Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Voter Fraud, Trump voters, would like to see digital audits. Trump will Peacefully leave WH, but voter fraud should be investigated.

The fact the media names every person who doubts this election a conspiracy and Nazi is alarming. It would help if you did not investigate the most secure election in the history of the US. Again alarm bells, time for a summary of facts.

In this election Voter, Fraud does not exist; it just vanished.

Big tech committed voter manipulation; watch the Social Dilemma.

In the documentary, the Social Dilemma, former programmers and co-founders of software programs expose their fears, anger, and disappointment. Some left the companies they helped create. Algorithms feed the youth and public whatever it wants to see. The algorithms can completely control the will of any person without the person even realizing it.

Algorithms would feed videos about anorexia to little girls who like to lose weight. Some of the creators talk in the documentary claiming their creation became a monster. The conscience of some of the creators would no longer want them to participate.

This is important because AI, computers, and computer software rule the world. After watching this documentary. You will understand why Facebook, Twitter, and Google would censor President Trump and conservatives.

So it’s important to do digital audits.

Trump rallies in Pennsylvania were massive.

During the second debate before the election, Trump mentioned to Biden: Philly Elections Shenanigans and talked about how corrupt that state was.
So Trump went campaigning in multiple swing states, especially Pennsylvania, a swing state Trump won in 2016 (44.000 votes).

The rallies were incredible and packed with thousands of enthusiastic Trump fans. He even visited four Pennsylvania cities on Saturday, and all his rallies were packed.

Joe Biden made a colossal mistake.

Biden made a colossal mistake by publicly announcing he was against fracking and flipped-flopped. During the TV debate, he even asked Trump to put up the video claiming there was no evidence.

I never said that claimed Biden, and of course, Trump put up the video on his Twitter account. The fact-checkers were quiet and no censoring; it was terrible for Biden. The pathetic performance with Bruce Springsteen and Lady Gaga did not bring 150 people to the Biden rallies; he could not fill a phone booth.

Biden pulled a lid for weeks, mumbling about Trunalimunumarprzure. It became a slapstick movie with fake laugh giggling facelift Kamala being the female joker in camp Biden.

Why was voter fraud easily exposed? Simple short answer a Red Wave.

Trump became the first GOP president in history, with 24% of African American and Latino voters. The deep state did not anticipate this result during the election night.

Trump is a racist. Biden’s campaign ad included the Charlottesville “Fine People Hoax.” Biden even claimed he started to run for president because of the fine people hoax. “Fine People Hoax” Fake News claims Trump called Neo-Nazis and White Supremacist Fine People, and there were fine people on both sides of the statue.

The Fine People Hoax and the Bleax Hoax did a lot of damage to Trump.

The media left out the last part from that same interview with Trump. Trump said, “I do not mean Neo-nazi and White Supremacist to clarify with pleasing people. They should be condemned totally.
This statement later in the interview was edited and not shown by the fake media. They showed some right-wing guys with torches. The Fake media edited Trump’s voice over the pictures, “calling them “wonderful people,” basically inciting and promoting violence and racism.

Another Hoax used by the Fake News was Bleach Hoax. Fake News kept pushing the narrative that Trump said to inject yourself with bleach (or drink it) to cure Covid. Both hoaxes had a significant impact on the voters. Trump voters can see these hoaxes are used in the media 24/7.

All elections are pretty much the same. Democrats claim Republicans are racist.” In the case of Trump, many times compared to Hitler.


Fake News kept asking every occasion why Trump did not disavow White Supremacist. Trump this condemned White Supremacist multiple times, but Fake News cut those scenes out? The African Americans en Latinos would have none of it. More and more people understand that fake news is the enemy of the people.

Where things went wrong is the polling. Biden was having a lead of sometimes 15 points. Trump was diagnosed with Covid and needed to go to the hospital; it gave Biden lots of extra points.

The plan was to win the election in a landslide. The democrat-run swing states had special voting machines (corrupt software “scorecard”).

The “fix” for voter fraud was at the beginning of the election. Imagine the machines could be manipulated. A 3% fix got programmed in favor of the democrats with the program “scorecard.”

A good reason for demanding Digital Audits

The “Hammer” and “Scorecard”

People came forward, explaining that the voting machines program ran special software known as dominion. The project to deploy this software is called “project hammer’ and “operation scorecard.”

Voter Fraud

The “Hammer” is a counterintelligence surveillance program that spies on networks without detection (changing foreign elections).
‘Scorecard” is a vote -manipulation applicant that changes votes during transfer. It can produce a glitch in the system and swing up to 3% (best to stay undetected) or more to any party you prefer.

Software is called “Dominion,” owned by a private company out of Canada. The owner of this software is a democrat and anti-Trump, hater. He swore he would do anything to make Trump lose.

That should ring some alarm bells; Republicans or democrats should want a Digital Audit. Trump voters should demand this.

The Red Wave disturbed the democratic voter fraud scam.

The Red Wave was real, and the democrats panicked. Even with the 3% computer fix (Glitch in computer voter system). Trump won Florida, Texas, and Ohio. None of those states used those voting machines/dominion software. When the counting started in the swing states, it was clear Trump was getting even more votes than in 2016.

People would not ask too many questions if Biden won significantly. But indeed, the “simulation” would write the script like an excellent ending. The Swing States go back and forward, Trump ahead, but Biden slowly, day by day, is closing in, and then Biden wins. In Arizona, it is the opposite Biden is the early leader, and now Trump is closing in on winning.

It is incredibly close, but the colossal spike comes right after the “excellent counting pause. Suddenly multiple states stopped counting around the same time.

100K votes for Biden and zero for Trump is changing the score quickly (even CNN is completely surprised). This screams for a Forensic and Digital Audit.

100K votes for Biden, zero for Trump

They find a Glitch in the system in Michigan. 6000 Trump votes “accidentally” given to Biden get now reversed. Trump retakes the lead in Michigan with 2000 points (the machine is used in 46 counties).

Another “Glitch” takes place live on CNN on two occasions for the whole world to see:

Kentucky Governor Democrat Andy Beshear “weird” Glitch in the system

Kentucky Governor Democrat Andy Beshear is at 673.948 votes against Republican Bevin with 662.235 votes.
Update “Glitch” Beshear gets 560 votes and now has a total of 674.508.

Bevin had 667235 options; his update is minus 560 votes and now has 661,675 – vote switching. This is “the hammer/scorecard” at work.

In Michigan, the GOP chairwoman found a “Glitch in the system.” (the Hammer/scorecard at work). The same happened 6000 votes for Trump went to Biden, but they were Trump voters. Why are people surprised Republicans and all Trump voters want a Digital Audit with all these Glitches?

Glitches are shown on TV.

The “mistake’ is only corrected because people noticed it. This should be enough reason for everybody to want a forensic audit.

On live Tv, we also can see that even the CNN crew is surprised when a batch of over 128.000 votes all go to Biden. Not one vote of this batch is for Trump. Just after the great counting Pauze (later corrected as a typo).

And another Glitch who loves Biden.

In some states, the program worked great and did not change more than the 3% in favor of Biden. The red Tsunami was so massive that they had to recalculate how many more votes they needed for Biden to win. The reason why that strange “mistakes” would happen and service.

A hundred thousand votes were given to Biden but were for Trump (they got caught, and the “mistake” was undone ). At some point in Philadelphia, they even blinded all windows and kicked did not allow GOP Poll watchers to watch the count, not even after two court orders. Trump voters see this when they vote and on TV. What are they supposed to think?

Glitch number four and again for Biden

In Nevada, at least 3000 illegals votes and more voter fraud were reported, causing Trump to sue Nevada.

Statistically high amounts of peak voting only for Biden but not for senators or governors is another anomaly that makes no sense and is only found in swing states. Find below such research in anomalies, and the correct 3% pops up, which is used with “scorecard to swing elections to avoid detection” to switch votes.

The Supreme Court in PA has issued two court orders to allow poll watchers at the counting facilities, but Democrats at this counting facility deny the order.

Hundreds of millions did the DNC spend to eliminate Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham as senators and overtake the house.
Bloomberg spent another hundred million to help Biden in Florida but lost. The Big Tech and Fake News were in for 100% to make Biden the US president. The result was still very close, so they kept counting and glitching, for that’s the best proof of the red wave.

Have fun with politics but get on with your life.

Whatever happens next, please remember it’s about your own life, be happy, support your family, create an income, and live healthily. Ask yourself, no matter who you vote for, accuse, hate, or disagree with; we are all people just trying to go through life without too many headaches.

They are playing the game of social media giants and fake news instead of understanding your basic needs of happiness and health. It is playing Russian roulette against yourself. You feed their wealth and walk their paths for their gains.

If I were President Trump, I would do this: I should say I will leave the WH peacefully. But I would like to audit the digital part of the election before I go. I am sure all Trump voters will be happy with an audit.

If you agree, I have no problem with congratulating President Biden and will leave the WH peacefully.

Peace to all; have fun with it and focus on what is essential for your life, family, and health.

(C) Bas Boon