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The Death of God and Religion by Social Media and Communication.

The Death of God and Religion by Social Media and Communication.

Have we ever wondered why religion is on the decline and why extremist are on the rise?
I have been doing some research and there is a very simple logic explanation:
The answer to this questions is common sense, logic, education and the alternative media.
In the book titled “were the gods cosmonauts” by Erich Von Daniken he describes two incidents which happened about 70 years ago. The first incident took place in the Brazilian rain forest where two scientists needed to land their small plane in the middle of the jungle. When they succeeded in bringing the plane to an emergency landing they encountered an Indian Brazilian tribe which had never seen other humans before. But for them the flying man from the sky in a strange flying machine showing them fire from a device and bringing them gifts must have been the experience of a life time. When the scientists returned after 40 years to the same spot, the local tribe had built a plane out of wood a and all of the tribe members were worshipping the plane (now after 40 years their prayers were answered the “Gods” came back).
The other similar story happened in Japan just after the second world war at one of the remote islands of Japan. One military air base was deserted and when the Americans came back 30 years later they found local island inhabitants running around with papers from one place to another at the old military air base. Every day the inhabitants would repeat running around the same area with some papers in their hands moving this from one place to another. When the Americans asked what the tribe members were doing, they answered they witnessed long time ago this ritual and them some “Gods” would come out of the sky and bring canned food they watched military personal bringing paperwork from one place to another and saw them transport goods from the plane when it arrived at that time..
So what humans do not understand turns pretty fast into the explanation to justify the supernatural / God.

Humans have come a long way and the age of technology has been speeding up the communication between humans. Google translate, Skype translate, instant messenger, Facebook, Google +, Linked Inn, chat boxes, You Tube, mobile smart phones, I-pads the list is endless. What was science fiction just a few years ago becomes reality now:
This is great for the transportation of news and for the communication between people. But there is also a downside for the people who have been in control for ages. These days you have Julian Assange, The Anonymous Group, tons of hackers and whistle blowers and the alternative media. Anybody  can start their own TV Channel on You Tube its Childs play. The corporate media newspaper and TV owners who are bought and paid for by the big corporations are losing territory rapidly. Sure many of us are still getting fooled by the manipulation of false flag operations they even use crisis actors, use blue screen and fake witnesses to try to fool us, like Goebbels and Hitler manipulated the press to get their fellow Germans on their side. The Sandy Hook Hoax school shooting in the US with tons of children dying was big news worldwide, with Pierce Morgan upfront promoting the gun control agenda. Recently we found out that it was a hoax “conspiracies theorist” were right, no children died:

The Vietnam war was based on a lie called the Gulf of Tonkin incident.
Now religion is having problems because of the speed of information and the new discoveries by scientist. I would not go to the Darwin evolution debate now which I had with religious people. But the plague ( Black Death/ Spanish flu virus)  was a punishment from God in those days ( easy scare tactics by scam artist Priests spreading fear to win souls for the church and of course personal gain and control). We know now about bacteria and viruses and more and more about the history of the earth. Copernicus discovered we were not on the planet of the Center of the universe and now with the Hubble telescope we know there are billions of Galaxies ( never mentioned in any holy books except in the star wars “stories”).
If you are an Imam or some holy religious person spreading the word of “God” and trying these old stories of plague to do some soul winning, those religious people will find it harder and harder to convince people to follow their religion.
The TV series The Bible rules is banned from broadcasting in Malaysia and recently Egypt made a Fatwa against online chatting.

All this is a desperate attempt by extremists to keep their control over other people and their sex slaves. Wonder why ISIS and other extremists do not want you to communicate, listen to music, hate freedom, forbid woman to learn and in Saudi Arabia woman are not even allowed to drive cars? Well now you know the answer and that is also the number one reason why you should die if you would leave the fate. OOH they are so afraid you would leave the cult, that punishment by death is eminent. The extremist ( mentally ill) know if woman are getting educated they could develop a thing called opinions and questions and think for themself. They know if their “kettle” would hear a different opinion or suggestion to live another better live then hiding in a garbage bag, that information could lead to an up rise and disturb their ruling.
Now control over people in the early days you just needed a great speaker and a charismatic person and like Jesus started as one guy and a story writer “he” got over a billion followers. Mohammed also started as one person and fear and stupidity and threats created a lot of followers. In those days protection and fear was an easy way to get a lot of followers rapidly ( our government today still does the same – problem, action, solution ). And of course the almighty God ( who can create universes) of Jesus and Mohammed needed humans to write the bible and Quran, yeah right. You also can see that in extremely poor countries religion will grow like Islam. The pope is struggling to keep up the Trend of modern new followers of the faith, how to allow condoms and gay marriage ( this was unheard of less than 70 years ago). If you are very hungry, wishful thinking is one of the only options, with a good speaker and some good scary stories, the sheep are ready to follow some cult without thinking for themself.
The pope says now they are investigating gay marriage;
It’s the sign of the times we’ve got to give what the majority of people want to stay popular.
Hitler speeches and his propaganda machine created a whole nation of blind followers and the start of the 2nd world war. The more beheadings, sex slaves images, chemical warfare, woman in garbage bags, children with Kalashnikovs, Fatwa’s, Jihad, Holy war, Crusades it’s all taped and recorded and can be seen by everybody through all media available. Now I am not a fan of the Kardashians, but I assume that if a woman in a garbage back looks at the “problems” of the Kardashians on TV she might not believe this happens on this planet, but it sure looks like a better way of living then hiding in a garbage bag in the desert. Then there is fashion TV to be received by satellite every were, CNN Arabic. We find superstars like Justin Bieber thru a YouTube video clip. We find super talented young artist through reality TV shows like the Voice, the history channel the discovery channel etc. If there would be a God who knows everything ( or a damn lot) it would be Mark Zuckerberg. The youngest billionaire that created Facebook has more information from individuals from all nationalities then all intelligent agencies in the world combined and that would make him for sure a modern God today. And when you have a lot of followers and your popular and you seem to know a lot of things some of us still would name that “God”.

Who said an Atheist cannot be God?
Let’s speed things up and instead of cruise missiles and dropping bombs we should drop smartphones on a parachute and have drones with free Wi-Fi in every corner of the world.  I can’t wait!
Love & Peace                                            

(C) Bas Boon

About Bas Boon

”’Bas Boon”’ is the founder and has been the manager of Team Golden Glory since 1999, a network association of mixed martial artists, and kickboxers headquartered in Netherlands and Thailand. He has trained and managed the likes of Alistair Overeem, Semmy Schilt, Sergei Kharitonov. Stefan Leko, Marloes Coenen, Nieky Holzken, Errol Zimmerman, Gokhan Saki and many more… Below is the biography on the Golden Glory website: :“Born and raised in Holland, Bastiaan Simon Boon is one of the most powerful figures in the fight business today. He has been promoting and producing fight events for the past 35 years. Today he is the owner of Golden Glory, the strongest and most feared fight team in the Globe. Currently Mr Boon represents Pride, K1,Dream, UFC and Too Hot To Handle fighters and champions. Something that has never happened before in the industry. Boon is the son of Kasper Boon the noted Professor, Doctor and Engineer. At the age of 17 the young entrepreneur Bas Boon began his first sports oriented company, Nikko Toshogu Sports, a Martial Arts equipment company that became enormously successful and quickly spawned a number of other businesses including Nikko Press, and production company. While still a teenager Boon became the youngest promoter of professional martial arts competitions sponsoring Thai Fighting and Kick Boxing events throughout Europe, promoting and producing more than 300 shows world-wide. As a television producer Boon was responsible for conceiving and creating 22 episodes of the series Oriental Fight Promotions which was broadcast by the Super Channel across Europe, he also produced 20 martial arts programs broadcast by Euro-Sport, and several free martial arts fighting events for the FOX TV Network in Holland. With long time partner Frederico Lapenda, Boon produced of the “Red Light District” which was broadcast by FOX FILES in the United States. Boon is also the Producer of the series “You Gotta See This”, aired by FOX. Bas Boon also produced 5 Hollywood Movies together with partner Frederico lapenda He has also distribute Fighting and Martial Arts shows for world-wide TV and DVD licensing. Boon’s ventures has generated a numerous of articles for such magazines as the German edition of Playboy, Dutch TV Guide, Revue, Actueel Panorama, all the major newspapers in Europe and several sports and martial arts magazines in Japan and the United States.” Bas Boon was also an executive producer of the well known Glory World Series which also was sold to Glory Sports International. In 2012. Bas Boon helped facilitate in the sales of the Golden Glory and Nikko library to Glory Sports International and is affiliated as a consultant. Bas Boon can be found at the Fight Game Camp, Golden Glory in Pattaya, Thailand. 2- May 2012 Dureka Lang Carrasquill Tranberg capital:: Boon is a polarizing figure. Outspoken, unorthodox and fiercely demanding when it comes to staging events, he is a suave entrepreneur with a business mind that switches between Wall Street and street hustler as the situation demands. Where the American mixed martial arts organisation Ultimate Fighting Championship has the foul-mouthed fight fan Dana White as its president, GLORY has his European counterpart - the colorful and confrontational Bas Boon, president of GLORY Sports, the sporting division of GLORY Sports International (“GSI”). And where White is counterbalanced by the urbane Lorenzo Fertitta, so too is Boon contrasted with Marcus Luer, the GSI managing director.

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