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The Media praises President Trump for fueling war with Syria. President Trump makes a Political Move before the liberals can Handcuffs and Blindly Veto Results: International Press applauds, praises’ The Donald’! Masterfully executed strategy? Maybe Trump became a Neocon overnight? Perhaps the Mass Media had it all wrong, and ‘the Donald’ isn’t the Antichrist? Whether warmly received or forced to fight through the hate and constant antagonist, he’s determined to get the job done.

The Mass Bombards Donald Trump as the Antichrist for the last two years. Donald Trump is the enemy of misguided ‘liberals’ simply because he stands and acts differently. Not very inclusive, is it? So the media has only reported their perceived ‘evil Donald.’ They have done this daily with an avalanche of negativity for over a year. Above all, the Democrats can’t seem to accept they lost the election. The none proved so-called Russian Collusion with the Trump Administration (hacking by the DNC). So Donald and Putin have been portrayed as the real enemy of the press repeatedly.

 I wrote an earlier blog on why the Media want you to hate Russia:

Mass Media: Why You Must Hate Russia, MH17, Sickening Propaganda Putin – Trump

Trump is attacked time and time again by the World Wide Media. Even a simple joke, complete sarcasm by Spicer about Russian Salad Dressing, is fact-checked by CNN. And even that is disapproved by the Fake News. It is considered false as they make Russian Salad Dressing in Michigan. The Fake News reports this “news” for April 1 st, no joke — not an April fools joke???).

Every day the Fake News pushes conspiracy theories as facts. Trump’s associates Paul Manafort, General Flynn, and others, have too many Russian connections. According to” legal” wiretaps, the Susan Rice scandal of wiretapping the Trump administration.

A bigger scandal than Watergate but somehow silenced by the Mass Media, Susan must have just been doing her job unmasking the Trump Administration. It was all just a coincidence. There are always Presidential Candidates targeted in surveillance. Mainly during election time, Susan Rice acted from an order of Obama, but no, that had nothing to do with political spying. 

Suddenly the Mass Media finds themselves whitewashing the biggest scandal possibly in U.S. history. Or defer eyes with a report (or not report) stating the wiretapping was an unfortunate “incident.” They claim it’s another diversion by President Trump and the House of Intel Russian Probe investigation.

Trump is fighting every day. People are constantly sabotaging his efforts to see him fail.

Obama Booby Traps, CIA, FBI, Democrats, Some Republicans, Mass Media, Clintons, George Soros, Google, Facebook, Youtube, Hollywood.

The solution?: A Chemical Gas Attack in Syria by? 

Horrifying images around the world showed an awful chemical attack in Syria. Ivanka Trump produced a tweet about how shocked she was, and not long after that, Donald Trump made a statement that Assad crossed many red lines. You could feel it coming.

Did the President change his mind? We have witnessed his previous tweets towards Obama: Do not go into Syria (after a gas attack – turned out to be fake) are the words, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is deeply moved by the horrific pictures, like many others. It triggers emotions in all of us. You are not human if you are not

Result = 59 Tomahawks sent airborne, with purpose.    

Did Trump change into another Neocon puppet at that moment?

1 It solves the Trump/Russian Allegations

2 Persuades China, North Korea, Iran

3 Syrian Air force-free Punch

4 Good for Israel

5 Above all Dominates the news

6 A happy warmongering Mc Cain

Winston Churchill once said: Never let a Good Crisis Go to Waste.

The most freighting observation is how happily the International Mass Media reacted.

The International press praises trump, Trump the Hero screams the media, Trump shows strength, and McCain must’ve had multiple orgasms. Hillary Clinton can help but be content with the response of the U.S. Ambassador and Donald Trump’s action. Horrific pictures and babies being murdered always do the trick. Show the world you have empathy, respond with force, and suddenly you score big points.

CNN Anchor Jake The Sleaze Tapper wants you to follow CNN Media Propaganda about Syria

Tulsi Gabbard’s clear view on current events!

This 180% turn is what I hope for:

Trump made a strategic move by shooting some rockets at an airfield. This action of Trump results in the Mass Media doing a 180-degree turn for Donald Trump, giving him media support. The international community is already seemingly with Trump, except for Russia, Iran, and Syria. This action kills the secret of Russia and Trump collusion, which never really existed in the first place. 

The action will tragically raise the president’s approval ratings even by fake news king CNN. Trump once said he could not believe the U.S.’s foreign policies’ stupidity by showing all the cards. The same in warfare. Trump hated the press and certain generals giving away tactics in plain view. What happened to the element of surprise? Well, here is a Donald Trump surprise!

We have to understand not all people are Alex Jones smart. Multiple sources as well inform not everyone. Mike Cernovich, Mark Dice, Bill Mitchell, Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson, I will always be a fan and battle the globalist and Neocons. We must understand that many people still are brainwashed by Mass Media into believing their daily propaganda. Props to Mike Cernovich, who first broke the Susan Rice Unmasking scandal and then reported tomahawks would fly a few hours before they were launched.

Now, this is what I wish.

The House of Intel will soon finish the investigation (not drag on for months to come) and claim that there was no collusion with the Russians. In the case of Susan Rice, some heads will roll. Including the director of the CIA, Dave Brennen. Or they are just replaced with people that Donald can trust. As soon as this has happened, Trump will shock the world with his next surprise. He will meet with Vladimir Putin. Explain to Putin why he had to do what he did but propose that he wants to work with the Russians to defeat terrorism. 

Putin will understand that president Trump was constantly under attack by Democrats and the Mass Media. There will be a press conference where Putin and Donald Trump announce an alliance. That would be my perfect scenario.

But we are fighting the forces of evil. We know about the Syria “gas attack” and why it smells like a false flag!

I could feel it coming. If you followed the mass media like CNN, you could see a buildup of bad Assad propaganda after a brief dull period. The question is, why? Assad was promised immunity just days before the gas attack, so he had no motive whatsoever.

It’s scary how much this is similar to Putin. The world no longer reported Crimea, so Putin decided to shoot down a passenger plane. Does he hate Dutch tourists? Assad was winning, supported by the Russians and Iran. The U.S. announced you have a carte blanch to slaughter whoever you want as long as you do not use chemical weapons.

The Syrian armed forces were almost controlling Aleppo. It looked perfect. The battlefield was shifting from Syria back to Iraq, and the U.S. accidental bombing of a hospital in Iraq comes to mind (many deaths and burned babies, not shown by Mass Media).

CNN War propaganda by the usual culprit.

If you paid attention, you could see Christian Amanpour do some propaganda stories about a Syrian prison guard/coroner defector. He smuggled out more than 5000 pictures of tortured prisoners. The prison guard reports and delivers documents of 18,000 hangings. The tally device of this guard kept counting all the atrocities over the years. The surprise came with the nice round figure of 18.000 when he finished counting.

CNN claims the Assad regime makes the atrocities; the proof is the pictures they show. The images could have been shot anywhere. How could this prison worker make 5000 torture pictures? They hang many prisoners, and then he smuggles those pictures to the U.S., including himself. CNN and other media outlets repeatedly repeatedly “propaganda” show horrible torture pictures.

Children always do great for propaganda purposes!

Next propaganda piece by CNN: using Syrian Children. This Syrian girl reads in perfect English from a teleprompter how evil the Assad regime is (any news on the teleprompter writer CNN?). This propaganda happens before the big climax—a chemical attack out of nowhere. Assad strikes children with chemical weapons. Ideally, in line with the previous weeks of brainwashing the masses on how evil Assad is, just a coincidence?

According to CNN, the Russian drone first scans the hospital, then warplanes arrive later, which first dropped a conventional bomb on a hospital in Idlib. “Witnesses” on CNN made me laugh. Some girls witnessing the gas attack say they saw some planes drop conventional bombs and one chemical bomb. They only had one chemical bomb left? The girl has sharp eyes too. She could see a warplane doing 700 mph and saw that one of the bombs had a written message: chemical gas!

White Helmets are paid propaganda actors.

The Fake News announces the so-called gas attack one day before it happens by a tweet. The White Helmets are represented in Idlib, a UK-sponsored international organization “helping” victims worldwide. One medic treating Syrian gas attack victims stood trial on terror offenses. 

Alarm bells are now going off as the “hero” doctor (who stood for terror trial) walks around with a camera and speaks English. He brings Assad’s message-the slaughter. The White Helmets even received an Oscar for their reality documentary by Hollywood. The same white helmets who got caught faking the rescuing of Syrian victims to get the perfect shot for their Oscar-winning documentary! 

With Trump on one side, the war-mongering psychopaths knew their days were numbered. On the other side, Russians, Iran, and Assad have more positive messages from witnesses about the Assad regime, especially in Aleppo. This time the witnesses report to multiple news sources that support Assad and blame Isis and others.

Bam chemical attack by “Assad?” and the whole landscape changes, coincidence?

Indeed CNN never reports that Isis or rebels use gas on the Syrian military and people.

Russia confirms evidence of chemical weapons in Aleppo, Syria

Russia confirms proof of chemical weapons in Aleppo, Syria

How do you treat over a hundred thousand so-called foreign Muslim fighters who come to Syria to start their Kalifat? Daily beheadings, drowning victims in cages, burning people alive, rape. Groups like Isis, Hamas, and El Nurse are all going nuts in Syria. The Media is silent.

How do you treat this kind of animal? By hanging or through interrogations. Because The U.S. removed Saddam from power, it flooded Europe with Muslim refugees. The filth of the world confronts Assad daily. The result is that now Fundamental Islamists are on a terror streak across the globe. They use cars, trucks, bombs, suicide attacks, and knives to kill the infidels.

Terrorists attempted to frame President Assad in 2013 for gas attacks so the U.S. would take him out. 

Link of true pundit removed. I found this

I expect the Ukraine “rebels” to fabricate a chemical gas attack. I’m sure a CNN correspondent or White Helmet Actors can coincidentally be present with a gas mask handy. You never know when you need a gas mask. Perhaps he could strategically carry a small Ukraine child who just got gassed for the whole world to see? This always works, like the drowned little refugee boy who washed ashore. This image quickly changed the public opinion of the so-called civilized world to start bombing Syria! The Media did their propaganda work.

Foreign Affairs Editor @kileysky reports on the Russian dismissal of U.S. airstrikes as a “Game of American Thrones. “

Syrian rebels used Sarin nerve gas, not Assad’s regime: U.N. official

Anything that helps you hate Russia, as Darth Vader Putin and his evil KGB empire like shooting down passenger planes and loves gassing babies. Here is a tip for Isis, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, and mainly the Ukraine rebels. Just fabricate a gas attack if you want to eliminate airports or airplanes. Make sure the white helmets or SOHR are there to witness and spread the horrific pictures to the media. Then it will rain down drones and Tomahawks with the compliments of Donald Trump!

Meanwhile, children are splashed like grapes by vehicles used by the lone wolf mentally ill militants to kill the infidel. This happens in the streets of Nice, Berlin, London, St Petersburg, and Sweden. In other words, a derailed Muslim going ape-shit following orders from the invisible man in the sky. Wonder when “we” will bomb those places like Sweden, Berlin Nice? Media anybody?

Who was mocking Donald Trump on terrorist attacks in Sweden because nothing ever happens in Sweden?

You can not hide three things: The sun, the moon, and the truth.” -Buddha.


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