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The CDC sets up the rules for Worldwide Labor Camps. FEMA and the CDC took over America with Fauci as their new Overlord. The CDC is now setting up rules for detention camps.

Globalists are destroying the world.

I wrote about the NWO and globalists for a long time, and the pandemic did not surprise me. My home and life were in Pattaya; I lived in Thailand for fifteen years.

At the pandemic’s beginning, I studied the virus; I took no chances and moved from Pattaya to Isan. 

The Isan is a vast farmland district, and I build two farms near the border of Laos (check for videos and more information). 

I felt compelled to start writing blogs again. Globalists ruined my beautiful coastal city Pattaya in Thailand. It’s heart wrecking:

I start to write blogs again at the start of the Pandemic. The first blog indicated that this was a planned scenario involving the WHO and CDC. They will take power over every nation on earth. Now the CDC is working on labor camp protocols.

The CDC makes the rules and plans for detention centers (working camps).

I have studied this new document from the CDC and watched the development worldwide of the police state. The globalists take world power into their hands.

The official CDC document lays out the Globalist official battle plan. Get ready for a new dictatorship.

Healthy people will go into a labor camp. The “labor” camp is called green zones “shielding approach:” 

Homeless, old, poor, and vaccinated people get located in a special section in the camp—no more culture for attending funerals and religious ceremonies.

CRT will be forced upon the enslaved people within the green zones. Parents are separated from their children and placed within the camp for Gender predicament.

Green Zones Camps “future labor camps.”

Impossible why anybody would go along with this madness.

It’s carefully planned (Event 201), and here is how they will do it; shit, they are already executing the plan.

At event 201, lockdowns were the number one discussion, and who would get all the power was determined. People like Fauci, the WHO, and the CDC would be responsible for how people worldwide would live.

This form of dependency gets used to permit lockdowns. It will damage the economy and shut down the food supply. You become a slave of the Globalist and your children and your grandchildren.

Slavery turns people into rats. The survival instinct gets the upper hand.

At the start of the Second World War, about 10% of Dutch citizens collaborate with the Germans. They became snitches for the Germans; Bulgaria saw a similar event, its citizens and their king flip-flopping to the entity who became in power.;

Blame The Nazis, Bulgarian King Saves 50.000 Jews?

Read this blog about the King of Bulgaria, who was supposed to have saved 50.000 Jews.

The Dutch who collaborated with the Nazis were called NSB’rs. They would rat on Dutch citizens and farmers if they hid Jewish people. Not complying with the new rules from the Fuhrer leads to death or concentration camps. 

Those Jewish people would end up in concentration camps.

Do you think people would not go along with this? 

There were about 100.00 official NSB’rs in The Netherlands (collaborators with the Germans). Unofficially that amount of NSB’rs was much higher (like15% of the Dutch population).

If you think this will never happen again, check out this news from Australia.

Locked up in a mental institution for a different opinion

This plan FM 3-19.40 has been set in motion by Obama. He has prepared this resettlement plan (military leaked document to Alex Jones a year ago).

Obama speech; you have a civilian national security force strong as the US military and well-funded.

Obama’s plan for a national security force

Obama, the CDC, and which starting the protocol for the “great reset” plan is executed now.

By killing the economy, people become increasingly dependent on the government. The open border policies are a disaster for economies.

It is a chess pool of people with Covid, many criminals, and tons of deadly drugs pouring into the US and many other parts of the world.

The number of people dying from depression, homeless, crime, drugs, and suicide is astronomically high.

Bankrupt society, Marxism, Socialism

Six months of lockdowns force people to stay at home; The result is that people do not work and receive a free salary (a new lockdown is imminent).

Mass invasion of illegal immigrants crossing into the US. A large number of people those people are infected with Covid, human traffickers, and murderers/criminals.

Children were raised to slaughter the unbelievers.

Children are brainwashed to kill people with a different belief

Bombings for pushing migration and refugees.

Trump is no longer president, and the bombs are flying again. The peace treaty for the middle east is wobbling, with rockets on Israel and bombs on Gaza and Afghanistan.

Syrian violence is spiraling out of control, resulting in the flow of endless streams of refugees flooding Europe. Germany took in 1.5 million refugees; it was a complete failure. Merkel claims (“Wir Schaffen Das,” which means “We Can Handle This) learned the hard way.

Do you think it is a coincidence the Americans left all their gear, weapons, and hardware behind in Afghanistan? This is all calculated; the terror of the Taliban will cause massive refugees.

Among those refugees, we will find severe fundamental terrorists. They will attack to make the chaos complete. Covid and lockdown are not enough. We need innocent children’s blood like the Manchester bomber caused devastation and frightening young children.

Trump said, “they are not sending their best.

Cultural enrichment this immigrant used to be a butcher

Immigration / Refugee failure

Merkel’s policies on taking 1.5 million Muslim “refugees” cost the engine of Europe and Germany over 130 billion euros. She admitted that the integration was an utter failure.

Germany reports a negative GDP for the first time in 50 years. Now the new stream of “refugees’ is at Europe’s border. This new invasion of Afghans will arrive in the middle of a pandemic and is a guaranteed ticket to all-out chaos. The US will also see a negative GDP in the not-so-far future.

It is a complete disaster in France, head-hunters running in the streets, priests losing their heads.

The UK, Sweden, and Belgium see a similar “No Go Zones” pattern and lawlessness. Recently a General from the military, with support from over 1000 service members, presented a letter to the French parliament. The letter warned that France was on the verge of a civil war.

Immigrants stay at home with more lockdowns in France and the rest of Europe. They can not send money to their families where they come from.

The Covid lockdowns and fearmongering are causing many Muslims avoiding to visit a mosque. Take’s a genius to find out what will happen next.

The headline describes the problems of Europe and around the world.

The title says (BBC) Anger as ex-generals warn of a “deadly civil war” in France.

With anger, they mean the racist community, the people of endless offending phobias—the leftists are responsible for this worldwide failed immigration integration disaster.

Mark Dice video America “sign petition to lock people up / Trump supporters, and the unvaxxed people.

The French generals warned of civil war; they would be angry at the racist general for daring to put this in an official letter to the government.

In France, you are now wearing a blue ribbon entering public transportation, which reminds me of a yellow star in Germany 75 years ago. Do you doubt people will not comply with the CDC setting up the rules and mandates for labor camp madness? Think again. Out of jobs and the government controlling the food supply.

People will be desperate, and the government will hire millions of people. They can now police “racist Trump supporters, the unvaxxed, religious communities and families. 

Holocaust Documentary “Night Will Fall” Is war Propaganda.

Surveillance State “the hunger games.”

People with colossal soy levels who lived in their parent’s basement for 30 years are brought into a position of power (Obama’s plan). 

Big tech leftist fact-checkers will look into your cars at your behavior. Check for hate speech. All vehicles must have a new breath analyzer built-in; this will be mandatory. 

Are you kidding me? Nope, it is in the bill which just passed the senate. You know that one bill for infrastructure:

Deals are made with Zuckerberg to use Facebook’s cameras in every home. These cameras get installed to monitor every move which you make. Families must take in refugees, the homeless, and others in the future. This is why there is a surveillance system. Some more details, the people monitoring you are far-leftist fact-checkers.

“Fact” checkers (paid propagandists)

Another army of “Fact-checkers” sitting behind a monitor checking for hate speech and homophobia. These fact-checkers drink 10 gallons of soy each day.

It does not matter if you are a senator who calls for freedom of speech and stands up for the people. The social media Soy Police will cancel you. No chance you will produce wrong words about the vaccine narrative or the WHO and CDC.

Big Tech already censored president Trump from social media; next in line is now senator Rand Paul:

Censored because not following the Covid-19 narrative

Climate Change Police Force

With Covid comes the new Environment police (see mandatory installed car cameras in every car that passed the senate, which was in the infrastructure bill).

The government (after the economy collapses): will supply jobs. Climate Care jobs, 1.5 million Americans will get employed for this “new” spy job. The new Covidcore police and capitol police are established—the result of the manufactured total collapse of the economy.

The government will force you to take people into your home. If you can’t pay the rent, you must take people into your home, and people will comply.

Australia’s strict lockdown is a bad sample for the world.

Australia Covid policy is a Beta test, with strict rules, military and police on the streets. Europe and America are next’.

Army and the police on the streets with a new army of soy climate change policy. The result will be similar to the movie the hunger games. Detention “Labor” Camps are built at rapid speed.

Bill Gates is spending billions to take over ranches and farmland. After Bill Gates became the vaccination and Big Pharma kingpin. Bill now wants control over the food industry (to “help” people). The fingers of this software developer are all over the WHO and CDC.

Bill Gates is buying vast pieces of farmland. Black Rock Investments is buying real estate above the house’s value.

If you doubt election results, refuse a vaccine, or write the wrong words, you are a terrorist and a climate denier.

Hey, will Bill Gates become a farmer?

The 1 % will be on their private island control centers, watching the chaos unfold from a safe distance ( check the elite in the hunger games movies).

The overlords will communicate with their enablers, and the message is clear. Refuse and resist, and you are a terrorist, racist climate denier.

Senator Rand Paul (censored on YouTube) calls to resist and stand up for freedom.

There is hope. The people should unite with the military and police to topple the evil power grab of the Globalists. People should stand up and fight for their freedoms.

Experts and doctors should focus on prevention and reasonable medical treatment of the virus.

Quote Klaus Schwab “Communes”. Instead of owning property, you would own nothing and be happy.

Klaus Schwab from the WEC (a significant influence on CDC and WHO). Suppose you are a globalist and want to control the world through fascism and practice Eugenics. The Nazis had the perfect playbook. Remind me the nationality of that “engineer” eugenics freak Klaus Schwab.


This video of Iron Maiden starts with a famous war quote from Winston Churchill; check it out.

© Bas Boon

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