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MMCrypto and other YouTubers, dealing with Scammers? In my previous two blogs, I described how they scammed me for 10.000 US dollars through the YouTube channel of MMCrypto. I have hired a team of 25 fraud /scam experts who have a television program about scammers.

If you are the victim of a similar scam, please contact me now as I will get my money back. Here is what I have done so far.

The first thing you notice when you read the blogs is identity theft. In the case of MMCrypto, somebody would take his identity through WhatsUp (use the comment section on the channel to lure potential victims) and introduce you to his top trader. I have been mailing Chris to his official e-mail (from his YouTube channel website), and I did the same with The Bitcoin Family. I have explained the situation, but I never got an answer.

Now the scam artist contacted me again through WhatsApp under the name of the ‘real” Chris. They read my blogs and saw their promoted website on Google, surrounded by my scam warnings. Not so good for business also when you are a scammer.

I told “Chris” or the imposter online, the following; give me my money back, and I will stop. He answered, let me talk to Stella Olsen, the woman he introduced me as his top trader. He would need a day to sort things out. Nothing happened, but I received a massive preach on WhatsApp a day later from “Chris”/ scammers.

The scammer advised; Stop with what I was doing. Remove the links from Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

My answer; I would triple down and that this was only the beginning.

Some of my team started already tracing these cam artists with sophisticated trojan horse software. The locations and IDs of some are known now. More to come on my Tv series operation, which is in full swing. If I do not get my money, I will not stop.

There comes the point that even if they pay the money they owe me, I will not stop. I will sue the ones responsible for interest, damages, and the cost of my team working on their scam exposure. They would become an unwanted sponsor of their own and diminish on camera. My ego took a huge punch.

The World of Scams.

I am diving into the world of scams, watching every show and YouTube channel, and expanding my network. It’s fascinating, and I am sure knowing myself, I will become an expert and have the most interesting new friends and business associates in my new venture:

I love the Tinder Swindler Documentary on Netflix and how the victim woman becomes the hunter and teams up with Norway’s biggest newspaper.

The reality TV exposure will be part of my journey to take a negative experience and turn it into something I enjoy. I also will make money at the same time. As part of my trademark, they will get a BB special.

Is MMCrypto in on the scam?

The Chris thing was bordering me. He is so enthusiastic and makes millions with “his” trades. He showed a video that he was a taxi driver five years ago and now offers his lavish lifestyle. Luxury houses, exotic places on earth, Bentley, Ferrari, you name it.

I refused to believe a person with his status and a very successful YouTube Channel would make money with a bunch of scam artists? A public figure like him would be in on this scam? I thought he must be a victim himself of identity theft and scam-artist abusing his YouTube Channel. Most of the time, scam artists who use VPNs are located in places like Nigeria or Russia.

The scammers in these countries consider themselves invincible—tracing and arresting them cost a lot of staffing and money. But like I showed you in my previous blog, my fellow countryman Kees van der Spek even captured these basterds scam artists in Nigeria.

If you are being scammed by replying to these Youtube channel’s comments, please get in touch with me at Read my scam blogs and join my team if you are a victim.

I made a thousand comments under different YouTube user names on the MMCrypto YouTube Channel.

With a few partners, I have made about 1000 comments under the last video of MMCrypto. I warned in my comments that the WhatsApp and telegraph comments in people’s replies are potential scam artists after I informed Chris that it was his responsibility as a YouTuber to put a filter on his comments and disapprove of comments which are likely and are scams.

Later I send this blog to YouTube that scammers are active in the YouTube comment section. Because I have a few YouTube channels myself. I know how this works and what the YouTube guidelines say about suspicious behavior, spam, and scams.

Now here comes the Shocker.

My comment on warnings about the WhatsApp and telegram scammers were all removed from the comment sections. All the scammer’s replies are not removed. This can only mean one thing, Chris is compromised. He is taking money from each and any of these scam artists. Suddenly his lavish lifestyle makes me want to vomit. This greedy scam artist could not resist more and more money?

I love his Youtube channel and how he analyzes the crypto market. But guess what, imagine how many daily scams he would get kickbacks from? I counted over 1000 comments on his last video from yesterday. I made comments on all these WhatsApp and telegram scam messages. Indeed they have one or two real guys in between the jungle of scam artists to cover their legal ass. But this goes much further than just a simple scam. All thousand comments of mine were removed. All thousand fraud WhatsUp and telegram comments are still there?

I made the same comments on multiple other YouTube Channels

So then I went to do the same on the YouTube Channels of The Bitcoin Family, Sami Loyal – For flies, and Ivan on Tech and a similar pattern emerged. The scammers can be found at almost any reply on their daily videos. I started putting my warning comments up, but somebody from the channel was also removing those comments.

They all must be getting kickbacks from the scam artist. There is no other explanation.

Now I did check other channels like George from CryptosRus. In the first three latest videos from CryptoRus, I could not find one WhatsApp or telegram link from these scam artists. I guess George can’t be bought!

Class Action Lawsuit

So now things get easier. I am looking into a class-action lawsuit against these con artists. They have assets like YouTube channels. And I can prove they welcome scam artists but remove warnings about scammers using their platform.

I will forward this blog and my other findings to YouTube as well because their platform is abused.

Thousand Comments?

I know, Bas; you put a thousand comments on his YouTube channel? Yes, yes, I can be pretty obsessive. But my ego is hurt. Financially I laugh about the total amount of 121K (they made money with my investment). They froze my account on their unitrustfx scam site. Which stands for; we stole your money, your password does not work anymore, and thanks for the money. But there are plenty of people who lost their life savings. It’s time we put a halt to this scam. I also enjoy punching back. It is just in my fighter’s nature. When I punch or kick, I go for the knockout.

Anybody who remembers when you started your trade and the red line kept dropping, and you thought, I should have sold at that point? Why did I not get out? The scammers are at such a point now; this type of fanaticism they have never dealt with.

So many good guys out; therefore, fighting the good fight, the scammer gets scammed, follow the scam baiter. Soon more.

Scambaiter, you are doing an excellent job; welcome to the club of people who make a difference online. I am going full force into unrevealing this scam with everybody involved. The documentary and film will be named the YouTube Swindle and how the scammers will get scammed.

Unitrustfx Crypto Scam Exposed. MMCrypto a Scammer?

They will find out there is a new sheriff in town.

(c) Bas Boon

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