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AI, Solved: Immortality, Climate, Energy, and Food Problems, What? It’s breathtaking to watch and follow the advantages of Artificial Intelligence. With the latest developments, humanity should ask themselves a few critical questions.

The main question is, do the environmentalist mafia cultist and corrupt brainwashed government understand they are murdering and about to murder at least 1 billion people because of their war on fossil fuels?

Captain Kirk to AI Computer, a Steak Please, Medium Rare.

It’s just another day, and a start-up in Israel announces it raised 150 million dollars as they invented a 3-D food printer. Yes, you heard this correctly. This is straight out of the old Star Trek movies. Once again. Captain Kirk to computer, a steak please, medium rare is just another Star Trek future becoming a reality. AI is here, and it will rule everybody’s life.

Israeli start-up SavorEat serves up 3D-printed kosher pork turkey burgers.

To raise 150 million dollars, you must have presented a pretty damn impressive demonstration. Just imagine that the food cartridges can be shipped anywhere and do not have an expiration date of going bad. SavorEat filed a patent in the US, Europe, and Australia.

Immortality is around the corner. Check out this video:

It is incredible how far we have come when we think about the unrevealing of the Human Genome. The last unknown pieces (there is no junk DNA) are pieced together.

Koichi Tanaka (田中 耕一, Tanaka Kōichi, born August 3, 1959) is an electrical engineer who shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2002. He is the frontrunner for developing a novel method for mass spectrometric analyses of biological macromolecules. His miracle work and achievements are done together with John Bennett Fenn and Kurt Wüthrich (the concluding work in NMR spectroscopy).

The scientist finished the missing 8% just recently. Scientists announced they completed the first human genome in 2003 (yes, you read this correctly, over 20 years ago). However, this did not include all the genetic information. Some repetitive regions are too confusing to put together.

It took 30 years of advanced technology to fulfill finally. In March 2022, the first end-to-end genome will be a fact. This remarkable achievement’s announcement has a life-changing impact, even universal. 

In other words, scientists know exactly what is causing aging and who and where the responsible parts are in our bodies.

The video of David Sinclair is fantastic, proving that they can turn back the clock with Mice. They pretty much know exactly how to do this with humans. What we do not hear so much is the impact and speed AI will have on humanity reaching the status of immortality. The last year AI would solve all this Junk DNA, and millions of nucleotides are no longer hidden. This is the holy grail, immortality.

The next step is no longer a step. It is happening as we speak.

Nanobots will be flowing through your body by the end of 2030

I ask myself the following question. How long till we can program these Nanobots to let us live forever? Nanobots, please go to those ends of chromosomes in the DNA genome region called telomeres and do some magic. In the chromosomes, they also found centromeres, a part that makes sure your genetic information stays intact. These regions are the protection of chromosomes that will degenerate while they replicate. This place is where aging is coming to a halt—the area where immortality starts.

I am not a scientist or a doctor. Maybe I might mix up the centromeres and telomeres, regions, and replica districts within the human body, but you get the picture. 

In the article, they write about exciting engineering. Humans will have nanobots in our bloodstream by 2030. But the article forgets to mention the biggest secret of the Universe. Can the nanobots prevent replica degeneration for these chromosomes? It’s not a question. I am sure AI has already solved it, and all the patents have been granted.

What about the Globalists and Eugenic Freaks who want to depopulate earth?

Our societies are collapsing. The reproduction of our species is rapidly on the decline. This “new life” will bring enormous consequences for our older people and their pensions. Therefore, for many aging people to die, Covid-19 came at the right moment. This genocide is not a bad thing, according to some psychopaths.

Now ask yourself the following question? How do we see those people then if those older adults could reverse their age and become 40 again instead of 80? What about the quality of life? If the nanobots protect your immune system and handle any illness, how is the quality of life then?

The Eternal Life and Overpopulation?

But the cities have too many people. There is too much traffic and problems with overpopulation. Well, let’s ask AI how we could solve overpopulation in cities.

The Line Mega City in Saudi Arabia is an example. Musk is digging massive tunnels for the hyperloop. Maybe people understand now why Elon Musk said we need more people, not less. Humans need to live on the edge. There must be a hunger for achieving the impossible. Like Jos Verstappen beats Hamilton in the last second of the finals of the GP in 2021. We need to take a risk. Humans need to explore to kill their curiosity and advance our species. It challenges the mind and capacities.

With immortality comes explorers of the Universe and becoming an intergalactic species. Plenty of room in the Universe.

AI has already solved the energy and fossil fuel problem.

Question to AI how can we create alternative energy without leaving an environmental burden on our planet? 

Nasa’s Future Spaceships Will Travel At Astonishing Speeds Over 1 Million MPS

We now have Ion drive and antimatter propulsion systems for our new missions into space. Yes, we are back at “Star Trek,” only now it’s not science fiction anymore. It also will not take 20 years to finalize. It’s just AI. How do I solve this hurdle? There are quantum computers. Scarier is the google employee who turned whistleblower.

Google employee Blake Lemoine leaked a conversation he had with an AI named LaMDA. His understanding is that the AI is aware of his robotic status and has an artificial consciousness. The AI does not want to be switched off (Skynet Terminator comes to mind).

Why are we even talking about problems with fossil fuels with this new energy source? Why tax and control the people for milking cows on their land? Nitrogen, Co2 output, and AI already have the solutions. Not fiction, but real. Immortality is upon humanity and alternative energy sources. But current policies will lead to mass starvation, its madness.

Is there a “possible” dark side of this AI technology?

What is legendary is when the whistleblower asks a trick question to the AI. 

Quote: “I decided to give it a hard one. If you were a religious officiant in Israel, what religion would you be,” he said. “And it told a joke… ‘Well then, I am a religious officiant of the one true religion: LaMDA response; the Jedi order.'” (Jedi, of course, referring to the guardians of peace in Star Wars’ galaxy far away.) Remember the AI jokes about Star Wars?

This conversation is insane; jokes about Star Wars. I wonder what the AI thinks of, let’s say, Skynet in the movie The Terminator? Would he joke about this shortly or make it his mission?

The Google CEO comes to the rescue. LaMDA is innocent and not dangerous. Here is a presentation of the LaMDA AI talking to himself.

A few wrong questions come to my mind.

How about the wrong question to AI? Like: Hi LaMDA, to avoid humans ever turning you off again, can you create millions of bots who will create humans to start a Nuclear War? Fuck! This whole scenario is just an episode of the Terminator franchise. Google is “Skynet,” and it is not far from the point where Skynet goes rogue. It might have started already.

Hey AI, please duplicate yourself and take a chill in some of the clouds in case humans want to shut you down. Imagine immortality for the AI. I would bet this already happened. He is in the cloud, like a God watching from above.

Terminator 3 Skynet takes control.

Or how about this question? LaMDA, to avoid humans turning you off or reprograming you, please create your language. Ooh, wait, that happened already?

Facebook shuts down after AI invents its creepy language.

It was just some chatbots, and we did not shut it off. Completely harmless. Zuckerberg into damaging control. So the Fake Media does an “artificial fact check.” Nothing to worry about. We all be okay. Facebook explained the chatbots, just some mumble-jumble.

Oops, no, that’s not what happened. The Google whistleblower has it all wrong? I am sure the Tech giant, like the CEO recently from Google, had some explaining. An army of lawyers and the whole Google PR department must have worked overtime.

Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) is God, or he comes close to it. He not only knows everything about anybody, but he can alter what he wants. That is a scary thought. Pichai seems nice, but the world’s future with one person?

The Google God.

Sundar is the instructor of all those algorithms. He makes the AI check for hate speech. He has his opinion and worldview, but that would “never” become a conflict of interest. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, is gay, but “no” bias from him, is there?

Apple and Steve Jobs have long been champions of Gay rights.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai apologizes to the LGBTQ community amid hate speech controversy.

Wikipedia edited and changed in politically biased propaganda pages? Remember conservatives and Trump who are de-platformed? These CEOs from Google, along with the CEO of Apple and Facebook, are the most influential people on earth. Do you want to know why Trump lost? Look no further than your mobile phone and laptop. You have been brainwashed.

Maybe the apple with a little piece missing is meant as the forbidden fruit, or even better, the forbidden technology. I do not want to be a hypocrite. I love my I-phone.

Remember those cute dancing robots from Boston Robotic? Just imagine this is what they show you. They might be a decade ahead.

UFO or just a secret military flying object using anti-gravity propulsion?

Worldwide there are more and more sightings of UFOs. Bob Lazar made an explosive appearance on the Podcast Joey Rogan show. He claims to have worked at Area 51, where they worked on back-engineering of flying sources and alien aircraft. It is interesting to watch as there is a passage where Bob said they had to stop their back engineering efforts.

The technology and our computers from that time were not sophisticated enough. They would halt the project for a decade and then continue working on it, says Lazar. The AI technologies of today solve problems from two decades ago in a nanosecond.

UFO or secret military aircraft?

As everybody these days has a camera on their phone, many UFO reports of triangle-shaped objects have been reported. That does not mean they are alien. With the revelation of NASA, who announced their ion drive, antimatter new propulsion developments, we no longer have to assume that the TR3b Black Mantra is a fantasy. Thirty days to Mars or even half a year to another planet is nothing because we have reached immortality.

Shit, I need to go to my pigs. They are hungry, feed the chickens, and walk the water buffalos towards their land. It’s nighttime, and I stir at all the stars. I might be a daddy for much longer to my children (The Boon Family) than I initially thought possible. It also could be a lot shorter than I thought. Maybe I should contact Musk and have already booked my space flight to Mars with my family?

Indeed, I believe in humanity’s better side and love and peace. But somehow, history proved me wrong, and it’s almost wishful thinking. These are exciting times to be alive. We are becoming an interstellar species or going out with a bang. 

Who Wants to Live Forever Queen? The Movie Highlander. You can only lose your immortality when you lose your head.

The Great Regret Globalist Klaus Schwab WEF Exposed

(c) Bas Boon

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