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Censorship by Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. I saw a Muslim extremist stab Salman Rushdie, in his eye with horror and disbelief. He lost his eyesight from one eye but is fortunately recovering and will survive the cowardly attack. The official statement from Iran is that it was Rushdie’s fault. Of course, the irony is that because of this attack, more and more people buy and read Rushdie’s book “The Satanic Verses.”

Fifteen years before Twitter started, On February 14th, 1989, Khomeini from Iran called all Muslims to kill the author Salman Rushdie rapidly without any restrictions.

The book by Salman Rushdie, “the Satanic Verses,” is an insult to Islam, and therefore he had to die. A quote of Khomeini, “no one will any longer dare the sacred values of Islam.” On Twitter, you can find him at The president of Russia on Twitter @KremlinRussia_E. Ok, you get the pictures these controversial people are on social media.

The former president of the USA, Donald Trump, has been banned from social media. The person who called for Salman Rushdie to be killed because of his religion and the people who believe in this “Fatwa” can still be found on social media. This is targeted censorship from a whole new level.

Geert Wilders in Holland has been on the Islamic death list for decades (he released a movie called Fitna). In the last decade, politician Geert Wilders had had to have day and night security and daily life threats. In the Netherlands, a famous comedian and anti-religion personality “Theo van Gogh” was killed on the street and almost decapitated. Probably his big neck kept part of his head in place. 

For some reason, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms have many accounts of controversial religious and other figures without censorship.

For some reason, these hate preachers and Muslim extremist executioners with violent interpretations of their holy book lead to mass murder. But some of these figures are still on social media. Who does not remember 9-11, the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the Manchester Theatre attacks, the Madrid train Bombing, The London Bombing, Bataclan Massacre in Paris, the Nice Truck massacre, and the Berlin Christmas market massacre? The list is endless.

Despite all this, my opinion is to leave Muslims to live in their countries. Again, the globalist mixed all kinds of people in the name of multiculturalism. Merkel admitted she was wrong about her Muslim immigration open border policies. Her experiment failed miserably, and people died because of it and are still dying today.

In the last decades in Europe, there were tens of millions of fortune seekers, asylum seekers, refugees, etc. But on social media, you should not say wrong words about the skyrocketing rape cases in Europe with Muslims involved. Terrorist attacks, murder, honor killings, and Christian churches are on fire. If you do, you are a racist bigot and will be de-platformed in record speed. Later I will show proof of why we are repeating history with the same players, censorship, no freedom of speech, and nazis.

The content makers are getting discouraged.

Recently I had a weird experience with TikTok. They remove several of my viral videos. It was against their guidelines to post sex with minors and naked minors. Would I use my son in some pedo public sex video production on TikTok as if I did not know that? Here is what happened and how screwed up social media is.

Nudity and sexual activity involving Minors, according to TikTok in this Video, the Video is removed.

I posted a video that went viral with 2.3 million views (in four days) and counting. I had several of these successful uploads on several multimedia platforms. For now, I talk about Tik Tok. Now my videos are funny family videos, adventures my experience with my sons growing up. They are brat kids, and I try to picture this with a bit of humor and sarcasm.

The reason for removal, sex with minors, what?

Some of my videos get removed, like the latest one for sex and naked minors. I posted the Video here, so you can see it is not valid. There is no sex and nudity, and children are not involved in sex acts. These videos they remove happens because those jealous people who often do not even produce any content report my Video as sexual content with minors. When enough people do this, you can have multiple people with 30 fake accounts who attack my viral Video, and “warning and termination” are what the AI will tell you, or we removed your Video.

Now you can protest, but in the case of TikTok, it’s another bot that answered sorry, we determined you broke our guideline rules; therefore, we will not restore the content. Pure censorship on demand.

Removed Video for dislikes and humorless losers.

The pool was already leaking. Everybody knew what was going on. It was just a prank to make a funny Video, nobody was harmed or threatened, and the plastic pool was leaking already! TikTok permanently removes the content.

The above Video (which had over two million views in one week), according to TikTok, is against their guidelines regarding child safety, and they have zero tolerance for predatory or grooming behavior according to minors. They do not allow child abuse, child nudity, or sexual exploitation of children. You be the judge if the Video with the leaking pool qualifies as such. Nobody was harmed or threatened, and I can’t see any nudity or grooming. I see another blatant censorship moment without any justification.

There is no help. You are at the mercy of Bots and people with attitudes and political bias.

What is worse is that you want justice when you are a content creator and put in a lot of work and time to create a viral video. Now you try to contact TikTok. This customer support help is mission impossible. The e-mail addresses do not work and So you attempt social media, TikTok on Twitter and Instagram.

Immediately you get some replies from yet other Fake accounts. They say they can help you, but TikTok supporters “bots” (scammers) respond immediately. When you check the history from these so-called good “Samaritans’, it always has two or three followers and almost no posts. You would ask yourself why and who would do such a thing. Well, hackers, because you will get hacked when you are desperate enough to respond to any fake accounts (which TikTok allows). There is still no response from TikTok. I had a better experience with YouTube, replying within 24 hours.

Now your whole TikTok or other social media account is at risk. The way it works is that the hacker sends you a link you have to sign yourself into your account. The moment you do, they have your password and will now ask for money or destroy your social media account. Eliminating your social media account can be because of getting rid of competition or simply people who enjoy screwing with other people.

Facebook and Twitter Billion Dollar Scam are still Ongoing for years.

I am still waiting to restore two of my hacked Facebook accounts. Finally, I got a blue check mark because I owned my page for two decades. I have been the official owner of my fan Facebook page account. The moment I got my blue check mark, I received an e-mail from Facebook. You need to log in and verify your account. I mean, this is when you finally get your blue check mark. So I did, but somehow the hackers knew you just got a blue check mark and sent a fake phishing link. You contact Facebook, which is not easy. We will take care of it, it’s now seven months later, and two of my accounts have still vanished.

YouTube and Google

It is mindboggling to me that Google/YouTube/Facebook not can take these scammers out. Every comment on YouTube Crypto channels with WhatsApp and telegram numbers are scammers. Everyone tries to impersonate the YouTube personality (which is identity theft). Once they have a victim, the scam is prolonged. So, they convince the victim they are talking to the channel owner. 

Then you transfer some Bitcoin, so this successful trader (known from social media) can make money for you.

After a week, they show you 120K profit on 10K bitcoin investments. The moment you want to withdraw the balance, it will ask you to pay another 10K for the broker fees. When you tell them to reduce it from your profits, they say it separate you need first to transfer the other 10K.

If you do, you just lost 20K. Now by “coincidence,” on your social media post pop up about people who also got scammed but are helped by this excellent agency. They advertise how they will get your money back for only ten to 20%. Of course, this is part three of the scam. The agency is the scammers who keep milking the victim for more money. But no censorship or regulations from the social media platforms in these cases, none!

The worse is that google lets these scammers, most from India, keep making fake websites. There should be an easy way to prevent this. Such as start-up capital, a double ID of the person making the website, and a resume finance history on the guy opening the website. Social Media companies do nothing of a kind. Duplicate fake accounts are made on Facebook and Instagram, especially concerning cryptocurrencies.

Censorship because of the personal taste of fact-checkers and Google employees.

But my YouTube channel gets a few strikes, a video is removed, or even once the whole YouTube Channel and social media account were removed. All this is because some human rights activist keeps claiming that my content is offensive and animal abuse. Once because of a dead scorpion, several lunatics accused me of hurting a poor scorpion (I used an already dead scorpion for the scene).

Or one of my pig videos as they heard the pigs scream (which they always do when they are hungry). But because the pigs were breeding, some animal rights activists thought the hog raped the mother pig. The viral video was removed, then re-installed but put on private. The footage had 220.000 views and thousands of likes when this happened.

Politics and Censorship of Conservatives and people who are posting against Big Pharma

In my previous blog, I explained that Twitter had to re-install the account of Alex Berenson. After he tweeted the Pfizer adverse results of Pfizer’s themselves, his Twitter account was permanently banned for ten months. Alex Berenson fought back with a lawyer and got his account re-installed.

Not only that, he is now suing Biden and the White House for personally ordering Twitter / Social media for him to become a target to be removed from social media. Some people with deep pockets and lots of stamina will fight these social media monopoly giants. But this is exceptionally cost-worthy and can take crazy amounts of time and work. If social media knows they can not get away with their censorship, they settle; it’s like a parking ticket.

Louder with Crowder live broadcast, De-platform situations.

Not long ago, I followed a live broadcast of Louder with Crowder. The broadcast is during the Trump Mara-A-Lago Raid and just after the Raid of former president Trump’s residence. Now here comes the hypocrite, and if you ask me, blatant criminal way of the Mass media’s complicity in lies, misinformation, and propaganda. During the Raid, the media reports that AG. Merrick Garland does not know anything about the Raid. You can hear Crowder repeating this message and showing the headlines in the Mass Media about this. But he does it with a sneer, not thrusting what he hears from the mainstream media.

Later it turns out to be false. Garland was the guy who signed off on the Raid. Now, if Crowder, during the live broadcast, would have said, I think it is not true that Garland is not involved, this would get him a YouTube strike for his channel. Imagine Crowder says; I know this is bullshit. AG Garland must have known about the raid. Crowder would be de-platformed or get a strike, at least.

The Fake News reports that Garland had nothing to do with the Raid on Trump’s residence. There are no repercussions from the social media platform when it’s proven the Mass Media were spreading fake news and misleading information. Where are the strikes and de-platforming for CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, and the NYTimes? This is why they keep lying and spreading propaganda because there are no repercussions—a perfect example of organized and selective censorship.

Influencer Andre Tate who has 12 billion views on social media, was kicked off from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Steven Crowder knows he is next on the list. Jorden Peterson was recently also banned from Twitter.

There is a massive list of Media hoaxes. Nobody gets a strike, warning, or is de-platformed as they are the established elitist media.

The list is long the Fake Kidnaping of Governor Whitmer, The Russian Collusion Hoax. The January 6th Hoax, Impeachment hoax, drinking bleach hoax, The Fine People Hoax, and Smollett Hoax, just to name a few more. Some people enjoy harassment and reporting other people and creators because they are miserable and dishonest. People like CNN Gestapo worm Oliver Darcy who personally made a crusade for de-platforming Alex Jones. Which miraculously was done simultaneously by all social media giants.

It is hard in the digital period we live as content creators to become successful. My content had several viral videos on my channel, but when I did have one, it was stopped because of complaints. Or some personal vendetta by some activist who does not like my content. YouTube is pushing other family vlog channels, and they even receive money from Google/YouTube, and their content sucks.

YouTube removed a video from my personal YouTube channel as shocking content. I uploaded the Video of the moment where Richard Paans breaks his leg. Now I complained. I inform YouTube that the footage is from me as a promoter. It’s fight footage in a ring of an event I promoted (my content). I then gave them a few links of the UFC with Anderson Silva and Mc Gregor breaking their legs. One rule for me and another one for whatever. This is called selective censorship.

How to irritate and cancel your competition’s content.

Another bug in the system with YouTube is the following. If you upload a video, the beginning is an essential part of the process. The YouTube algorithm needs to know where to place the content. Comments and likes are critical, and how many shares will the Video receive? But every time, my comments section is automatically put off when I upload a video.

People and family members complain they can’t comment. So, I went into the YouTube studio and changed the settings for all comments allowed. Ten minutes later, the computer put it right back at no comments. Multiple times this happens. According to YouTube, people who comment with a link or an inappropriate comment make their AI change their settings.

Here we go again.

So, this is an excellent way to get rid of competition or harass somebody you do not like. Because the social justice, hateful, jealous, and permanently offended community starts pushing buttons and comments on your Video (with external links). Your Video gets stopped (on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, or any other platform) from gaining viewership by the algorithm and is stuck. If you are lucky, you get a strike, warnings, or, more bizarre, suddenly, your account vanishes.

Not everybody can start their own media platform as Trump did with his new Truth app, which I cannot even get outside the US. The monopoly and abuse of power by the owners, employees, and some jealous, frustrated users is despicable and wrong. You will encounter what I discuss in this blog if you have a different opinion and go against the mainstream narrative. There is no escape from becoming a victim of censorship and canceled culture. But for now, humanity has to swallow their propaganda, manipulation, and bugs. Just keep busy, make content no matter what, and move forward.

It’s funny that MSNBC worries about Chinese misinformation but don’t worry at MSNBC. China loves Biden.

TikTok “The Chinese” will help with the US midterm elections. What can go wrong?

Do you remember when Donald Trump asked for TikTok to be removed? We had to hear two years of propaganda about Russian Collusion and interference from the Russians. Maybe the current Biden dictatorship asks the Chinese for the usage of the most successful social media app in the world to educate US children and the youth for Americans to make the right choice in the US elections. That is not meddling. In Democrat wording and interpretations, this is asking for a harmless favor.

Now people should understand that the Chinese children and youth do not see all those K-pop and LGBTQ videos or much content the West and the US sees. The Chinese party knows it is not suitable for children.

Tik Tok also has a maximum usage period for the Chinese youth as it is very addictive.

Suicide and depression by social media.,related%20outcomes%2C%20and%20suicide%20rates.

Social Media use is linked to depression in adults.

So the youth and adults are increasingly experiencing mental issues, with most users sometimes spending 8 hours or more on social media. Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram are very addictive.

Now imagine the majority of all these users are miserable and not educated on the subject of social media. They have no idea they get caught in a web. The youth learn how to edit dance videos and add stickers and sounds. 

But most time, it stops there. Now imagine a teener being bullied. That isn’t very pleasant, of course. This behavior can even lead to suicide and, in some cases, murder.

Million TikTok followers for double murder Scarface impersonator Ali Abdulaban

I would want to point out the following. Imagine all those minors or adults working day and night on social media. It sometimes takes years to get a viral video or get your social media account monetized. When you finally see some positive results after making content for years, some jealous person with three followers starts commenting and reporting your content as offensive. Suddenly your whole account vanished. Facebook is an excellent example of this, jealous people complaining about other people’s occupations, hobbies, and content.

You try to note the social media platform that this must be a mistake. You indicate bots or competitive account holders deliberately target and report your content or account that the AI flags are insulting. Or they put external links in the words which would lead you away from the platform, which the social media platform does not like. Suddenly censorship is applied for no good reason except for the social media platform itself.

YouTube has made improvements in its editing tools.

Now at least YouTube has an option to change your content while keeping the URL link. You can blur moments, cut them out or change the music of your uploaded Video, which is a significant improvement.

But YouTube has the same bot problem as TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook. A miserable community that mainly uploads content of others or does not have any content. Because they can’t produce anything themself, their main occupation is harassment and reporting creative and active people who try to accomplish something.

Educate the creators on which part of the Video is against the guidelines and give them an option for editing these videos while keeping their content and URL. Preventing censorship does not encourage it.

Like YouTube does with music violations, they will give you an option to show you have a license and permission of usage, and it will not affect the monetization of the content if you are proven right.

Censorship is No Freedom of Speech equals Fascism.

Ultimately the people who control social media, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, will choose the president or instruct him and his party on what to do. They will censor whoever opinions they do not like. Will demonize and use a weaponized DOJ, WHO, CDC, and FBI to hunt and go after anybody with a different opinion or political view. These people who financed and executed this plan are similar to the financial institutes and powerful families who financed Adolf Hitler.

@forsale on TikTok about the nazis who financed them, censorship, and freedom of speech.

Imagine all content you create vanishes by the push of a button.

Worse is the situation for many people who do not have a backup of their content. Unedited versions or versions without graphics, music, and text. They make the content with tools on TikTok. Upload this content to get their likes/kicks of a video they uploaded which does well, and suddenly their whole channel is gone. And so is the content they created.

Strangely, the social media platform owners did nothing when I made three blogs and complained about fraud for almost every crypto channel on any social media platform. But the “AI” can shadow ban, demonetize, strike, and remove your social media channel without a routine procedure? This is censorship in the purest form. Facebook also has a bug. When you have multiple accounts and posts, you will notice the following. Facebook encourages you to post in groups to get your social media account to grow.

But if you have multiple accounts and start posting in Facebook groups, it will not take long, and the AI will report you as a spammer. We have restricted your Facebook account from posting in groups as your reward. I complained about this several times and gave feedback, but never an answer or improvement.

Still, the social media’s AI’s can’t detect a bot or several bots? Fake accounts with a few followers and almost no content on their platform, who report hard-working, serious creators? An army of bots and jealous losers who kick off the channels of creative kids or adults who try to build up a digital business for themself.

The AI and frustrated employees make the life of creators and users wholly frustrated and stressed.

Imagine spending eight to 10 hours a day for years, and suddenly, in the last weeks, a competitor starts bombarding your content as abusive. One after the other, Video is restricted or banned, and the AI can’t see this is a pattern done by fake accounts, bots, and jealous people. By now, we have (censorship) Bots who are conscious like “LaMDA from google. But they can’t detect fraud, fake accounts, and bullshit reports? Something is not right here. What do you guys think? Did you have a similar experience, and how did your communication with the social media platform restore your content?

My tip is to make two versions of your content, one with graphics and music and one without, and store the content (including the raw content) on an external hard drive and a copy in the cloud. Don’t be scared of censorship. Fight it.

Success out there. Keep creating!

A Viral YouTube Video got Ruined by Google AI and VidIQ.

(c) Bas Boon

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