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25 Points of Voter Fraud, Stealing Trump Votes. Does anybody still doubt why people do not trust the media and big tech? It has now been confirmed in front of your eyes during the 2020 election.

Trump held a speech and said: We want all Voting to stop. We do not want them to find any ballots at 4’oclock in the morning and add them to the list, okay? It became a desperate attempt to stop voter fraud. The democrats looked like a thief in the night, sneaky gathering necessary votes to win the election.

In other words, he doesn’t want people voting after election day or fraudulent ballots delivered, which is the law. He never claimed that legal votes should not be counted. Fake headlines claimed worldwide.. tho, cover democrats stealing Trump votes.

Stealing Trump Votes, Trump knew it would happen.

Trump knew the mail-in Voting would be the most significant opportunity for fraud for the democrats and warned the nation on multiple occasions that the post office would and could not handle such an amount of mail-in Voting because of the pandemic.

The Fake Media claimed. Otherwise, Trump was a conspiracy theorist with unproven fraud claims and no thrust in the US Postal service.

USA Today 30-09-2020: Trump makes outrageous claims mail Voting

Post workers were arrested, tossing away ballots.

The U.S. post endorsed Biden.

You can google for yourself millions of 30%+ of mail-in ballots were not delivered or sitting at postal offices, rivers, dumpsters, and ovens.

Of course, Trump was right. It became a total mess (as expected) because this mail-in voting scale has never been tested before).

According to The Newyork Post, the highest percentage of mail-in ballots from the U.S. Post were not delivered to Philadelphia’s election offices, a staggering 33.7 % (not delivered on election day).

Another form of Stealing Trump votes is destroying ballots or delaying them from arriving at the place of destination.

Democratic AG of Pennsylvania declares victory for Biden without one vote counted.

In Pennsylvania, even the democratic A.G. declared Josh Shapiro Biden already won before any vote was counted. Trump was censored by tweeting, and his speech was taken out of context again.

The A.G. from P.A. is just tweeting about Trump losing before even counting one vote.

Can anybody believe that these democrats in charge who are full Anti Trump should not be checked? Similar to the owner of Dominion Software. He publicly said we have to do everything to stop Donald Trump.

He also claimed that there were still 1.4 million votes to count. This means 75% of these votes should be for Biden to win P.A. This is important as he said this on camera, but somehow, after his statement, the number of ballots went up to 2.2 million, according to later reports in the media.

Here is a list of reported voter fraud cases (take votes from Trump)

Several Insiders reveal they spot post office workers and associates seeing the voting results in sealed envelopes with a simple LED light. Ballots that showed votes for Trump vanished. 

· When Virginia was about to be called for Trump, Virginia vote counters decided to stop counting and went home, taking the ballots with them.

For these Democrats, the election was not that important, and they never worked overtime or had two groups continue the counting.

If Florida and, for example, Ohio can count votes quickly, so can Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Six states can’t count all the ballots, six states in which Trump is leading, and six States where the Democrats are in charge.

· According to reports, when democrats decided the great counting pause, GOP poll watchers were told to go home, but counting continued.

Out of Ink

· Green Bay’s absentee ballot results got delayed because one of the voting machines ran out of ink.

· After the much-needed “voting pause,” the counting continued with fresh energy and some sleep. The vote counters in Wisconsin found 128K (counted within one hour) votes for Biden. These 128L new votes changed the lead to Biden in Wisconsin.

The CNN clan skipped telling the audience from which state or district they came. Magic votes appeared out of nowhere.

The institutions who hire people to count votes should all hire “these counters”; they can do 128K Biden Votes within one hour. Mathematically there are some question marks.

Total votes before 3 million – 3.2 million, 3% would be 96.000 (if all for Biden), but Biden flipped a 128.000 vote deficit?

Later it was reported there was a typo. A Washington Post reporter who did not know it was a typo said; well, it’s 128K for Biden, perfectly normal.

W.P. promoter claimed 128K votes only for Biden is just normal

· Arizona voters purposefully gave sharpies to mark ballots to void these votes in Queen Creek and Gilbert. Others got pencils, and insiders claimed “votes” changed to Biden.

· Fairfax County (D.C. Area) reported that they accidentally gave Biden an extra 100.000 votes.

· A Pennsylvania court has agreed to hold a hearing tomorrow on a GOP effort to invalidate mail ballots. Those ballots initially contained errors but were later fixed (or “cured, “in legal jargon).

· Gateway Pundit and other pro-Trump social media platforms got banned. Anybody pro-Trump would be shadowbanned, censored, or erased (even tweets from the president).

· People were checking their votes later in Wisconsin. Some claimed they suddenly were not registered anymore. There is a screenshot where Biden has 49.6% 1.630.344 votes. Trump 48.9% and 1.609.586 votes. Of the registered voters in Wisconsin, 70.50% are 3.129.000.

Not enough registered voters.

Their vote cast is 3.239.920, but they have only 3.129.000 registered voters.

· Nevada decided, as there is a high interest in their voting outcome (gosh, who would have known), not to delay releasing results).

Results would come in later today. After you select some necessary ballots, other “not wanted” votes could suddenly disappear.

Another insider reported that some democrat counters would add information on those ballots. Because of this action, these ballots with Trump votes turn into invalid ones because of errors. 

· In Detroit, absentee ballots counter decided to cover up their windows. A violation. The sec a state-reported she welcome changes? Anything for stealing Trump Votes is approved.

Fox declares the presidential candidate winner before they finish the vote count?

· Fox declares Joe the winner of Arizona (red state) but they still have to count 650.000 more ballots?

· Voting by mail is the simplest way to cheat. You vote twice, by mail and later once in person.

· The lowest voter turnout in 2016 is in Wisconsin. In 2020 is 89.25%; what? They activate an army to steal Trump votes

· CNN tried to explain that when Trump lost Florida and Texas” because mail-in ballots counted early,” But the in-person vote came in, which changed the numbers in favor of Trump.

They were correct. How does it make sense Trump outperformed everywhere, especially with Latino voters and African Americans?

Trump outperformed Biden everywhere except the five swing states, surprise, surprise.

All his leads in democratic swing states are evaporating because of mail-in Voting? If you add them together, like in Florida, Ohio, and Texas, Trump became a winner with clear margins.

· In Georgia, a Water pump burst in the room they are counting, calling (a much-needed) a four-hour delay.

· It would not be difficult to make new votes and then back stamp the date to have them count. Project Veritas UPPS Whistle-blower reveals:  

· 19. Detroit: Suitcases and Coolers rolled into a Detroit voting center at 4 AM (the same time other counties start the significant counting pause).

· The person in charge of the Pennsylvania Secretary of State will do anything to defeat Trump. That is the woman in charge of Voting?

· Lancaster, PA 43000 more mail-in ballots than they requested?

· Two more batches of Pennsylvania come in 23.277 votes for Biden, not a single one for Trump. What are the odds?

· Minnesota turnout numbers. Especially in Hennepin County (historically proven correct), they are ludicrous.

· People who count ballots and open them can be seen on camera. Tossing ballots in some garbage bag?

· With legal votes, president Trump means the following;

Of course, there was a red wave.

When the Democrats realized that Florida and Texas were going in Donald Trump’s direction, we saw in the last few days before election day Democrats on the ground going door to door.

It must be the smallest audience ever for a presidential campaign supporter by a musician.

Biden and Lady Gaga are doing some soul-winning. Suddenly their narrative of Covid danger was not to be found or mentioned anymore by them and the fake media.

Nobody cares in reality; Biden and Lady gage can’t fill up a parking place with their nonsense.

Trump did awesome with the Latino and Black vote. It shows people don’t buy the relentless biased Fake Media racism narrative. People want a good life, a job, a good paycheck, and above all, freedom.

If you lived under the regime of Fidel Castro, Cubans could tell you some of their experiences.

These elections also show the pollster bias again. Big Tech is censoring conservatives, even the president. Some pompous democrat leftist “fact-checkers” on Facebook and Twitter know what’s best for the country. They will push their views and truths as the only thing you should be able to see.

Like the Chinese dictatorship, you wonder why you can not get YouTube or Facebook in China.

Voting Solution to Avoid Problems, a simple solution.

How difficult can it be to have a nationwide rule that all voting results should be on election night? If Florida, Texas, and Ohio can do it, why not the six democrat swing states?

Proper ID when you vote plus absentee ballots for people living abroad or with other conditions. Why is it so difficult to have every U.S. state indicate how many of these absentee ballots are in their position on election day? How many absentee ballots were requested?

Supreme Court Will Decide!

Surely this will go to court as predicted. Now the Supreme Court has a bizarre position. If they choose Biden and Kamala, they will stack the Supreme Court and make their current position of power vanish.

Or the Supreme Court could make a deal; we will not accept any voter fraud cases. Democrats won’t stack the court, win-win.

Trump and the people who supported him are the real winners.

Trump and the people who voted and supported him are the winners. No matter what the media and deep state are trying to do with this election.

Imagine if there would not be four years of Fake Media attacking Trump. No Russian Collusion Hoax, No Impeachment Hoax, Ukraine Hoax, Bleach Hoax, Smollet Hoax, Fine People Racism Hoaxes.

Just imagine a fair press none, biased reporting on the whist blower Tony Bobulinski confirming the Hunter Biden e-mail video. Pictures on a laptop indicate “the Bidens” could be compromised.

Instead, the Post story was censored, not wanted, as it would be a massive deal for the people to know these things right before an election.

The Post was censored because the report had an accurate Scandal headline with Hunter Biden.

Imagine all the above censorship and biased media would have been regular. Trump would have won in a landslide with huge margins, taking away any doubt of voter fraud indications and complications.

Unfear treatment, people feel robbed, and their votes do not count. But the globalist Deeps State is stealing Trump’s votes. They have too much at stake, OBEY!!!

Not all the samples of voter fraud I mention in this blog will be accurate or even correct. You only need a little voter fraud in a few swing states to get the president you prefer. Keep watching for the term “widespread voter fraud.” Fake News uses. It does not need to be widespread to have devastating results.

Just let me say this; Joe Biden got the popular vote (more than Obama), the senile older man who could not fill a phonebooth!

This Graphic proves anomalies in the vote count; are they stinging Trump votes?

People who saw the documentary “The Social Dilemma” understand Glitches or Algorithms. If you have not seen the documentary, please watch it.

Do you know that the software used in Michigan is switching 6000 Republican votes as Democrats? Did you know that the software owner is the husband of Dianne Feinstein? The Democrat senator who had a Chinese spy working for her for 20 years?

There are also reports of a device named “The Hammer,” which can switch votes by design to swing elections (used by CIA / Obama). Machines programmed for stealing Trump votes. censored

Whatever happens, this race is far from over, and always keep laughing:

Voter Fraud, Trump voters, would like to see digital audits.

(c) Bas Boon

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