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Khalisnokovs for picnics, Muslim killing Muslim. My previous blog suggested a new idea for the Head Hunter Network. This blog is about recent developments with Isis and courts, which are “wrestling” to convict Jihadists.

The King of Jordan “Clint” Abdullah” declares war on Isis.

The King of Jordan, “Clint” Abdullah,” declares war on Isis. In the movie by Clint Eastwood, the king quoted the “Unforgiving,” and he portrays himself as the new terrorist fighting “Dirty Harry.” 

In one of my previous blogs, I wrote about the concept of head To head TV and about a reality TV show. The idea is that Isis and other fundamentalist groups would collaborate with big Hollywood productions. 

It did not take long after I wrote my blog to witness many of my ideas becoming a reality in such a short period. I had the Network idea for a new reality TV Network. One of the items for the Network is the following subject: proposing the guillotine execution for the female suicide bomber. 

The execution of the female suicide bomber.

This scenario is with the Japanese prisoner and Jordanian fighter pilot, which Isis does not release on time. This concept was similar to what happened, with a slightly different scenario. 

The death verdict was not by guillotine, but the female failed suicide bomber was executed with another Jihad prisoner by a Jordanian fire squad. Their favorite execution weapon is the Kalashnikov.

Bas Boon Says Feeling Lucky Punk

The King of Jordan “Clint” Abdullah” declares war on Isis

The death sentence is in the name of King of Jordan “Clint” Abdullah. This is King Clint’s response after Isis captured a Jordanian fighter and used him for propaganda in the most brutal way possible. I am watching a Hollywood-style film production with a human being (a Jordanian Fighter pilot) secure in a cage and set on fire. 

Isis uses multiple camera angles and Hollywood effects to show the world their ideas and “practice” of living and atrocities straight out of the stone age/ middle ages. They represent a “culture” going backward. 

The Kingdom of King Clint reports 56 successful bombing missions within the last three days. King Clint is diminishing Isis. Wow, take that, Punk!

An “execution” too far.

CNN news, every 15 minutes, there is news on Isis and the discussion about the burning Jordanian Pilot. It reminds me of the movie title “A Bridge Too Far,” but in this case, it would be “An Execution too far.”

The outrage of the Muslim community is what the west always wanted to see. The anger presents itself for the first time on this scale. However, he who pays close attention can see that all the former attempts by political correctness media and politicians to keep Islam and religion away from the atrocities and Jihadists are wrong. 

Most Muslims are outraged because they feel it’s an attack on Islam and that what Isis is doing is non-Islamic. Most images on CNN have even Jordanian Christians in churches shown praying for these atrocities to stop.

When I played this video, a commercial came. First, it’s a shooting game, with the main image being a Kalashnikov.

Allahu Akbar

As if we need more religion and prayers in these conflicts, let us show churches, mosques, and prayers. How do you fight Isis? How do you know the enemy’s identity if they do not even wear military uniforms? Assad regime and civilians vs. Isis and foreign sympathizers, shout Allahu Akbar? 

Who’s the bad guy? What if both have a Kalashnikov machine gun and wear a black dress? Muslims have slaughtered Muslims for centuries. For example, the Shiites and Sunnis. This hate has to do with two tribes believing in another translation of the Quran (what else is new?). No mutual picnics for these two groups.

It’s similar now to Isis and Boko Haram. They want an Islamic state and Sharia law for everybody, and it all has to do with religion, do not be fooled!

Picture by “hikrcn” / Shutterstock, please show us the way to Amsterdam.

The Netherlands imported over 150.000 Muslims in 2014 from Turkey, Morocco, and Somalia.

But the madness continues. I welcome the colossal outrage the live execution of the burning Pilot caused. But why so much anger because of the Hollywood film style of bringing the execution performances to our attention? 

What is happening with all the Muslim violence in our countries in the West today? I am just watching the news from my former country, the Netherlands. In 2014 they imported over 150.000 immigrants: Muslims from Turkey, Morocco, and Somalia; yes, Somalia. “Holland loves Sunni Muslims.”

Kalashnikovs Eduction

Somalian Children are experts with the AK47.

The HHN (my former blog, the Head Hunter Network) is very impressed with the creative competition of the Radical Islamic Terrorist group al-Shabaab in Somalia. Children in schools in Somalia from 10 to 17 are participating in a Quran reading contest. The first and second place winner is an AK 47.

The lucky number three in the competition becomes the winner of two hand grenades. The previous year, the winner went home with a grenade rocket launcher.

Study the Quran and Kalashnikovs during a madrassa picnic.

This knowledge is excellent for the Netherlands as many Somali Sunni Muslims arrived in Holland in 2014. These Muslims are familiar with the Kalashnikovs. Great attributes to use at the Dutch picnics. 

Many gangs in Holland, mainly from Turkey, deal in the AK 47. Recently, in the Netherlands, many Dutch Moroccans and Antilleans are becoming victims of the famous AK47. They are also the biggest buyers of the beloved AK 47. 

Recently they arrested a Turkish AK 47 dealer and his associates in Holland, and the police found many AK 47s. The police suspect they used these Kalashnikovs in several recent killings in Holland. 

In the past, there was even a Turkish weapon dealer/criminal with the name Ali “AK 47” Gün. 

I know it will not be a problem for our Somalia Sunni Muslims to adapt to the culture in the Netherlands. Because of their excellent knowledge of the AK 47. Kalashnikov’s class starts as early as four years old in Somalia. There is plenty of work in selling the AK 47 guns and the smuggling and transporting of these machine guns with bullets that will penetrate any bulletproof vest.

Dutch Morrocans inspired by the movie Scarface with Al Pacino. Here a fan poses with some Kalashnikovs

Photo credit Dona Bozzi Shutterstock.

Nicknames for Jihadists.

In the newspapers from the last two days, we can read about Abu Abdul Rahman al Hollandi (remarkable finding the Al Hollandi). This Homegrown Jihadist from Holland fits in the Hollywood scene from the caliphate.

According to Isis, Al Hollandi bravely blew himself into pieces to become a martyr. Khalid “The Dutch Headhunter” Khalid K “the polder Jihadist,” poses many times with cuts of heads and Kalashnikovs and does not forget the social media phenomenon, Jihadi John. 

The Caliphate and the Media show a morbid form of humor, giving Beatle nicknames to the Islamic State of Islam and Al-Sham (Isis Jihadist). “All you need is love.” Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the Islamist smuggler, kidnapper, and jihadist nicknames “Mr. Marlboro” and “The Uncatchable.” 

In Canada, there is Abu Truaab al-Kanadi, the 23-year-old “celebrity” regarding Isis’s beheadings. His real name is Muhammed Ali (wow, what were his parents thinking)? 

Good news came at the end of 2014 for Nawal Msaad, AKA’ Jihadi-hottie,’ as they found her not guilty of funding jihadists in Syria. The “poor’ woman always thought her husband was working with aid convoys in Syria organizing picnics.–597214

The Netherlands is an excellent country for the free education of radical Islam.

The Netherlands is no different these days. It is only getting worse. Recently, the Amsterdam Jihadist Lofti S. can be seen in a video where he uses the “warrior” alias Abu Hanief. He drove a full truck of explosives near a bridge in Fallujah, which Iraqi soldiers guarded. The explosion is headline news in the worldwide media. 

In one of the videos of Lofti’s delusional statements, we can see the 19-year-old “Dutch” Sultan Berzel standing right next to him, still alive at that moment.

Suicide-bomber Al-Fallujah is Dutchman Abou Hanief-Lofti S. 

Isis’s statements are the same problem as any other media statements. There were no cameras when Lofti detonated himself with the car bomb. Lofti is a known radical in Holland, as many others came before Lofti. These Jihadists use these statements of suicide missions to lose the secret service tracking them. 

Like Khalid, K was reported dead. Three days later, he revived like an honest Lazarus (raised three times over the years). Some Isis leaders’ death reports are fictional characters to mislead the secret services.

Sultan Berzel (19 years old) of Moroccan descent traveled from Maastricht Holland to Syria to blow himself up near a police station. Holland’s Jihadist Yilmaz “retarded” former soldier in the Dutch army;

Dutch former Royal Netherlands Army soldier trains jihadists in Syria

On January 22, 2015, Radical Muslims Soufian Z. en Driss D (also a know kickboxer in the Netherlands). from Then Hague Holland were all killed in the Syrian city of Kobani.

The authorities in the Netherlands are known for being utterly politically correct. You would not want anybody to label you as a racist. They killed a Belgium Jihadist who recently traveled back and forward on a Dutch passport (lookalike). I guess they both had “coincidentally” a beard.

The perfect weapon for a picnic, the judge agrees.

The perfect picnic gear.

The arrests of Jihadists from Arnhem Holland Hakim B. (22) and Mohamed el A. (27) are mistakes. They are free to go, and there is no conviction for being further detained. The Dutch authorities find they are not Islamic Jihadists who plan to fight in Syria.

The Judges did not see any reason to hold the known Jihadists any longer, and there was no conviction.

The Dutch newspaper, the Telegraph, reports that they arrest both brothers in Germany. When they capture them, they own 15K cash in euros, forage caps, battle clothing, walkie-talkies, and the usual gear you would bring when going on a picnic.

I did train daily with a Jihadist, and nobody knew, not me, not the trainers, nobody.

The two brothers are known Jihadists.

Two brothers are the arrested Jihadists: Abdelkarim el A. en Khalid B. is known for being Jihadists. They both are on the international terrorist list.

The fight in Syria has nothing to do with the pick-nick gear they found. Mohamed told the judge he was on his way to Syria. He wants to help people start a new life in an Islamic country (what a noble thought, what is he still doing in Holland?). Brother Hakim wants to go on a holiday to Turkey.

He might want to meet his brother at the border in Syria to give him some gear. Hey, you should always bring your “picnic” gear. Nothing is more romantic and exciting than having a lovely picnic in fighting gear clothes. You talk with walkie-talkies near a campfire in the desert at night.

Khalasnikovs is the perfect choice for perfect picnics

Picnic with my Kalashnikov.

The 15.000 euro is to buy some Kalashnikovs with bayonets to spit roast some pork, I mean rabbits, above the campfire. Kalashnikov’s have multifunction purposes. The stock of these machine guns factory is at an all-time high! Chapeau, a french expression for well done, to the Judge who showed great understanding! 

He should have made sure they would never be allowed to return. There can not be an interest in stories of picnics from the desert. But I guess the Dutch judges enjoy these stories.

If you have some spare picnic money, get your Khalisnokov’s now, the demand is enormous!

Putin gives Kalashnikov as a present to Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt:

Badr Hari shows his latest gift, a Golden Khalasnikov; who would not want one?

There are “no” integration problems with Muslims.

There is nothing wrong with the integration problems in the Netherlands. It’s the Dutch who must learn more about Islam. The Netherlands knows a great deal about kidnappings, and we should study more about honor revenge. 

In 2003 in Almelo, The Netherlands, the justice department convicted 53-year-old Özkan G to jail time after shooting his 18-year-old daughter with a hunting rifle. 

This prison conviction will never occur at a Muslim Sharia law court. This Muslim court can understand the insult to this man’s family. He lures his daughter with a false promise to go from Holland to Turkey for some picnics. The father shoots her to protect the family from the daughter’s western behavior. 

Photo Credit: 360b Shutterstock“Excuse me, where is the way to the welfare office”?

Turkey does not have a Sharia law court, so they sentenced him to 30 years. Özkan protested, so the justice department let him go out of prison a few years ago. I guess the courts reduce his sentence by 20 years. Özkan is back in court this week as he smashed a broken glass in the face of a Dutch police employee who asked Özkan to speak Dutch to him. 

What is this Dutch policeman thinking? Why does he not speak Turkish? Does he not know this can be pretty offensive for certain Muslims?

Za 07 Feb 2015, 19:18 Ankara Turkey

Woman cuts off Man’s head after he wanted perverted Sex.

Turkey used to be a country with a decent Christian population. Now 96% of the population is Muslim. A century back, Christians made up 20% of Turkey’s people. The figure is now just 0.2%. Surely the Armenian genocide did not help trust the Muslim “brothers” for their tolerance of other religions. 

These historical facts are unknown or studied by Dutch political leaders. The same goes for the leaders from European countries (we would not want to carry the label of racist, would we).

A 49-year-old Turkish woman confesses that she cut off the head of her 67-year-old husband because he wanted sex with her as he saw in porn movies.

The husband asks his woman for sex like in Porn movies; she answers that she cuts off the husband’s head.

Their marriage is according to Islamic law. The woman claims her husband uses a lot of violence in their marriage and wants sex daily.

Indeed this was never a reason to cut off her husband’s head. He asks her for sex like in porn movies. She was very insulted. “Normally” would result in much personal anger after such an insult. You would stab, poison, or shoot the person if you are a drug user, raging alcoholic, or schizophrenic. But who would request such a terrible insulting thing (sex as in porn movies)?

She could invite him for some picnics and tactically say no to his request. But her marriage is according to Islamic law, and she takes this very seriously, so she cuts off her husband’s head with a knife. Her husband had several Kalashnikovs, but the machine guns were too heavy for her to use.

Got to cut off some heads. I am offended 

He loses his head. He had it coming, the pervert.

This husband abuses and insults his poor wife. This must take a lot of power from the “poor” wife. The 12-year-old son comes to the rescue to protect his mother. He knocks down the father with an antenna, and then mom finishes him off by taking her husband’s head. 

The 12-year-old child watches the beheading. The child knows it’s the right thing to do as he reads the Quran monthly. Great material for the Head Hunter Network. The HHN is trying to approach her for an exclusive interview: Head Hunter Network. 

Network, Head For A Head, John Kerry Says Not To Use The Word Islamic! 

Australia avoids terror Attack: 11 February 2015

The Media reports the police arrested two suspects who planned a terrorist attack in the name of Isis. I guess the “Hollywood” film production of the Jordanian fighter pilot is gaining popularity under team delusional. 

In the building the police entered, they found hunting knives, a machete, and a self-made ISIS flag. They find a video with a testimony of one of the suspects who admitted they wanted to make the attack. 

On Tuesday, some Australian citizens possibly avoid a beheading, but police won’t confirm that part yet. I hope the judges in Australia have an understanding of Islam. Like the suspects in Holland with the AK 47, these suspects only wanted to go for picnics in the woods. Another rumor is that the family can not get a royalty deal from the HHN network for streaming the beheading live on the HH Network.

Muslims vs. Muslims Hooligans Heaven

Egypt soccer match goes ahead despite clashes that killed at least 19 fans.

A licensing deal is almost complete for more awesome footage for the Head Hunter Network. The Network is currently negotiating with the Egyptian soccer leagues and several Egyptian hooligan groups. 

Muslims killing Muslims during soccer matches is much in demand these days. Incredible footage of Muslims who kill “Hooligans” and the sight of big piles of shoes after the soccer riots. This looks like a picture from the Auschwitz death camp in 1945. 

The soccer match Al-Masry and Al-Ahly left more than 70 people.

Previously a riot match between soccer team Al-Masry and Al-Ahly left more than 70 people dead three years ago in Port Said City. The Head Hunter Network did not exist at that time, but this time The HHN agrees that the hooligans and specific soccer teams will get Machetes. The Network found multiple sponsors for this. There is also a bonus who can cut off most of the heads. 

The original idea was to hand out sponsored Khalasnikovs which the Khalasnikov company is willing to do. But the HHN board chooses machetes as it is a more brutal and a better fit for Isis and the target viewers.

Embrace yourself 2015 is going to be a significant breakthrough for the Network. I guess Dutch Feyenoord and Ajax hooligans are “quire singers” if we compare these to Muslim hooligans. They have a far more aggressive way of fighting. Both Islamic Hooligans have Allah on their side. When the insults fly back and forward, then they have to kill.

HHN would sponsor swords, knives, and machetes.

The HHN is negotiating to contract “Bagdad Bob” Ali as the permanent anchor for the Network!

Iraq’s Comical Ali.

I miss the TV performance of the former Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf of the Iraqi Ba’ath party during the Iraq war. He is fresh in my memory because of his unforgettable speeches and positive attitude. His sarcasm, humor, and performance prove he is the century’s propaganda specialist. He is the perfect fit for the Head Hunter Network. 

While the allies bomb Iraq back to the stone age and the whole news studio is shaking, Ali reports that the Iraqis successfully defeat the infidels. Oooh, I can’t wait till the HHN starts broadcasting. So excited to be living in 21st-century broadcast technology these days.

HD quality plus the effects portray real-life medieval torture and atrocities, all in the name of Islam. It is the death of the horror and psychopaths movie genre business. All the above events happened in less than a week.

It’s showing peace in all directions.

Islam’s religion of “peace” define Peace as?

Muslim-majority countries have violent conflicts, Muslims killing Muslims and their neighbors or creating havoc in the countries they are living in now (failed integration). 

The media and politically correct power figures like Obama, who repeats on TV that Islam is a religion of Peace, are utter bullshit. Importing more Muslims into European countries is utterly insane as well. The historical events and the current state of affairs prove those facts. 

The above report is my opinion on the current “world” news headlines from the last week; unfortunately, it is only getting worse. There are more and more foreign fighters joining Isis. Other Islamic terrorist groups are rising, especially after the execution of the Jordanian Pilot. Live broadcast of a person burning to death—a Hollywood-style production with full coverage worldwide. 

Records sales for Khalasnikovs during this Jihadist year because of the daily propaganda in the worldwide News headlines.

Belgium Jihadist on trial whatever the sentence it won’t help.

In Belgium, 47 Jihadists are now on trial (just another “incident” this week), and the press coverage is vast. Whatever the sentence for this Jihadist will be, it will not help. 

The media is promoting Isis, and Islamic fundamentalism, as do countries’ politically correct leaders. It will accomplish nothing if you convict all 47 Jihadists with five years in prison. The news coverage’s damage is because it creates publicity for the Islamic political agenda. 

This resulted in another army of foreign Islamic lunatics fighting for the Islamic state. It leads to more homegrown suicide attacks. All in the name of the religion of “peace.” With Khalasnikovs on every street corner. Islam, compared with Peace, is like nominating Adolf Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Kalashnikovs song. Kalashnikovs are also great birthday gifts.

Islam Invites Pedophiles, Political Woke Correctness.


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