is the most prominent farmland owner in the US. It never stops with this person greedy for hunger and power.

Why have Gates, Rockefeller, and Soros not build 1000 hyper-modern hospitals specialized for future pandemics and catastrophic event aftermaths? Why not promote homegrown organic foods and vitamins?

Ok, well, it’s just a coincidence. Wait, hold on, what is this?

Most Nasa missions are named after false demagogs. The Apollo missions come to mind; Apollo was a Greek god of truth, music, dance, sunlight, healing diseases, and Anarchy.

Why demagogs, what’s up with these demons and Satan everywhere? why has Mars been named the bringer of war?

This is why I analyze daily pictures from the perseverance and curiosity rover.

Analyzing the Nasa pictures is like looking at a battlefield, graveyard—starting at Mars (see screenshots end of this blog,). The pictures seem similar to the aftermath of several nuclear explosions.

Mars the Planet named Bringer of War; what?

Well if the Planet Mars is named Bringer of War, all those screenshots I made from skulls and weird creatures start to make sense to me. Nuclear explosions on a planet that are named the bringer of war, make sense to me.

Elon Musk thinks the opposite, he thinks detonating a Nuclear bomb in the atmosphere of Mars, will bring life.

Ok, what about Saturn? Well, Saturn is considered by many the prison planet Saturn _Satan. The rings around Saturn (Satan) make it look like a prison cell.

Saturn is associated with the God Cronos. Cronos relates to the Phoenician and Canaanite God associated with child sacrifice (Molech, Baal).

The relation could be that Cronos would eat his son in a mythological way, where Molech would devour the children of his subjects. Eeks, now we are at eating children and child sacrifice. Are you kidding me?

Looks like Satan is everywhere.

Lucifers firstborn son (sun), the sun is the source of our souls, the lifeblood.

Seems that humans want to throw nuclear bombs everywhere they go. We should use nuclear as fuel for space travel,

Saturn is competing with the sun, trying to become a sun himself. Saturn is Lucifer.

Lucifer, satan Molech, Baal and it does not stop there. Cronos is associated with grain, “the golden age.”

Saturn the God of harvest and time; all three are depicted as the Grim Reaper (old men with a sickle).

It does not stop there; the Planet Betelgeuse has also the name of a demon, a trickster, mischievous ghost.

Nasa Artemis

Artemis is the name of NASA’s program to return astronauts to the moon, the plan is to stay on the moon.

Artemis is the name of NASA’s program to return astronauts to the lunar surface. We are going forward to the Moon to stay.

Conspiracy Theories vs Mystery vs Mythology and facts.

The fact is a bunch of Nazi, Magicians, and freemasons started Nasa. They named planets and missions to false demagogic gods (looks like Satan-worshipping to me) I will not get into the conspiracies if man never traveled to the moon and all was fake (I stated my opinion (I believe they did go, and I could be wrong).

When I look back at the historical footage of the moon landing, I ask myself some questions.

  1. There is a report which said tapes are missing of the Apollo 11 mission.
  2. During the NASA broadcasts, life pictures of Earth are shown from the inside the Apollo. These images are broadcast life to Earth when they are 9 hours into the mission. The same night we can see the “life” broadcast of Armstrong running around on the moon. My question how did they do this on the same day? It takes three days to get to the moon. Did they take a shortcut, had extra rocket fuel? What happened there?

Did Stanley Kubrick faked the moonlanding?

One year before the moon landing, there was the movie of Stanley Kubrick (A Space Odysee) which spacesuits look similar to the ones used for the Apollo missions.

Rumors are that Stanley Kubeck in the film the shining (Stephen King’s books/ films appears in an awful lot of these scenarios, see my previous blog) gives little hints about the Apollo mission being staged: check here all the named “coincidences” in the film: 

  1. There is no high-speed internet on Mars (you need amplifier towers and pretty big ones). How are those billions of mega pictures reaching earth? I understand you can send images in compromised parts, but billions of mega picture pictures and 4 K footage (it takes a 9-month flight at the best situation)?
  2. Do they have a selfie stick of 150 million miles long?
  3. How can the radio signal get past the radiation “Van Allen Belt”? This question was asked, and the answer came months later (why was it never explained before)?

Is the radiation story debunked?

The debunked story is about some passway with less radiation, which does not make sense as the shortest way to the moon is three days.

The longest day was over a month long. This means the rocket should fly with a detour to find its path through the “Van Allen Belt” to keep communication and not get microwaved.

Neil the Grasse Tyson was asked what gravity is: he answered, “I do not know,” which makes you wonder about the flat earth (conspiracy theorist).

Which side of heaven is up?

I think the earth is a sphere, but it is hard to know which side is up pointing to the heavens when we are supposed to rotate on a spinning ball in space. I like the subject and would never attack or label people who see or think differently from what the mainstream fake media tells us, be tolerant and listen. You don’t have to agree.

Elon MuskYou can tell these images are real because they look so fake”. We would have way better CGI if it was fake.

Paul Foster Case “Every true magician knows that all his practice has a mathematical, geometrical basis.

By the aid of occult geometry, the magician has traced nature to her concealed recesses. He uses geometrical formulas and diagrams in his practical work”.

That’s a very true statement, especially after you watch magicians like David Blane, David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy, Shin Lin, and Dynamo.

These days videos or even holograms in the sky could make you believe you saw it with your own eyes.

Are we living in a simulation under a dome?

There is one more “conspiracy theory” that we all live under a dome (to end this blog). Stephen King’s novel “: under the dome “was made into a TV series (again Stephen King).

Another novel of Stephen King is “The Stand” where the plague wipes out most of humanity. It ends with a nuclear explosion in Vegas.

Are we living in a simulation? Some footage of rockets ricocheting from what seems to top of the dome is mindboggling. Elon Musk rockets landing back onto the platform is just creepy as hell and looks like a scene out of an earlier science fiction movie.

What I found weird is the sonic boom when it was landing? Is that normal or produced? Since when do rockets produce a sonic boom upon landing? I love to ask questions.

The best example and stuff to think about are what Jim Carry said in the Truman show. He lives in a fake world under a dome.

Ed Harris: “We accept the reality of the world with which we’re presented. It’s as simple as that.

Rockefeller controls from the beginning: the schools, medical schools, history, law, life, what we have been taught is what we see.

John 8:32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Bas Boon Quote: Searching for the truth is tickling your soul.

(C) Bas Boon

Credit to NASA, all pictures below are from the Perseverance and Curiosity rovers raw images, screenshots from pictures I made, pareidolia? It looks like Satan finishes planet Mars.

My screenshots from Raw Mars images.

Credit to NASA, all pictures are from the Perseverance and Curiosity rovers raw images, screenshots from pictures I made, pareidolia?
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