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Sandy Hook, Alex Jones a diversion from Pfizer Adverse Reactions? Every headline worldwide is about the evil Alex Jones, who claimed that Sandy Hook was a hoax. The best media drama is about murdered innocent children and Alex ultra-bad guy exploiting such an event. When you criticize any of this, you are a right-wing Nazi conspiracy theorist who crawls around Alex Jones’s Butt hole.

I will not get into if Sandy Hook happened or not but listen to what Alex Jones said himself. Over five years ago, he apologized for his reporting on the Sandy Hook shootings. He then realized that some content and previously reliable sources he followed were fake and wrong, pushing him in the wrong direction.

Many people with YouTube channels reported Sandy Hook was a hoax like I remember that dude “Red Silverj” who showed dash cam footage of police cars at Sandy Hook. Most “evidence “of Sandy Hook discrepancies is vanishing from the internet. Alex Jones is overweight and stressed and looked 60 instead of 48. He is in a heart attack country, which is not an act.

So why were all those “conspiracy theorists” never prosecuted? Red Silverj (I like some of his videos) YouTube channel is still active. His videos about paying off Sandy Hook parents and there was never a shooting at Sandy Hook are removed.

Will Alex Jones Infowars survive this avalanche of court cases and convictions? The latest score so far is 50 million to be paid to two victim families. The lawyers of the Sandy Hook victims beg the jury to shut down Alex Jones, shut him down, and get rid of info wars (which is the real reason for this whole charade).

Here is what is wrong with Sandy Hook / Alex Jones case.

First, the Judge does not give Alex Jones a chance for a decent defense. When Alex Jones claimed that he thought what he did at that time was the truth, the liberal leftist witch judge said, “no,” you cannot believe that. When Alex Jones wanted to declare bankruptcy, the court said, no, we will not accept this. This utterly strange court behavior should ring all the alarm bells; something is fishy about this whole case.

Now, after more than ten years, the media once again has Sandy Hook with Alex Jones as headlines. It’s now almost as if Alex Jones was the shooter. When he hears his name, some lawyer in court does not even remember who Adam Lanza is. Adam Lanza is the original shooter of the Sandy Hook school shooting. Could it have something to do with Alex Jones’s other predictions and warnings about a globalist takeover and a looming pandemic? 

Alex Jones was right about many things, such as gay frogs, chemtrails, lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, and future covid camps. He mentioned Jeffery Epstein and the Clintons a decade ago, and everybody said he is a conspiracy theorist. You name it, Alex Jones predicted everything years before it happened.

Now let’s turn things around. Alex Jones saves a lot of children. How’s that for a headline?

Please listen to this father calling a pharmacist after his seven-year-old child ends up in the hospital with Myocarditis.

Is this liberal Judge setting a precedent for any journalist questioning the mainstream narrative? Remember how a court orders Pfizer to release all their adverse reactions trial data? Finally, they present a massive list of adverse reactions. Even the renowned doctor Campbell on YouTube was flabbergasted. He says he did not know many of the names on that list and had never even heard of it.

Fauci, Biden, and the government can not deny what they did.

However, it was known at that time that some adverse reactions could cause heart problems like Myocarditis.

Listen to this taped conversation of the father with the pharmacist. It tells you precisely what is wrong with everything you read daily as headlines in the mass media. The pharmacist even acknowledged that they do not tell parents about these adverse reactions because otherwise, they are afraid the parents would choose not to vaccinate the child.

In the meantime, Twitter is no longer blocking the New York Post article about Hunter’s Laptop. They received a ban for this. The former New York Times correspondent Alex Berenson saw his Twitter account restored after permanently being deleted for ten months. He was banned because he retweeted the results of the Pfizer adverse trials, which was information Pfizer themselves had published. Now the Post and Berenson fought back with lawyers. A costly and stressful time and money-consuming path to fight the Pfizer and Twitter gorilla. But both won. Berenson receives a bunch of money as a settlement from Twitter/Pfizer. Money talks again. We re-install you but no words about details.

A new headline in the media in every newspaper around the world:

Australia plans to crack down on online hate speech after doctors’ suicide.

In the line of Sandy Hook, it’s the bully’s anti-vaxxers’ fault, and we, the authority (paid Pfizer stooges), will take action. Not a word about the father with his seven-year hospitalized son with myocardial infarction. Not a comment about that young sports star who ends up in the hospital. His videos about vaccination damage have millions of views, but Google removes everything from the web. He told his story from his hospital bed about what the vaccination did to him and his heart. His video is banned.

Let’s sue them into oblivion.

We, the people, are fighting against corrupt media organizations that are Big Pharma’s megaphones. If you go to Twitter and type #adverse events, the stories are horrific. And the stories keep coming about babies with injuries, healthy kids with sudden life-threatening problems, couples and families who die, and every day more sad reports. 

Now let’s replace Alex Jones with Dr. Fauci and the government. 

Many experts claimed the opposite, even if they thought they were doing the right thing. Some of these doctors, like the former ex-scientist of Pfizer Michael Yeadon, or one of the inventors of the mRNA vaccines Dr. Robert Malone, Geert Vanden Bossche, and Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier, were all silenced.

The establishment and the Fake News threatened to revoke the medical license. Demonize and replace other doctors or pathologists who speak the truth. Now they release the Pfizer data, which shows all kinds of adverse reactions, which surprises many people. These people get angry.

What about that doctor in Austria? Did she commit suicide because of the accusations of people who were angry at her? The recent release of Pfizer data is devastating for many doctors worldwide. The doctor in Austria realizes people know now she is just a paid Big Pharmacy puppet with no backbone. Now she realizes that dozens of people died or have permanent damage because of her vaccination orders and advice. Could that be the reason she commits suicide?

A trillion-dollar lawsuit against the US government and people like Fauci for lying and causing death to tens of thousands of people.

A trillion-dollar lawsuit. Fauci’s vaccines do not prevent you from spreading or getting Covid. The Government, Pfizer, Big Pahrma, The Fake News, Big Tech and people like Fauci do not adequately inform the people about the possibility of severe adverse vaccine reactions.

Back to the Judge of Alex Jones, she said I do not care that you thought you were correct and believed Sandy Hook is real. It’s not your show. You can not say this to the jury as a defense (?).

Let’s apply this to Fauci, Biden, and Big Pharma’s other criminal cult members and employees.

Here is how a future court case against all lying misleading people involved in promoting vaccines could go:

The Judge and prosecutor to Dr. Brix and Fauci, Dr. Brix, you recently admitted that the vaccines would not protect against infections. Did you say that? Yes, I did. Have you discussed this before with Dr. Fauci? Yes, he knew and agreed with my assessment. Do you realize that the most significant financial disaster was created because of your misleading and false information, and tens of thousands of unnecessary people died and are still dying? You are the most famous mass murders in the world of the twenties century. Yes, but we thought what we did was right. The Judge answers: maybe Alex Jones thought what he said about Sandy Hook was real. You do not have such a defense. You deliberately misled the people and conspired with the Fake News and Big Tech against people who told the truth. That is treason. Death by hanging!

In a new study in Thailand, it is revealed that 30% of vaccinated children with mRNA vaccines get heart problems. Imagine how many lives are saved because of the warnings of adverse reactions because of Alex Jones.

The Vaccine does not Prevent you from getting Covid or spreading it.

The Judge in the case against Biden, the Government, Big Pharma, and Fauci: I do not care what you think or if you think what was said is correct, says the judge to Biden. The republican appointed Trump judge in a republican district continues: The vaccine does not prevent you from getting covid. Some studies even suggest it cause you to get Covid faster than unvaccinated people. The vaccine does also not prevent you from spreading the disease. As proof, the prosecutor shows footage of, Bidden and Fauci’s where they claim you cannot get covid or spread the condition if you take the ideally safe vaccine.

The judge says now: The defended are not allowed to show any evidence with video like in the Alex Jones case. Biden and his defense do not protest. There is no video evidence to deny their claims. In contrast to Alex Jones, who can prove several videos in court are small edited pieces and out of context, but the judge in the Sandy Hook case leads the anti-Jones show.

Here is Biden on tape claiming you do not get Covid or spread Covid if you get the vaccine.

The broadcaster’s partner in crime is Fake News CNN

A new image: Fauci and Biden quadrupled vaxxed and double-masked, getting Covid twice.

And while we are suing the Fake News and Big Pharma worldwide, let’s include all politicians who lied and promoted going to war with Iraq. Remember 13 Saudis who “parked” their hijacked planes in the WTC buildings? All governments worldwide think it’s wise to invade Iraq because of some Osama ties with Saddam Hussein. This was pure propaganda, a lie, and the other reason for war was WMDs, but there were no WMDs in Iraq.

The prosecutor continues, and the Judge agrees. Mr. Biden, you and doctor Fauci both got Covid while quadrupled vaccinated and wearing double masks. We witness that you, Mr. Biden stayed home for weeks, and there is footage where many experts claim they have seen a deep fake video of you. Despite this information, you still promote the vaccines with horrible side effects. You are monsters! Yes, your honor, we are.

Let’s throw in the Vietnam war and the gulf of Tonkin. This incident never happened, but they used this to start a war with Vietnam. Lots of dead babies and burned children footage in the courtroom. We would like to see some dollars for 1 million plus dead Iraqis. And Alex Jones was right with his Infowars news about no WMDs in Irak and the Gulf Of Tonkin hoax.

Ooh, and Mr. Alex Jones, how much time was spent covering Sandy Hook on Infowars? Maybe two and half hours answers Alex Jones. Now let’s ask the same question to the Fake Media, Biden, Big Tech giants, and Fauci.

We only promote misleading information around the clock with our Fake News partners in crime.

Prosecutor: How many times have you (Fake News, Fauci, Big Pharma, and Big tech) misled people about the dangers of adverse reactions if people take the vaccine?

Let’s say two years straight 24/7 and the Russian collusion hoax we promoted simultaneously. The Fake Media and Big Tech also censored anybody who asked questions, experts, and doctors who came forward with a different opinion.

The Judge rules; 2 trillion for the people damaged by this vaccine. Fauci, Pfizer and Big Pharma and The Fake News asks for bankruptcy, but the Judge says we do not accept your default. The jury will decide if all people involved will die by the electric chair or hanging. We might bring a guillotine for this case.

How do you stir up more division between Monkeypox and gay privilege?

As if this shit is not enough, it gets worse. Recently in my home country, we saw the Pride gay party in the Amsterdam Canals. San Francisco Gay orgies and parades everywhere. All this comes after the state of New York and California declared an emergency for Monkeypox.

Not long after that, the US and the WHO declare Monkeypox a public health emergency.

Remember how many of us could not say goodbye to our elderly or loved ones dying from Covid? That is correct. You should stay inside and not have contact with your loved ones. They can breathe their last little breath on earth without their family and often die alone.

Many of the most vaccinated countries now have high covid infection and death rates.

Monkeypox is 98.5% a disease because male gay guys need to have sex with each other. But somehow, this is ok, but the rest of us should get their mask and lock our business again soon. Democrats are solving the problem by asking for a name change for the monkeypox virus: racism and offending are the leading cause for the name change.

Other doctors are whispering that some vaccines have chimpanzee adenovirus vaccine vector (Astra Zeneca). It’s rumored that this is what brings out the Monkeypox in gay men. It is very well possible that vast parts of the HIV-infected gay man see the last bit of instant immune systems destroyed by the vaccines. They never tested the vaccine on a specific gay man who has HIV or AIDS.

The WHO declares a monkeypox emergency.

Tedros, the head of the WHO who has been surrounded by HIV and Aids gay people his whole life, also looks gay. He loves giving the LGBTQ family special treatment. Keep parading and fucking. Just be careful. And always blame others.

The lawsuits always, for some reason, are made by a particular type of “victims” like this democrat Open Society Soros Foundation employee who openly brags about having sex with multiple gay men during a Pride LGBTQ parade. 

This moron blames the government for catching Monkey Pox and Gonorrhea. The guy goes into a filthy toilet during an LGBTGHI parade and has unprotected sex with multiple men. All this after the government put out a warning. He literally sees a runny nose penis with green puss, but oh what the heck, let me suck that thing. Adverse reactions afterward, blame it on somebody else, I am with the LGBTQ cult, and we are unique. Humanity is lost.

Howard Stern about Alex Jones, HIV in Vaccines Test.

(C) Bas Boon
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