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Pim Fortuyn Assassinated, Who Killed Him and Why? This blog is about global problems with religion and integration. I will illustrate the demonization of anybody who does not walk mainstream media’s narrative. The assassination of Dutch Politician Pim Fortuyn. At the same time, I will share some of my ideas on how to solve this madness.

March of the Hypocrites! Pim Fortuyn demonized!

In France, we saw a solidarity march of a million people. Four million people were on the street in solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attack on the magazine and the Jewish supermarket. 

This gathering of people is similar to the march on the street in Holland because some left-wing nutcase shot and killed the future prime minister statesman of Holland, Pim Fortuyn.  

Many other people, including myself, think the assassination is an operation by the Dutch secret service. Pim is gay, and he openly admits that. Still, the majority of the Dutch population loves him. 

Pim is openly gay, but most Dutch people love him.

He was striving to win the elections. Sadly, he predicts his assassination. In Pim’s own words, he is the target of leftist media daily. Another group that constantly demonizes is leftist politicians, creating a hate climate. Many other Dutch politicians say he might be killed and die the same way as president John F Kenndy. 

Pim spoke about the ever-growing immigration problem in the Netherlands. He also mentions the Islamisation of Western European countries like France and Germany. The threat of Islam results in other politicians who compare him with Mussolini and Hitler. They portray him as a racist.

 Pim Fortuyn was against Islam and the Dutch Royals.

The height of his popularity came after a TV interview between him and an Imam: Pim says we live in Holland and have freedom of speech in this country. Pim’s words became legendary in Holland. He continues the legendary interview and tells the Imam the following. You can call me a filthy homosexual pig, which is fine. But I can say that Islam is a religion of retards. 

Pim states that Islam is a backward culture, and he spoke words that most Dutch people understood and agreed with him. In 2002, some left-wing transgender activists killed Pim (crossdresser Volkert van der Graaf, now released from prison). 

The activist needed to kill Pim as he was against Islam and used minority groups as a scapegoat. He wanted to stop the multicultural society and immigration. 

My personal opinion is that this shooter is a patsy. He maybe thinks he murdered Fortuyn, but he never fired the killing shot. The shooting is way too professional. 

It’s likely the Dutch Secret Service is involved.

I think the Dutch secret service is behind the assassination. The Dutch Secret Service (BVD) receives instruction from the real people in power in Holland.

Prince Bernhard married Dutch Queen Juliana, the founder of the Bilderberg group. The Dutch elite can not afford a bold gay wise-ass to rule the Netherlands with a right-wing agenda. Pim, the Gay man, Prime Minister, the portrait and the face of Holland. They knew he was going to win the elections. 

Fortuyn wanted to eliminate the Dutch military and air force. He openly criticized Queen Beatrix of Holland, who lived in palaces paid with the Dutch Taxpayers’ money. 

Pim said the Queen should set a good example. Pim is outspoken about other politicians who demonize him. Such as Leftist Marxist Paul Rosenmoller from the leftist party Green Left (Murder Volkerd is a sympathizer from the party). Pim clearly states that the media are to blame if something happens to him. He is smart enough to see through the bullshit. 

Defund the Military and the Royals.

The world will never permit a flamboyant person like Pim Fortuyn to become the president of The Netherlands. Pim’s first action is stopping all funding for the Military and Dutch Airforce and payments to the Royals.

He will make the same rules of immigration for the Netherlands as Japan concerning Muslims. 

Imagine he is successful. Why is the rest of Europe (world) going to ignore his success?

Fortuyn also called France and Germany a ticking time bombs. I guess the one in France just went off.

 6 May 2002: Pim Fortuyn: A democracy in shock

Pim wrote a book before he was murdered: Against the Islamization of our culture. Fortuyn explains that the Dutch fought for the separation of Church and State in Holland for four centuries. 

This separation of Church and state is fundamental as to much blood is spilled to accomplish this. The Christian religious community wants to keep its power. They would justify their blood spilled and fight by claiming God was on their side. Where did we hear that before? Let’s learn from this piece of history—the freedom of speech, the free press, and human rights. 

The political parties constantly demonized Pim Fortuyn, especially the PVDA, which finally resulted in the murder of PIM.

Sharia law in the Netherlands

Piet Hein Donner was the minister of Justice in the Netherlands in 2006. He suggested the Netherlands could constitutionally accept Sharia law. Quote: “It is a sure certainty for me: if two-thirds of all Dutch people tomorrow want to introduce Sharia. Then this possibility must exist. 

Could you block this legally? It would also be a scandal to claim this isn’t allowed! The majority counts. 

That is the essence of democracy.” A Muslim majority will outvote another decade from now and the Dutch. Piet Hein will get his wish. 

Imagine some of the “minor” hot-headed offended Muslims start throwing nuclear bombs on the infidel because they are offended. You can be politically correct to apply democracy. Still, the result is not healthy for us humans (mildly spoken).

Jump thirteen years forward since Pim Fortuyn is dead. The Disturbing “Heroes” of Dutch Muslim Youth.

Quote,” Eighty-Seven percent of Turkish Dutch youth consider it “good” that “groups fight for change in the name of jihad.” While 80 percent see “nothing wrong” with the use of violence against non-believers.

Thirty-Nine percent of Moroccan Dutch agree with the use of violence. That is a few hundred thousand potential jihadists in this small country alone”.

The Islamization of Belgium and the Netherlands in 2013

 Islamic State fears take hold in the Netherlands.

Dutch battle surge of desperate, violent Muslim refugees

Netherlands: Muslim protesters scream, “Death to all Jews.”

Dutch politician Geert Wilders aimed at Moroccans and sparked outrage.

 Demonstratie Palestina in de Schilderswijk Den Haag

I guess Pim Fortuyn was a modern young “Nostradamus” who accurately predicted the Islamization of the Netherlands. (see links, problems).

Pim Fortuyn spoke about how someone will try to kill him similarly. Like they kill Kennedy ( He would be murdered, like president Kennedy). 

The new politician Geert Wilders (on the Al-Qaeda dead list ) in the Netherlands is walking the same path. Almost all other political parties demonize him, and people publicly compare Geert with dictators.  

Pim says there should be fewer Moroccans in a speech, which is now “racist,” even while Geert Wilders addresses the same problems as Pim Fortuyn. According to Fortuyn and Wilders, Islam is the problem. Religion is extremism. It’s a sick and hostile ideology with the message to submit to God, taking away from a person’s innate power. They must punish anybody who will not submit to Islam. People get killed for the wrong opinion or spoken words.

No Problem, just an “incident” disregard warning. Keep being politically correct, the denial community!

Wilders is in the corner and demonized by the left-wing extremist from our Dutch political environment. Despite immense popularity and gaining a lot of votes, the party of Geert Wilders is still in the opposition. 

I am not saying I would agree with everything he says, but how blind and ignorant can people be? You had Pim Fortuyn predicting what would happen (13 years ago). You have video footage of Pim explaining what will happen. 

There are reports from universities like the Erasmus University in Rotterdam publishing that fifty percent of Moroccans before age 22 commit crimes in The Netherlands. Eighty percent of the Muslim youth in the Netherlands find it is ok to use violence against the infidel. 

The politicians in power are walking the same path? That does not make any sense except if people push it as a plan. Recently the son of a Dutch politician Arnoud Doorns converted to Islam.

Dutch Politician’s Son Reverts to Islam – 2014 

Do not think all those political parties are so in love with Islam, not at all. But the problem in the Netherlands, the US, Germany, and many other countries is that there are a lot of religious and political parties. When you exclude a religion, the other religions are on a slippery slope, and they know that. So they advocate for something that does not make sense, but they need their political heads above the water.

The sheep following the politically correct “leaders.” As long as they can take Assies for Instagram. Post pictures of their Starbucks coffee on their Facebook wall.

People are too busy following their favorite reality show on TV. They must watch programs like fashion police, fashion TV, and Music TV. It is of utmost importance to put photos of a plate of spaghetti or a cup of Starbucks coffee on their Instagram and Facebook. 

The latest fashion is to buy a tiny little stick for your smartphones to make better selfies—the selfie stick. A selfie has become a trend for people taking a picture of themselves to promote their beauty, lifestyle, or fashion sense through social media. 

I suggest the production of a new adapted fabricated stick should be made for smartphones. The type that everybody could put up their ass to take a picture of their behinds: assies! 

The sheeple behavior.

People walked in large groups to show solidarity, and the next dal, they started retaking assies. Or they all start throwing buckets of Ice over their heads. This is because other humans do this, including famous humans. People challenge you, and if you do not put a bucket of Ice over your head, you are a coward. 

It shows how programmed people are to follow the crowd like sheep and the latest trends. The youth is mostly only playing war video games. There are many “new types” of accidents, as many people walk into each other or a car while texting or playing video games on a “smartphone.”

 Pim Fortuyn was right!

Pim Fortuyn is correct in every word he speaks, but other politicians and media demonize him. They label him a racist and put him in a corner, eventually leading to his death. If Pim had ruled Holland, he would have made the same rules as Japan did regarding the immigration laws for Muslims, which would have avoided the situation there is now in many big cities throughout Europe. Unfortunately, the good people always get killed (Kennedy and Martin Luther King).

Always ask questions. Imagine we would never expose a hoax or discuss propaganda, conspiracy theories, and question politics.

(C) Bas Boon

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