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Starbucks CEO Liar, Trump & Hacksaw Ridge, Tax for? What is the reason for the propaganda avalanche from the Mass Media regarding the Trump administration? Here are some reasons for the current “turmoil.”

Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft draft a joint letter opposing Trump’s travel ban

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz: We will hire 10,000 refugees

How can these massive corporations have something against the new President, Donald Trump? He strives to put Americans back to work, creating more jobs and tax cuts. Thankfully Trump is putting big pharmacies under the microscope to stop the inflow of dangerous drugs. Truly he wants law and order + safety. Who wouldn’t be excited about that? Well, the big corporations are not happy about this, and here is why:

Starbucks and Fiat sweetheart tax deals with EU nations ruled unlawful Europe Takes Aim at Deals Created to Escape Taxes.

Starbucks and Fiat sweetheart tax deals with EU nations led to unlawful

You get the picture. Donald Trump made it clear he wants to boost American jobs and decent pay with tax cuts or no tax for the poorer Americans. Trump’s tax plan, please read it here:

These new tax laws are less desired by American overseas companies hiring cheap labor. Those companies profit from special tax deals with foreign countries. Mostly they pay 000.5% or no corporate tax at all but now would be paying an extra tax to the US. The suggestion is 20% while importing goods back into the US. These suggested new tax laws are why these big multinationals hate Trump. They will do everything in their power to overthrow the democratically elected president of the US. 

Of course, the none democratic elected Brussels parasites “presidents.” There are four “presidents” in Brussels. Ninetynine % of the Europeans do not even know their names and are not democratically elected. They know the game and need their high-paid jobs to be secured. After giving billions to Greece, their increased mafia tax on the European population reached apocalyptic heights. 

Brussels Mafia Headquarter

These measurements lead to an avalanche of bankruptcies and unemployment, not to mention importing economic migrants and refugees. About 10.000 parasites are working for the Brussels headquarter mafia. At this headquarters, many “top” employees make about 400.000 dollars per year. They also have extra benefits and a 40K expense allowance yearly (minimum 100 K per year).

They understood that they needed a new milking cow. So the Brussels Mafia started to attack the big multinationals who came to Europe. But made special deals with most of them to be exempt from corporate taxes. 

Guess what the next move is from Starbucks? You guessed it. Their head office will be in London, England. A deal already made with the UK and Brussels will get zip tax in the future, especially after Brexit is out of the claws of the Brussels EU Mafia.

Starbucks moves European Head Office to London effective by the end of 2014

Hilarious comment from Starbucks Quote: By making this move (going to the UK). Our senior leaders will be better able to oversee the UK market where over half of our European stores — with more than 7,500 employees (we call them partners) — are located.

Starbuck headquarters in The Netherlands?

Hilarious when Starbucks came with its headquarters to the Netherlands. They only had one Starbucks in Amsterdam, and now they have a total of 6 in the Netherlands. What were they thinking (could it have something to do with Tax)?

Don’t be fooled by CEO Howard Schultz, who is almost three billion dollars. He is screaming in the media he would hire 10.000 refugees but is hiding behind charity and humanity. If he paid his corporate taxes in the US and hired Americans, those Americans could be paid a higher salary. And the tariffs could be used to help the people in real need.

Facebook Marc Zuckerberg is mentioned in the joint draft letter opposing the Trump travel ban. Zukerberg would be hiring his employees in a very racist selective way. He would compete between small groups of job applicants, and then he would hire the best. This way of hiring skilled employees makes sense. I am not a hypocrite and would want the same for my company.

Refugees at Starbucks is Propaganda Talk.

But the refugees we are talking about (Starbucks hiring 10.000) are from countries where over half of the population is illiterate. And have been growing up in extreme poverty under the constant threat of violence and wars. They would not survive the selections to be hired for work even if they only served at Starbucks.

Those 10.000 refugees that Starbucks claims to hire will bankrupt Starbucks. The refugees will drink themselves to a slow diabetic death. They consume all the sugary Frappuccino calorie bomb and cinnamon rolls they will consume daily.

Facebook pays no UK corporation tax for a second year

Big Pharma is horrified by Trump, which caused their stocks the drop

Trump says pharma ‘getting away with murder,’ stocks slide

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Says 70% Of News Advertising Revenue Comes From Big Pharma

Donald Trump says the ‘$5 billion websites for Obamacare … never worked. It still doesn’t work.’

Do you want to have affordable healthcare? Tax the pharmacist and regulate their medicine like Oxycontin, Ritalin, etc. Which are the leading cause of most suicides and mass killings. Trump says I will never take a flu vaccination. That crap will never come into my body. And with that statement, he just made another vast enemy, the big pharmacy.

An affordable healthcare system, here is how you do it!

There have also been suggestions for importing cheaper medicine with the same effects made by other manufacturers. This is all bad news for the big pharmacy mafia.

The whole healthcare system could become easily affordable for every American. This can be done by pricing these medicine the right way. And they are taxing these “medicine” Mongols with an 80% corporate tax after the drug reaches profitable levels of 100 million dollars. And a healthy open market policy where insurance companies offer competitive services would prevent headlines like this.

The hospital appears to charge $153,000 to treat snakebite

See my blog on tax scams:

Obama’s African Union Speech, the dentist lion killer, and corrupt humans will have a new show which will bankrupt the UFC.

Do not get me wrong. I admire Howard Schultz from Star Bucks, creating a net worth of 2.9 billion and many jobs. However, trying to ride on the famous Main Stream Media anti-Trump rhetoric propaganda is making me vomit. 


You are trying to show how good you hide behind human rights and charity—all while Starbucks in Arab countries followed. You adapt to their “culture, women areules. When it comes to Tax, you make your own rules and scream about hiring 10.000 refugees. You will not hire these refugees. Just propaganda talk to score some cheap points with the Antifa and MSM community. Give me a break. The mass media has bombarded Trump with not showing his tax returns. While companies like Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg get the following headline, for example, from Forbes:

Facebook Doesn’t Pay Taxes On Its Profits: So What?

More than 300,000 refugees in Germany work illegally and pay kickbacks to asylum center staff – reports

Survey reveals Germany’s top companies employ just 54 refugees

Mr. Schultz from Starbucks and companies like Facebook and Microsoft don’t want to pay corporate Tax. Who is paying for those millions of unemployed Refugees/Muslims? And the 300.000 refugees (in Germany) that do “work” are doing it illegally and not paying Taxes and live on kickbacks. None of them work at Starbucks in Germany. How long do you think Europe can finance this disaster?

Trump knows everything about Tax Loop Holes and Tax Deductions. I am sure he has hired the same financial tax advisers and bookkeepers as those big corporations. They are scared shit less as there is a new sheriff in town. And this elected president is putting in motion what he promised to his voters. This approach is entirely new, primarily as a massive part of his campaign was financed by himself (tax-deductible).

Master Trump at work for the people:

Trump imposes a lifetime ban on some lobbying, five years for others

Imagine if this law was made if, for example, in England, this would not have happened:

Cash for contacts: Tony Blair’s illicit Saudi oil dealings spark outrage

The last resort for the Elite is leftist Political Correct Judges and Lawyers. But soon, the Trump Train will find a way to eliminate these left-wing self-important Elites. The reason they stopped the Trump travel ban is just money and ego. Every refugee or immigrant with a refused Visa can start a case. They can do this with a free liberal-paid lawyer by your tax money to enrich the scumbags and so more!

Donald Trump and Hacksaw Ridge

Trump is a phenomenon. He created a movement as a self-made billionaire. He fights off 16 republican candidates and, against all odds, beats Hillary Clinton to become president of the United States.

The establishment hates Trump and is fighting Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. But he is fighting the elite, the mass media, wall street, the juridical system, the FBI, and The CIA. There are attempts to murder him. There are calls to murder him. Trump’s wife, Melania, is threatened with rape and received death threats in public. The media attacked even their 10-year-old son.

If Trump becomes president, celebrities threaten to move out of the US. Madonna is offering blow-jobs to Republicans who change their vote. She wishes for Trump’s death and screams fuck the secret service.

Madonna is offering blow jobs, and the media is demonizing Trump.

Over 1200 death threats on social media. King of Fake News CNN is even doing a story on what would happen if Trump and Vice president Pence died in a bomb attack. Imagine this during the inauguration hoping for Obama and Democrats to keep power.

When Trump finally battles his way into the White House. He still finds a bunch of hating democrats. Losers and Fake News are trying everything to keep demonizing him. They try obstructing his new administration. Clinton and the DNC came up with the Russian Collusion Hoax to overthrow an elected president.

In the Mel Gibson movie Hacksaw Ridge, the military demonizes and assaults the young boy Desmond T Doss. Who does not want to carry a weapon? During the war, he earns respect, which gets him the first medal of Honor without firing a shot after rescuing over 300 fellow combatants. They did not believe in Desmond before the war. But later, they all testify that he was the bravest man they ever met after the war.

The Daily Donald Trump Attacks

The Donald keeps battling daily attacks by the liberal insane war-mongering psychopaths. Suppose you are a racist and a bigot. In that case, you should have loved the Obama administration with the woman without empathy Hillary Clinton. The woman married a rapist who hung out with pedophiles like Epstein. Hillary’s best friend and campaign manager (probably a secret lesbian lover) were Huma Abedin’s Muslim, who married a pedophile. 

If you hate Muslims and are a real racist, you must love them as the Obama administration. They killed more Muslims, threw more bombs, and caused more havoc in the middle east. Than any other president in history. 

They make the battle of Hacksaw Ridge look like a domestic violence case. At the same time, it’s Trump, with a travel ban, who wants to avoid killing. First, find out how to tackle this problem of everlasting hate against Americans. Donald Trump wants to be friends with Putin’s Russia and fight terrorism together. The president called the Saudis and created one call for refugees. The media is pone a call for refugees at Starbucks.

Hacksaw Ridge is a great movie.

Donald Trump is bringing tons of jobs back to the US. Reforms the tax system for the poor and middle class. Trump brings respect to the veterans and the care they deserve. I suggest seeing the movie Hacksaw Ridge and seeing what soldieseeingo goes through. The purpose; itseeinging back law and order and real hope for the people. 

The president will solve the ObamaCare scam disaster. And after he does that, more and more Republicans will love him, like in the movie Hacksaw Ridge. The Media, Bankers, Wall Street, The Elite, the Democrats, Juridical System, will maybe say they were wrong about Trump to themselves. Imagine them saying, “we were never so bad in our judgment about Donald Trump in our lives. Eventually, all will praise him for becoming the best president in history. The maker of the movie Hacksaw Ridge is Mel Gibson. Gibson knows what it is and how it feels to swim upstream as the Mass Media bombarded him as Anti-Semitic.

Mel Gibson’s career never recovered ten years after the anti-Semitic rant

Mel Gibson’s career never recovered after anti-Semitism.

Mel Gibson’s mouth has proved a lethal weapon in his career. The kids may know him as a washed-up tabloid joke these days, but just ten years ago, Mel Gibson was a two-time Oscawho r would keep pushing anti-Trump hoaxes and stick to their demonized scripts. Even when exposed as liars because that is just how they are (and do what they paid for).

There is a new sheriff in town, and his name is Donald Trump

He sacrificed all his peace to become the president of the united states. He is trying to fulfill all his promises as a candidate.

Still, Mel Gibson is in Hollywood, and with his latest film Hacksaw Ridge, he deserves an Oscar as it is a masterpiece. No wonder it was Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn (Vince plays one of the main characters in the movie Hacksaw Ridge) being utterly surprised. They looked flabbergasted when Meryl Streep used her time during the Golden Globes awards to attack Donald Trump with many other celebrities.

Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn’s eyes spit fire.

Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn looked at each other with disbelief. The media captures that moment on camera. Donald Trump, the real estate Tycoon. The Apprentice Reality TV Star Phenomenon. This TV reality series is sold in over 100 countries. Trump was the Miss Universe, the brand owner. Look at this resume of Donald trump. He sacrificed all his peace to become the president of the united states. He is trying to fulfill all his promises as a candidate to the American public—something the US and the world have never seen before. A politician is making good on his campaign promises. There is a new sheriff in town, and his name is The Donald, Chapeau! A different caliber than the lying CEO of Starbucks who rides the virtue-signaling wave of Fake News.

Something the US and the world have never seen before. A politician is making good on his campaign promises. There is a new sheriff in town, and his name is The Donald, Chapeau!

Bravo, President Trump. You Go!

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