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Refugee Crisis by CNN and BBC, Muslim vs. The West! This blog gives you some great insights into why BBC, CNN, and many other so-called News outlets are Fake News.

The CNN version is distorted.

Chaos on the borders of Hungary, Serbia, and Croatia. Hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants are storming the barricades. Following the crisis on TV, I am watching CNN and the BBC. The broadcasting confirms a carefully orchestrated plan to speed up the third world war between Muslims and the West.

CNN version of the Hungarian border incident: CNN reporter: the refugees thought the border was open again, but it was not. Hungarian police sprays tear gas at women and children.

Merkel attacks the minister of Hungary, her defense minister, and many other European countries that this is not the way to treat refugees.

Version from Hungarian minister

A different camera angle, different angle footage not shown in the mass media. Violent “refugees” throw stones, demolish the fence, and storm forward kicking and screaming. 

When they partly demolish the Hungarian fence, and the safety of Hungarian law enforcement is at stake, they sporadically spray with tear gas. Response of the “refugees” throw children and a few women to the front into the tear gas. Then guide them back to find BBC and CNN camera crew.

Amanpour CNN version: 

In her highlight reel on CNN of the Hungarian border patrol chaos, you see a woman and a child about nine years old walking towards the camera screaming and crying hysterically. This scene is repeated almost on an hourly basis.

Version from another camera angle

“Refugees” guide the screaming mother and child to the sections where the journalist are waiting with cameras. The child stopped crying and looked like her mother if she did a good job. Then she turns her head, looks at the camera, and starts screaming and crying again. This scene is cut out of the promo in the Amanpour CNN version.

CNN version: You can see a Refugee Woman with a child. Somebody is pushing her while a Hungarian police officer assaults her.

Version from the whole incident from another camera 

A crazy Muslim man grabs the woman and child and forces them down to the rail track. The Hungarian police are trying to separate him from the woman and the child.

CNN version of female camera woman tackling a running father refugee with a child on his arm. World Wide in the Media for weeks, front page everywhere. Later, the camera woman gets fired. The refugee man becomes a media hero and gets a job from the government of Spain. A great example of refugee success. A message is sent again to the world of the poor come and migrating to our countries.

The planned migration and bombing campaign on Syria!

The truth is that the whole tackling incident stinks. First of all, why does this incident become worldwide media hype? Why is the media following the father to Spain? If a camera person tackles me, I would stay the fuck away from the press if I was a refugee after that incident. 

Two camera people “accidentally” film this refugee when somebody tackles him. Why did they single him out? All this while masses of refugees run from the police in an open field? 

Both cameraman and woman film this refugee while the woman steps forward, the man trips. Or did she think, wow, a dangerous criminal man with a child in his arms, let’s help the police, the bastard? Think here for a minute. The whole thing smells fishy. 

We know the media is manipulating events like the dead boy that drowned. 

The journalist moved a dead, drowned refugee baby from where he was initially found. Then they move the body and change his position to the perfect spot for the dramatic picture. That pictures you can see on all front pages of most major newspapers. You can see this picture in the media a few days before many countries voted to bomb Assad. 

I mean, Isis, this picture changed public opinion just as planned. Around the same time, they raped a 7-year-old girl in Germany, but there was media silence. There are brutal mass fights and rape cases throughout the refugee camps. 

There are Isis sympathizers and members among the refugees. They even catch an Isis operator with 10.000 fake Syrian passports. In a train station in Croatia, it’s raining stones. Afghans and Syrians had mass fights and stone-throwing contests on Croatia’s streets and villages/towns. 

If you highlight the negative press about the followers of the religion of Peace, public opinion might change a “little” who knows? The camerawoman got fired, but they should give her an award as later it turned out that the man she tackled had terrorist flags on his website!

German Media is silent about rape victims by migrants!

BBC using 2/3 baby and woman pictures for Migrants Crisis ( some photo-shopped) sick propaganda!

Meanwhile, the Fake News shows how the bad Hungarian government is treating the refugees. The top story is none of the above, but Hungarian police did not guide a train with 1000 refugees. The poor refugees get the run-around, and Hungarians and Croatians blame each other on CNN.

The British BBC is pushing the same agenda. Every picture we see in the media they pick carefully. They instruct journalists to find women and children. They target children and tiny infants for the perfect shot to illustrate the guilt to the West, live drama reality TV. 

The media manipulation gets so bad that the Photoshop division from the BBC portrayed a crawling baby (looks Irish). The baby crawls on his knees in front of a massive squadron of riot police officers. Look, mommy says the crawling toddler in baby mumble language, I am trying to find tear gas grenades. You want me to throw them back if I find the tear gas grenades, mommy? 

Hollywood can not even come up with this as it’s so over the top it makes former Hitler’s propaganda minister Goebbels look like a saint. 

See the picture in the link below. It’s hilarious).

BBC: Croatia’ forces’ migrants on Hungary

Bas Boon Says BBC propaganda Pulitzer price material

Will this “picture” get a prize?

CNN’s Amanpour documentary is about a Syrian woman who meets her husband during the Assad regime. Still, they are thrown into prison back and forward because Assad is an evil man. The Syrian people are so brave in the documentary, with some of them going back to the mad regime of Assad time after time. 

They beat people constantly and you hear screams from torture. Assad is the new modern-day Hitler, and he is evil. Senator Kerry even claims on CNN that Assad is so bad; it’s because of him the country attracts religious lunatics from all over the globe fighting in his country? 

WTF, I mean, the US goes into Iraq for a “peace” bombing mission to take out Saddam. Somebody decided that on a bogus accusation of WMDs. The US must remove Saddam and Saddam’s Baath party, which is what started that mess. 

Regime change happened before.

A similar situation occurred when the US took out Gaddafi in Libya. You think that you will learn from these historical events which go wrong. It proves that apparently, some societies need some dictators. 

Those countries are much better off with Saddam and Gaddafi in charge. Surely the Sunnis and Shiites will slaughter each other as they have been doing since the death of Mohammed. And that has nothing to do with the West. 

Maybe the media can show us the plan when they capture or kill Assad? What will happen when they remove Assad to defeat Isis and flatten Syria?

Refugee Clash: Syrians and Afghans throw rocks at each other at the Croatian border

Removed by YouTube link has narrative issues

Migrants Fight In Croatia Town

Welcome to the Jungle, a recipe for disaster in Syria!

Ten nations are bombing Syria for Peace! Bombing for Peace. Soon we can watch live WW3 on our TVs, EUROPE, US, UK, vs. another side IRAN RUSSIA, ASSAD all to protect Syria, fighting Assad, I mean Isis. 

It also involves Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and Kurds to make the circus complete! The US demands Russians to stay out of the conflict. Only the US and allies determine who gets bombs for (Peace) and who they will remove from power! 

I suggest a TV audience to the warmongering psychopath nations and fighting religious groups in Syria. Create a different color Mohawk for every group who is doing some slaughtering for Peace in Syria. So we can gamble on which group will win. At the same time, eating popcorn and drinking cola, watching the spectacle unfold on an 84 inch TV live satellite feed! 

The ten “mature’ nations can then blame Assad and Isis for the coming world war. They only wanted Peace by bombing! The Japanese are no longer pacifist and announced and voted to join the allied forces for overseas military operations. Excellent timing from Japan, just what the world needs. But you can’t blame the Japanese as they are sandwiched between North Korea and China.

North Korea responds that the Japanese announcement is a significant threat and justifies its military buildup. All on top of all the warmongering other nations who are creating a recipe for disaster. War is coming, and it’s going to be more ugly than ever before and better documented than ever before, welcome to the freak show.

GEORGE CARLIN “The Planet is Fine. The People are Fucked”

Bombing dictators and Isis for Peace?

Cherry-picking dictators and other bad guys are excuses for the US program to destabilize the region, build up military presence, and creates Europe to be flooded with Muslim migrants. In the meantime, Nigeria’s Islamic Boko Haram gang is raping and killing Christians and others who oppose their radical view of Islam. No harassment from allies, peace bombers threatening their execution continue mass killings and rape.

Twitter: Twitter @basboon007 @PrisonPlanet Maybe the socialists should also import half of Nigeria. They got a monthly 9/11 and no coalition of peace bombers just slaughter

North Korea is threatening the US daily, but no US or coalition bombers are in action. Saudi Arabia had publicly convicted beheading a man and crucifix him for his participation in an anti-government demonstration when he was 17. 

Fifteen hijackers of 9/11 were Saudis who spread Wahhabism-sponsored terrorism. Saudi’s bombing Syria as well. They have a refugee tent camp with air-conditioning for 3 million refugees. I do not think they take one refugee. The Saudis have Syrians in Saudi Arabia only on a work permit for cheap slave work. 

The rich oil nations have other things to do, like a recent incident. Some Sheikh with a yellow Ferrari conducting illegal street races with his buddies in the streets of a quiet suburban neighborhood in California. 

He does not give a crap as he has diplomatic immunity. He tells a journalist who films part of the illegal street race: I can have you killed and get away with it. Fuck America, and the Sheik throws a cigarette at the journalist. Kids in the neighborhood are deathly scared, but the US and the Gulf Arabs are Allies.

Sheikh pulling a fast and furious In suburb California neighborhood

Twitter @basboon007 Qatari Sheik having fun participating in illegal car races in a peaceful neighborhood, FUCK USA

17 September 2015 UK: Qatari Sheik ‘who owns London’ accused of kidnapping and torturing British manure.

The decision to hand Bahraini Prince immunity over torture accusations is reversed.

Refugee Tax for Sheikhs and Arab Nations!

These Arab nations are supposed to be our allies. Instead, many of them raised themselves as living Gods above other humans and refused to take one refugee, but they offered to help. Saudi Arabia built 30 Mosques in Germany, and a Sheikh from Saudi Arabia wanted to reward fighter pilots with a Bentley for dropping bombs on Syria and Yemen.

They must seize all the assets of these types (claiming diplomatic immunity, threatening, violence, torture). Take it all away of sick delusion psychopath Arabs who made their incredible fortune by selling oil to the West. Instead of helping fellow Muslims, these types of inbreeding spit on their so-called brothers and anything else.

“Popular” solution. Tax them all, especially the religious groups, and use their praying gathering facilities for the homeless.

Tax the shit out of them and let them pay for the refugee problem and pay for the housing of these refugees in their territory. Another solution I would welcome is that all Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues (religious buildings) are rebuilding as homeless shelters. There is no need to gather many people who lose all sense of reality.

Like Soccer Hooligans on a rampage on alcohol and booze, stop the madness! Religion should be practiced in your own home, no more religious freedom in public. No more broadcasting of the religion of Peace, Peace TV, and other religion promoters raping world peace. They have to find another profession. No more pope guy running around in white claiming he is holy and pleasing, spreading bullshit.

Let’s start thinking for ourselves. No divine help is needed.

Advantages of publicly banning religion, practice at home!

Advantages of these measurements. There will be no more attacks and burning down of religious buildings. 

They finally use the buildings for something good. No more religious clothing should be allowed in public. At home, you can put your garbage back over your head and wear your black robe! No more charity hidings, exemption from taxes, and rape of countless boys and girls by “holy” penises. No more Church bells on the only free day early morning for the working people. There is no more sound out of mosques with a terrible howling retard screaming for people to pray through giant microphones.

The ultimate a-social behavior and disturbance of the little Peace left on the one day the majority does not work. Islamic organizations and Islamic or Christian humanitarian groups must cease to exist. We humans can solve disasters together with help from each other instead of God. Similar to our response to all the disasters from the past.

A real good God does not need worship and ego killings. 

The pope should sell all the possessions of the Vatican and buy some islands to house a few million refugees. Instead of hugging a Philippine boy with hepatitis and speak words of comfort, leaving the boy to die. Surely less time spent in public practicing religion is creating more creativity for productive reality start-up projects. These projects actually could make a better living instead of asking the invincible man in the sky year after year!

Muslims would rather die of thirst than drink from a plastic bottle with a red cross, absurd!

This video has been removed because it does not fit the narrative

Muslim Refugees Reject Food Due to Red Cross Symbol

Fifty million Muslims in Europe, 80% on welfare!

The majority of European citizens try to survive on 20 K per year.

Meanwhile, more than 70% of Europeans do not make more than 20K per year, and each Muslim asylum seeker bears the cost of 37K per year. This is according to Dutch politician Geert Wilders in the Netherlands.

This amount of 37 K is because every asylum seeker needs personal guidance from a left-wing socialist worker. The social justice warrior group who a decade after decade, fails to assimilate the “poor” asylum seekers. Eighty percent of Muslims are on welfare in Europe. If you took the cost of interest for 40 million Muslims times the last decades, you would get a trillion + dollars. 

Professional victims are a rising fasting group.

So for the professional victims from the religion of Peace who blame the imperial West for everything. You have sucked all the colonial money and more out of the West and decreased the standard of living. We went to a 500-year bloody war to separate church and state, and it’s all going down the toilet because of Islam.

When you are a Muslim, study this and remember the cost of living is much more expensive than where you came from.

The account of this YouTube link was terminated; narrative issues

Islam is taking over Europe! Sharia Law soon be in Europe!

Ahmed, the clockmaker, is pushing the #Islamophobia agenda!

Meantime millions of Muslims from the war-affected territories are flooding into Europe, which already has 50 million Muslims.

Little Ahmed, the “clock” maker, is top of the list of Muslim propaganda.

I can’t believe this bias has been in the worldwide media for weeks, it’s entirely out of proportions, and it reeks like a hoax. The police arrest Ahmed, the 14-year-old boy because he made a clock for a school project, is the headline. 

The “bomb” clock maker’s name is Ahmed Mohamed. The panic comes because of his homemade bomb clock. But the teacher gets the blame for the “falsely” arrest of Ahmed. The media building the image they arrest poor little Ahmed because he is a Muslim. 

Indeed I am not the only truth seeker who can smell a hoax. Ahmed bought a fake clock and built it in a suitcase. The story is more bizarre according to the official school and police reports which are not broadcast-ed in the worldwide media. Ahmed says nothing when the security asks what the suitcase device is. I mean, a Muslim was going to school with a suitcase. In the briefcase, a device with wires and the machine makes ticking sounds. 

Ahmed’s suitcase bomb comes right out of a Kiefer Sutherland 24 episode.

This looks more like a bomb out of a Mission Impossible movie or the TV series 24 with Kiefer Sutherland. As always, when it smells fishy, it is debatable. It turns out that Ahmed’s father has been looking for publicity in US history. Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed has a history of supremacist stunts. 

His father is a media Horny Muslim propagandist spreading and defending the message of Islam. Read here the article of Pamela Geller about the background of the father of little Ahmed, not to be mentioned in the mass media.

I don’t think you should blame me for this; I am politically correct.

Father of Muslim bomb hoax clocks was Qur’an’s defense attorney against Terry Jones in mock trial

Obama invites this kid to show his clock. Yes, Obama sends a tweet if little Ahmed would like to come and show his watch. Imagine you are looking now at the series 24 with Kiefer Sutherland, and the whole thing is a setup to bring a bomb into the white house. 

Little Ahmed would visit Obama with his suitcase clock, but this time he brought the natural thing to Obama, BANG! The result of the poor “falsely” arrested Muslim kid is that the US Media has gone wild. Ahmed gets an invitation from to the white house, says headlines. 

Obama and Zuckerberg send Ahmed an invitation, and the father gets an orgasm.

Zuckerberg from Facebook sends little Ahmed an invitation to visit Google, and the list continues. What a fucking obsession with being politically correct. It’s absurd, especially when you know the details of this sick joke. It is a set up to import more Muslims and promote Islam in the US and Europe with exceptional help from the Obama administration. 

Everywhere in the world, fucking bombs go off, and there is war. It involves Muslim extremists and Islamic terrorist attacks by extreme Muslims. My home has been in Thailand for years, and recently a Muslim blew up 22 people in Bangkok. You had that Reed guy with a bomb in his shoe called the shoe bomber almost blew up a plane. Every day in the news, you can see Islamic suicide bombers and bombing attacks by Islamists.

Twitter @basboon007 Mohammed studies engineering to blow up Jews. He is younger than Ahmed, the “clock” maker. Why do they call people Islamophobes? Pictures

Twitter @basboon007 Don’t bring a miniature toy gun to school. As a Muslim, you can purposely design a “clock” bomb and make it easily seen as a bomb..walk away from the whole hype as a hero?

Twitter “Allahu Akbar” -> Ahmed Mohamed (2nd from left) & Alia Salem (right), Exec Director of terrorist organization CAIR!

Look, it’s an apple!

In the meantime, in the US, Obama appoints an openly gay male person to be part of a military division. And invites little Ahmed, and people wonder why Obama raises questions of him being a Muslim himself and ruining the US? 

The Donald gets attacks for the issue, not replying to a reporter asking about Obama being a Muslim. Bam, in the media, guaranteed success for days. Your picture on the front page it’s an international sickness: islamophobia is utter bullshit.

Twitter @basboon007 @realDonaldTrump great timing, no controversy but great strategy. 

Apprentice-style it created at least 3hours of The Donald on CNN. Well done!

Imagine a Muslim kid with a suitcase, and inside there are wires, and I hear ticking noises. The kid said nothing when people asked questions to identify his suitcase device. He acts strangely. I would run and inform the authorities or try to be a hero and neutralize the threat, possibly hurting little Ahmed. Better safe than sorry!

Twitter @4TheJerseyKid: @SonofLiberty357 Come to find out, Ahmed’s daddy is-a known Muslim Twitter activist and provocateur. So, they’ll sue to pay for the lad to go to MIT.

@EagleRaptor22: @LeahR77 @_Ash_Bell__ Father of Muslim bomb hoax clocks was 2-time Sudanese presidential candidate: Coincidence?

This imagine what I think a clock looks like a picture two clock 9/11 is a coincidence.

Bas Boon Says Ahmed suitcase # clock.

 Ahmed “Clock” made in 20 seconds!

Islam a totalitarian system!

Islam is a totalitarian system. It’s not a religion. That is just part of it. It’s a total system, including banking and Islamic political systems (sharia law). It is unthinkable that with decades of failed assimilation of Muslims in Europe, a person like Merkel keeps inviting Muslims. She represents the majority Christian party which is leading Germany. I have been thinking about this lately, and it makes sense. Christians can’t play down faith as it will scrutinize their worshipping of the invincible man in the sky. 

Merkel advertises to the world that Germany will take another 1 million Muslims on top of the official 11 million Germany already has. That is not included the illegal Muslims staying in Germany. Christians and Muslims have been fighting for centuries. There is a failed assimilation of the most significant part of the Muslims, so why do this? This does not make sense? 

Left-Wing Socialists are ruining Europe and other parts of the world.

It will only make sense if the left-wing socialists are guided and ordered to create a shit storm of violence and rape victims throughout Europe. This is done deliberately to create chaos and steer Europe into a civil war.

The Christians changed the old testament to the new testament, and the catholic church had a leader like the pope. Muslims have the Quran. It’s outdated old and misinterpreted. The recipe for violence for delusional testosterone high, egocentric freaks with a personality disorder who create a society of suicide bombers and psychopaths.

This video has been removed as it does not fit the narrative of well you know who:

Children on Hamas TV: We want to become an engineer to blow up the Jews, don’t react now as an #islamophobe.

The birth rate of Muslims is promoted by Islam, not for family purposes!

The biggest problem is the Muslim birth rate which is 8,3 while the West has only 1.3%. How can you produce so many children in war territories with no future for work, and you have problems already feeding yourself? 

Now, some European welfare states will give them a different life. Europe takes care of the Muslim’s breeding habits. For those people, I recommend watching this Syrian man youtube video about the unrealistic expectations of refugees if they come to Sweden.

The Syrian Refugee who says: Don’t come to Sweden or think very carefully about it!

Bas Boon says. Why we are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret by Dr. Bill Warner

Quote answer from political Forum: ISLAM: #THE RELIGION OF PEACE

The Jews of Medina who killed them?

Coptic Egypt lands and killed millions of Copts to become the Arab majority; who invaded them?

Iraq, which was Assyrian Christian, Muslims killed millions to become Arab majority, who invaded them?

In Syria, they killed Syriac Orthodox to become the Arab majority; who invaded them?

The invasion of Constantinople wiped out millions of native Byzantines to become the Turkish majority; who were the invaders?

There was a person named Timur Lung who killed 20 million Christians, Buddhists, and Shias; who was he?

The invasion of Persia through the sword and killed millions to convert Zoroastrians to Sunni Islam, who did that?

The reconquering of Sunni Persia and killing of millions to convert them to Shia Islam, who did that?

Afghanistan was invaded and many were killed and drove out the Buddhists, who did that?

Tens of millions of Hindus and Sikhs are killed in Jihadi Wars, Genocidal massacres, and enslavements in the Indian Subcontinent.

The people of Africa, Europe, and Central China were enslaved by who and who practiced sex slavery with their women in harems?

The list continues:

Are the barbarians hired to attack Western Europe and abduct European women? Who shot and enslaved American women in the Barbary War?

Which group of people led the Christian Holocaust of millions of Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians in WW1?

Some group of people besieged and raided Italy, Spain, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania to the gates of Vienna?

They killed millions of Shias in the Iran-Iraq war; who did that?

India was invaded by who in the 1960s?

Somebody killed three million Bengalis in 1971. Who did that?

Somebody killed 1 million in East Timor during the Indonesian occupation. Who did that?

Two million Sudanese Christians are killed. Who did that?

And who commits terrorism in Russia, China, India, the Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, the Western world, and the Middle East?

And btw who is committing the genocide of Yazidis? ISLAM ISLAM ISLAM, don’t be an #islamophobe now……

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