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Assad an Epiphany of Terror? Who Bombs Who in Syria? This blog is about how the use of Western propaganda must want the people to hate Assad.

Devil Working Overtime in Syria

Quote Pushkov Twitter Account: “McCain accused us of striking out at US-trained insurgents… However, since they have either run away or joined al-Qaeda, hitting them is a mission impossible,”

Let’s analyze this tweet from the Russian Defense Minister:

First of all, we need to understand that the whole mess in the Middle East started when the U.S. decided to go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan based on Saddam’s lie on weapons of mass destruction. 

They do not mention the cause of this aftermath by the Terror Attack of 15 Saudi Hijackers on the WTC and Pentagon on 9/11.

The leaders of “social justice,” the U.S., are now fighting to remove psychopaths. But/and it takes a psychopath to catch a psychopath. In Libya, the same pattern occurs. The U.S. removed Gaddafi from power, and the country is in ruins and infected by radical Islamists. Who, with force, violence, and rape, make and control the rules of the land. 

Forced “democracy”

How are all those countries doing these days? After the U.S. forced their” democracy” upon them and removed the evil dictators? We should learn that these countries, with sometimes more than half of the illiterate population, need some dictator. When you remove the ruling force of such nations, chaos will emerge.

Every day we can see lots of propaganda in the Mass Media why we must remove Assad. However, we have seen no actual proof of him ever using chemical weapons against people in Syria. The U.S. goal was always to remove Assad. Indeed, Assad not wanting a Rothschild Bank in his country does not increase his popularity. 

Try to rule a country with the most schizophrenic delusional religious insane suicide Islamic morons, who now think Syria is the start of the new Kalifat? Assad got all the filth from Iraq and Afghanistan. In some cases, the press reported 80.000 foreign lunatics from all over the World coming to Syria to fight for ISIS.

The religion of “pieces” Putin the “Savior” makes his moves!

The U.S and the West have cornered Russia and Putin. They boycott Russia on propaganda bias. There is no proof they shot down the plane above Ukraine. These are fabricated allegations coming from the U.S. 

The truth is that the U.S installed their “Willy Wonka” puppet president in Ukraine and has a ton of interest in oil and soil in Ukraine. In addition, the U.S. presses their NATO friends to make a fist against Putin. So they can put some nuclear warheads in the Ukraine backyard pointed at Moscow. 

Russia is trying to break out of the NWO chokehold by beginning the BRICS countries project, a bank backed by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. They already raised capital of 100 billion to become independent of the IMF, FED, or ECB! You get the picture. 

Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS Back to the Tweet.

Syria is already in Civil War for four years, waged mainly by angry Sunnis (Sunnis and Shiites who have been slaughtering each other since Mohammed died). Both groups hate the Assad regime for not being Islamic enough. 

It’s been over a year since the U.S started bombing Syria. The propaganda accusations from the U.S controlled Mass Media state that Assad used Chemical weapons against his people. Amanpour daily propaganda crusade on CNN against the Assad regime. They prove this to be a lie (what else is new). Indeed they use it anyway to start the bombing campaign in Syria. 

The War on terror is like the War on drugs – a never-ending one (on purpose, never-ending). Syria is where the Psychopaths will create the new ultimate villain terrible guy. Who likes to go to War for profit and strategic objectives ( former CIA Osama Bin Laden asset is death). 

This video shows how they want Putin to get more involved in the Syria mess. And how Isis challenges the pope. Isis knows their good old days with Americans bombing empty buildings are over. Russia is bombing Isis for real.

Abu is the new ultimate bad guy, we always need a villian.

Abu is the new ultimate bad guy of ISIS emerges, see CNN specials about a woman raped by the new Isis leader. All of these scripted Ultimate Bad Guys who the Good Guys must remove in the name of peace are the ones who control the media. They are psychopaths who want to go to war for profit. Congress and the Fake media push this so that the budgets for military defense can reach new heights. 

But the U.S. bombs were dropping on the Syrian military, which was fighting for Assad. The Benghazi scandal is fresh in our minds (lying Hilary Clinton). This Benghazi scandal was a CIA operation delivering weapons to the Rebels (ISIS) in Syria. We can name them former Al Qaeda fighters who transferred to Rebels to end up in ISIS! The U.S gives them weapons and air support to dethrone Assad.

During one year, we can see the freak show unfold. Propaganda beheading photos, special reports by BBC and CNN. “Why is it so necessary to get rid of Assad?” This anti-Assad propaganda and Allies bombing leads to an Exodus of Muslim refugees from the region who flood into Europe, already housing 50 million Muslims. Pushkin is right on the number in his tweet: Here are some disturbing facts of proof why the U.S is lying through their teeth!

Another Master Move Of Putin!

This video has been removed because it does not fit the narrative (youtube police)

Putin Just Brought The ROTHSCHILDS WORLD SYSTEM to Their Knees.

What the Fuck is Wrong with The American Military Commanders?

Here comes the most advanced nation on the planet – The U.S – with the most sophisticated High weaponry. Nuclear Submarines are invincible for Radar, Bombers, and fighter planes invincible for Radar. They have Clocking devices, laser Guided Bombs, None Lethal Weaponry. That’s what we know of. Yet, during the 13 Months the U.S has been Bombing Syria, they cannot get rid of a group of bearded Isis buffoons.

1. Why is a rebel group like Isis making progress instead of losing ground after the U.S. started its bombing campaign?

Because ISIS is a CIA asset and is used deliberately to destabilize the region, the U.S trains ISIS and supplies their weapons to fight the so-called Evil Assad regime. How difficult is it to use humans with no I.Q. who think they are God’s warriors ( The Islamic Religion Insane)? Just give them weapons and money, and there is a “revolution” rebel army. 

Muslims killing Muslims. Allahu Akbar.

2. I got sick of the bullshit propaganda – the U.S. went so far that they bombed empty buildings and complained later on that the ISIS fighters had already left like they got a phone call (they did)!

This video footage of bombs hitting empty buildings has been removed, as it does not fit the narrative

This one I found on Dailymotion.

U.S. Caught Bombing ‘Empty Buildings’ in Airstrikes on ISIS in Syria!

3. The white Toyota trucks in huge lines, sometimes hundreds in a row, driving through a flat desert with no mountains. Jihadists who wave flags and Kalashnikovs and wear black outfits all screaming Allahu Akbar. Mostly photographed and reported by the SHOR (I will get into this “humanitarian” activist later). How are spy satellites these days? You can see a mouse on the rooftop of a hut in Timbuktu!

This video is no longer available as it does not fit the narrative

Toyota Proud Sponsor of ISIS?

4. Videos of Isis with the same director were 7 foot Isis phantom’s marching on a beach with prisoners, always the prisoners in Orange and ISIS in black uniforms. Isis uses Cages to drawn prisoners and set them on fire, Jihad John the be-header, and the list goes on.

This video is no longer available as it is not good for the narrative, I found this one on DailyMotion.

ISIS beheading video in Libya? Experts say the video is fake.

Here comes Putin; he actually starts bombing these bunch of savages Rebels former Al Qaeda/ ISIS scum. Within one week, reports started emerging regarding Isis having heavy losses and feeling that the country is being deserted, like cockroaches. 

Immediately the propaganda starts, images emerge in Mass Media after the first Russian bombarded, that civilians and rebels were targeted. The images were propaganda, and it was easy to prove by the Russians that it was propaganda and fake. As the footage was already broadcasted before the first Russian bombardment even started, they ( Media Manipulators) just could not wait! 

Surely the problem with bombing countries will cause many innocent victims. How embarrassing that a few days after the U.S. and the West blamed Russia for not targeting ISIS, the U.S. bombs an Afghan hospital into oblivion. The hospital located in Afghanistan’s Kunduz stood no chance. Innocent victims literally burned to death in their hospital beds. So far, 22 deaths have been reported and many more wounded, Oeeeepsss.

This video is no longer available as it does not fit the narrative

Us Bombs Hospital Calls It ‘Collateral Damage’ Putin Spills The Beans On Who Creates Terrorists

Then there are the Saudis who “accidentally” bomb a wedding in Yemen. The bride and 40 family members and another 80 guests got fried by a wedding present from a Saudi bomber pilot ( who maybe got rewarded with a Bentley car by some Sheick), Oeppppsss sorry.

Yemen Wedding Attack: Death Toll Rises to 130

Putin Knows who to Bomb!

Putin knows it should not be too difficult to really target most Islamic retards back to the stone age. But why would the U.S. deliberately not battle ISIS? Simple, the U.S. planned to destabilize the region. Their Allies are ISIS (controlled Asset), who they supplied with weapons and a target, namely Assad. 

Putin also knows that Russia will be back in the international limelight as the country that defeated ISIS. Putin knows that there is a bunch of Muslims in Russia and especially around the borders, such as Chechen, which he knows is a breeding place of fundamentalist Islam Extremist. 

The amounts of refugees are taking apocalyptic proportions. According to the latest information, a total of 60 million people are displaced directly and indirectly because of War in the Middle East and the poor living conditions. If the West claims that Rebels are bombed by Russia and not ISIS is completely irrelevant. It was the Rebels who received weaponry from the U.S., and as always, they turned into a bunch of wild raping and murdering savages joining ISIS. So Putin, drop your bombs. The whole place is infected with diseased people, not even worth the name human.

Smear Campaign by Mass Media About Russia!

 Russia Bombing For Real, ISIS Getting Pounded!

According to the latest reports of the Russian Defense Ministry Quote, “they said they conducted 60 bombing runs in 72 hours, hitting more than 50 ISIS targets ( just follow the WHITE TOYOTA TRUCKS BY SATELLITE). More than 600 have deserted.”

ISIS fighters are panicking, dying like flies, countries are angry at Russia because of what? Great job, this is what everybody was waiting for. Well, Turkey has their own agenda in airstrikes, but they dropped bombs on Kurds. Saudi’s just drop bombs on everything living in Syria, including weddings. They all don’t like Putin to step in as he actually could make such a difference that Assad is coming back to power, and it would bring stability. 

Assad is a cat with many lives. This guy had the U.S backing Rebels and had Isis fight with his Syrian Army. He had over 100.000 lunatics from all over the world join ISIS to fight his Assad regime. He had Syrian Rebels, Turks, Kurds, Saudi’s all after his ass, and in 4 years, Assad is still there. 

Now backed with Iran and Russia, he actually stands a very good chance to remain in power. And that is astonishing considering the forces he has been fighting with his loyal military followers for the last four years!

Multi-Media shows Obama with a poodle dog on his arm and Putin photographed with a leopard, Isis there is a new sheriff in town, and his name is Putin!


Amanpour is regularly on CNN bombarding other state officials with what they think that Assad should stay in power after killing 100.000 people (always a round figure, miracle tally devices used). In the 13 months that America is bombarding, now Amanpour claims Assad killed 250.000 people. Her sources always have great round figures. 

Read my blog about Amanpour’s CNN documentary, the King of Bulgaria who saved 50.000 Jews ( Jew saving round figure, just a coincidence). 

In that blog, I expose the Jewish writer, publisher, author, and royalty maker for not being quite accurate with his information, to say it mildly.

Bas Boon blog exposing CNN Amanpour Bulshit Propaganda Documentary.

The King of Bulgaria saves “50.000 Jews” + Bad Nazi’s movie propaganda, RoyalHeilness.

One of the most significant sources of CNN and Mass Media is the London based SOHR (Syrian Observatory For Human Rights).


THE SOHR owner is a one-person Assad hater who lives in an attic above a clothing shop in London. I reported in another blog about this clown who claims he has 150 volunteers working in Syria. Unfortunately, you can often find his propaganda on the front page and in news reports on CNN, BBC, and other Mass Media.

I give you two examples of how retarded reports from this one-person activist really are, which appeared in the Mass Media.

Isis cannot find recruits! Quote from the Bas Boon Blog:

The Telegraph Newspaper report says only 54 recruits for ISIS in the last month (it then says these numbers are probably not accurate, no kidding?) But the human rights organization does report that it knows directly after the rise of the caliphate, the number of recruits was 6300.

The Syrian human rights observation website says the following: Quote” The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is not associated or linked to any political body. Rami starts the SOHR in May of 2006.” The United Kingdom-based SOHR has its offices run out of two-bedroom apartments, and the staff and owner is one person, Rami Abdulrahman. He is a Syrian Sunni Muslim who also runs a clothing shop. CNN, Reuters, BBC, Voice of Africa use SOHR many times as their source.

Interview with Rami Abdulrahman from SOHR

In an interview with Rami Abdulrahman in 2011, he reports having a network of 200 volunteers in Syria. The reports say Isis and Syrian troops killed six of his sources. If Jihadist killed six of his sources in 2011 and the average loss of lives within his human rights organization volunteers would be six per year, he should have about 150 volunteers left. 

Suitable for this organization. Those 150 SOHR members never got caught. It is one of them who reports victims being captured in a cage being burned alive. Great work from the SOHR ground correspondents. We should not forget that these 150 volunteers are all spread out near the borders of Syria and all airports. The SOHR correspondents own an electronic tally device and a paper with questions for the recruits of Isis.

Volunteers Risk Their Life For Reporting From Syria to SOHR.

Along the thousands of kilometer border of Syria, the 150 volunteers of SOHR are stationed at strategic secret border crossings with pamphlets with multiple-choice questions they hand out to illegal potential Isis “warriors” entering Syria:

Pamphlet information to fill in by illegal people crossing the border into Syria Question 1:

Are you an Islamic terrorist of any kind? answer:

 A, Yes

 B, Sleeper

 C, No

 D, I Don’t know yet.

So far, they have only received 56 papers with the answer A – signed by recruits.

Exclusive: Man who runs SOHR admits to RT he last visited Syria 15 years ago.

We notice that SOHR also has connections to the database of all the names of the inhabitants in Syria. It has excellent relationships with all the secret services. These are busy times in the two-bedroom office in London for Rami Abdulrahman. The report in the Dutch newspaper continues that in the northeast of Syria, Isis captured 56 Assyrian Christians (if Christians) and kidnapped them to the town of Hassaka. 

The number 56 could be much higher as we know that the tally device used by informants for SOHR is malfunctioning many times. They used them so much to count terrorists and kidnapped Christians.

Christian Kidnapping numbers go from 56 to 90

One day later in the Dutch Telegraph newspaper: They do not kidnap 56 Christians but 90 ( problem with volunteers Tally devices, I guess)

The correct number was not 56, but 90 Christians from Syria being kidnapped by Isis and brought to Hassaka. Unfortunately, the reporter for SOHR could not inform us of how the hostages were doing. But they know all the kidnapped are Christians. There is no information on how the SOHR correspondents know this. Maybe the Christians wear a yellow patch on their clothing or were abducted from the local church?

SOHR is not the only activist which the Mass Media quotes. Here is another hilarious Mass Media report “Activist” Isis holds 150 Christians hostages and will threaten to kill them.

Isis and Fake Media gives some “legitimacy and attention to the SOHR Human Rights groups, works great for future references.

Another Human Rights Group comes with new tally devices.

February 25th CNN reports on 150 Christians being captured by Isis. Source: Osama Edward, founder of the Assyrian Human Rights Network, please do not be confused by SOHR from Rami Abdulrahman (London 2 BEDROOM activist). This group is not the same human rights group. We should consider ourselves lucky that CNN has these connections with several human rights groups and that Osama Edward had his “people” in the area where the Christians are kidnapped. 

Osama Edward supplied his correspondents with brand new tally devices, so we went from 56 to 90 to 150 kidnapped Christians in less than two days. Many women and children are amongst the captured Christians, but the tally devices do not specify this. They count one arrested human being as a click, and the human rights activist on the ground often does not have time to work with multiple tellers to separate clicks for women and children. 

Edward reports he has family members in the area. Still, it is not clear if they are among the captured Christians. This “infiltration” could be a massive undercover operation if his family members could report from inside their prison place on how Isis treats the hostages.

The church and human rights group fuel the conflict.

The church sponsors most human rights groups and with the support of donations from the public. They often help victims in troubled territories. Often with food in one hand and the bible in the other. Hey, you do believe in the hand that feeds you don’t you?

Has anybody asked themselves why these 150 volunteers are always present at the right spot at the right time? Do they also identify who is Christian, a Kurdish fighter, Turkish fighter, Rebel, Isis fighter, or Assad military? Can they report on the Iranian fighters, Russian fighters, Sunnis, and Shiites, yes or no? Maybe write at the same time what religion they follow. But most of all, they have great tally devices, the experts from Rami Abdulrahman. 

These volunteers are the true heroes. They stay in Syria while half of the population flees the country. And they report from the frontlines to Rami from SOHR in London. What Rami does not like does not appear on his website. Rami edits and is the final editor. The fact he hates the Assad regime would not show in his objective news reports, would it?

Donald Trump, We would be better off with Gaddafi and Saddam.


Why does Sharia Islamic law allow such brutal punishments? Why does Saudi Arabia not take “refugees”? Right, answer: because those leaders know their people. Yes, the US removed dictators like Gadhafi, Saddam and is now removing Assad (I mean ISIS ). But the truth is those nations, and many of their inhabitants, need to live with such dictators who, with intimidations, cruelties (sharia law or brutalities) trying to contain the groups of delusional psychopaths in their countries. 

Destabilize the country is relatively easy. The US uses the CIA and Blackwater groups to train the “rebels” and shout Allah Akhbar with them and provide weapons and training. 

Guaranteed success in the upraise for a regime overthrow. There is an endless flow of Islamic lunatics who need to plunge any progress and freedom back into the stone age. 

This uprise fabrication is an essential fact before blaming the West, which is correct as far as the destabilization goes. The religious community them-self mostly does the slaughtering. For destabilizing the region, you still need to brainwash an armada of lunatics to do the slaughtering in the name of Allah.

This YouTube video is removed about Shariah law, to violent does not fit the narrative

Shariah Law – Islamic Justice – Pure Evil.

Unfortunately, there are enough bearded buffoons who have personal daily dialogues with Allah. The invincible man in the sky always confirms they have to slaughter the infidel and none believers and wrong followers of the Quran teachings. 

More disturbing is that history shows they slaughtered 280 million people under the banner of Islam. Only the plague (Black Death) came to rescue and stopped the Islamic invasion in the whole of Europe.

Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr. Bill Warner

Christian Leaders such as left-wing communist-socialist Angela Merkel involve her decision from God. He sends the refugees, and it is Germany’s task and duty to obey these divine signs?

Then there are the working class and people who live and build European countries. They paid Taxes. See their pension age time move up to 70, work as a slave till your practical death. In the meantime, we tax the shit out of you to provide Halal meat, housing, free transportation, Mosques, and other facilities to the “poor” refugees and asylum seekers. Those who speak a different language do not assimilate, pray the whole day to the invincible man in the SKY, complain about every fart, and oppose their will and laws upon the new country that is politically correct and social.

Did Merkel just “read out Germany’s suicide note”?

What does Merkel think after you invite a million refugees to Germany? Now she is asking for border control trying to contain the avalanche of refugees because of her international advertisement. Brussels forces European nations to take refugees because of Socialist Christen Communist Merkel. Thanks so much. Meanwhile, secret services in Europe are reporting they can’t keep up with the rise of radicals. It’s growing out of proportions, no kidding, what a surprise?

Another YouTube account terminated as the content is not good for the narrative police.

Muslim Refugee Chaos Cover UP By Mass Media

Don’t worry, YouTube removed the video, narrative issues, so now it just never happened, good day

Czech doctor in Germany I go back to my home country, work with Muslim Migrants Impossible, Aids, HIV, Syphilis, TBC.


Muslim Problems, Arab False Flag, How To Solve This?


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