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Lisa, Shania Twain, Andrew Tate Success, a parents formula? The Future of my Kids is shaped by the parents or?

With great admiration, I watched the Netflix documentary about Shania Twain, “Not Just a Girl.” I recommend everybody to watch it. It is incredible how against all odds, Shania Twain became the most prominent country/pop star in the world. The female who sold the most records than any other artist. I am starting with this story because of the role of the parents.

Although the family was impoverished, little Shania Twain was drawn to singing and music. Her mother inspired her. They would sneak out when she was 10 or 11, and the cute little Shania would perform in bars. When she and her mother came home, the stepfather realized they sneaked out to perform in some bar. He was not that pleasant when little Shania and her mother got caught. She lost her parents when she was 21, and it was devastating. Now she had to raise her two minor sisters.

Lisa is the most googled name on the planet.

A similar story happened in Thailand, where a little girl named Lisa Monoban became now the most searched name on google. Lisa’s persistence and love for music and signing bring her to the top. The little Thai girl always liked dancing from the day Lisa was born. And her mother and Swiss stepfather stimulated her ambitions. She won several dance contests and some TV contests in Thailand to finally leave for Korea at the age of 14 to become a K-pop star. Lisa then joined the world-famous K-pop band Black Pink, where she developed her singing and rapping career and kept dancing to the top. 

The young Thai star also changed her Thai name from Lisa to Lalisa: “The one Who Is Praised.” My girlfriend’s name is Rak, “The Lucky one.”

Her recent Solo album at age 25 had 73.6 million views on YouTube in the first 24 hours.

I am writing this because I am now the father of three sons and a daughter. My daughter became a YouTube influencer and is making money with social media. My sons are too young, but we all know little brat Kato Boon knows how to entertain an audience. He is not even four, but he sure knows how to look into the camera and perform.

I could easily make my son train kickboxing/muay Thai at his young age. Make a drill schedule for fighting exercises for a few hours daily. All for a boy under four years old to become the world’s biggest and most successful fighter. He has Thai and Dutch blood, and papa Bas was on top of the Fight Game business for 30 years. I decided not to push this and let him train if he wanted; he is too distracted now. So I let him be a child.

Half a billion views in 10 months:

Here is my plan, doing the opposite of what Andrew Tate says.

Andrew Tate is all over the internet lately the former Cruiserweight world champion kickboxing who lived on rice and leftover pieces of KFC with his brother until he was 20. He also becomes a multi-millionaire and an influencer. His father was a chess champion and taught little Andrew how to play chess. A logo he is now using for his business.

Andrew told recently in one of his rants that it was stupid for people to put their pictures or videos online. Especially some bitch (his words) who puts herself on Instagram. He then contradicts himself by saying well, she got 2 million followers, but all those admiring guys never got to fuck her. But nothing about her making money off two million followers? Andrew then says that parents post pictures of their babies online using social media. This is stupid why nobody gives a fuck about your baby or kid (Andrew’s words).

Now hear me out. Imagine the following scenario.

Every week, I upload my boys growing up in the coming ten years. The vlog shows pranks, school, failure, wins, and life, as I have done so far. The KatoBoonFamily channel now has 42.000 subscribers and is multiplying. The star is brat kid son Kato Boon, who is a little rascal but charming. On TikTok, some of his videos organically did over 2 million views. The YouTube channel has almost 9 million views so far.

But it is fair to say that father Bas Boon was a producer his whole life. He knows about drama and how to push and create storylines. I learned about how to work with YouTube, learning how to edit, the impact of thumbnails, and to work with word press creating my websites.

But imagine that Lisa and Shania Twain had a YouTube channel with footage of them growing up uploaded weekly on their YouTube Channel from birth? What do you think about that, Andrew Tate?

A ten-year plan.

I am writing this blog for later to see my situation in 10 years by the time I am 65 years old. The amount of content for my family and my sons will be crazy. What about the father of Andrew Tate or his mother uploading little Andrew footage from the day of his birth? Would that footage be worth something today, Andrew?

If one of the Boon sons becomes a singer, a famous fighter, or a Thai soap actor celebrity, how many viewers would you think the existing YouTube channel would get? Lisa is 25, and she got 73.6 million views in 48 hours by the release of her solo album. How many YouTube and social media hits Andrew Tate will have if his mother uploaded all his content from the moment he was born?

Somebody discovered Justin Bieber through YouTube, and it kickstarted his career. People would say you are crazy. Why invest ten years, so much work? Well, look at our future. Humanity is going digital, and with the future Metaverse developments, it’s all about content and entertainment. Another good thing is that my father and mother, who live in the Netherlands, can see their kids grow up. During the pandemic, this was awesome.

Finally, even if nothing would come from it, how awesome is it for the kids to look back at their lives from birth? Ask Lisa or Shaina Twain if they would love to have weekly footage from the day they were born.

Paul Thorn Pimps and Preachers

Paul Thorn is another guy I greatly admire. However, he did not break through yet as a top talented singer and writer. His song “pimps and preachers” gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. He made that song to pay tribute to his father and his uncle.

“My daddy had a Cadillac, my uncle drove a ford, one was Satan’s Angel, one worked for the Lord. They had some hardened wisdom. They both became my teachers. I was a young disciple of pimps and preachers”. Now, look at this song and the life path of Paul Thorn.

It is fair to say that I claim that his uncle “Satans Angel” taught him how to fight and stand up for himself. His father, the preacher, teaches him about norms and rules and the value of life. In his youth, Paul Thorn becomes a professional boxer. And he is good at what he does. Paul even reaches almost the top. He goes seven rounds with Roberto Duran. As he was poor, he worked in a Tupelo furniture factory, and after a few years, some musicians discovered Paul as a Southern Rock singer and musician.

Going into a ring takes guts. It’s overcoming your fear. Life is about defeating fear. The fear of not succeeding in failing prevents people from exploring their full potential. Einstein tried a 1000X before he succeeded in solving a particular math occasion. The writer of the Harry Potter books attempted to find a publisher for two years, but nobody wanted to print her book. Now it is a billion-dollar franchise. She never gave up.

Semmy Schilt was a mailman before he conquered 4 x the K-1 GP heavyweight tournament crown and the Glory Heavyweight champion belt.

Paul Thorn is a great character.

When he starts writing the songs, you can see the contrast of humor and profound religious passages with uncle “Satan’s Angel” popping up again. His life experience flows through his lyrics, his songwriting skills are superb, and it is a question to me how he is not at the top of the music game already.

Joanie, the Jehovah’s Witness Stripper

Many great songs by former boxer Paul Thorn like “you might be wrong,” It’s a great day to Whup Somebody’s ass” (influenced by the pimp uncle). “I don’t like half the folks I love,” influenced by his priest father. His lyrics are intriguing, and his sense of humor is just off the chart. The guy could be a stand-up comedian, which reminds me of my life. 

My father and mother were good people. Somehow, I lean towards the dark side and surround myself with bad people. Bad people is an understatement. You talk about psychopaths, murders, mob bosses, and degenerates. Somehow, I learned (I was 15 when I left my parent’s house) life the hard way. In my upcoming book “The Fight Game Mafia,” you can see a particular police unit visited me because my name is on a death list. There were murder attempts in my life. My partners Mercedes blew up, and people got killed.

But I have to be honest. I also learned a lot from my time between renegades, like the pimp uncle of Paul Thorn was a mentor in Paul’s life. I stood up for myself and learned how to deal with defeats and dramas. It made me never accept the word “no” or you can’t. It made everything into a challenge, like Shania Twain and Lisa.

Choose the right path.

Somehow, I also did find a path towards the light. The good thing is I never drank alcohol or used drugs. My dad gave me my brains (he is a professor, doctor engineer), and I just used my brains a little late. I improved my life through self-education, reading books, and getting a lot of knockdowns. Life lessons and hardship make me one of the world’s youngest successful fight promoters and managers. I also became a producer at a young age. I found my way in life, and now it’s time for my offspring to create their digital footprint in our new digital age.

As parents, we raise our kids without pressure to push them in a specific direction.

I will not force religion upon my kids but teach them what is good and evil and which behavior leads to the dark side and towards the light—the meaning of good and bad and the law of attraction in life. As a father, that is my task to warn them of all mistakes I made in life. I must point out to my children the good things that come if you follow a particular path. No problem if they become the next Lisa or Shania Twain, but I will not force them.

Never be a victim. Be a winner, like Lisa, like Shania Twain or Paul Thorn. Whatever drama life will give you, embrace it, fight it, throw it over your shoulder, and learn from it. There is always a tomorrow and new chances. In life, nothing is impossible. It’s just persistence and belief in yourself. My present to my kids is a lifelong video vlog with tons of humor and laughs. I also will leave them a lot of real estate and two big farms in the Isan in Thailand. No problem if they choose not to become stars or a fighter and are happy, just becoming Isan farmers. As a father, I would love to see the full potential and happy kids who have a successful life. So far, so good.

The YouTube channel is already a success. It is reaching 9 million views. And will become incredibly popular in the future as everything I’m toughing becomes gold. Because I never stop, there is no defeat, it’s round 13, and after 38 knockdowns, I clime up using the ropes and land that one big hit, again Victory!

(C) Bas Boon

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