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Debate 2020 Biden Uses Fine People Hoax” Vs. Trump. Fake News, Chris Wallace, and Joe Biden Keep Promoting Racism by using the “Fine People Hoax”!
Controversy about the answer of Donald Trump when asked if he would condemn White Supremacist.

Here is what happened:

Chris Wallace should have asked: Mr. Biden, you stated that you started campaigning to become President because Trump called Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist Fine People (Charlottesville). Wallace should have continued like this: Mr. Biden, you also made campaign ads with the same “Fine People Hoax” this Hoax has been debunked because of Mr. Trump’s following statement in the same interview. Mr. Biden, do you not feel you are promoting a hoax and falsely accusing Trump of being a racist (Wallance did not do this)?
Quote President Trump after he said that there were fine people on both sides of the statue (Charlottesville Fine People Hoax):
“I’m not talking about the Neo-Nazis and the White Nationalists because “they should be condemned totally – but you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists,” okay.
The Hoax is that the Fake News deliberately omitted the clarification in the same interview and made it look like Trump called Neo-Nazis and White Nationalist Fine People.

Back to the debate:

Trump’s attitude to Wallace and Biden promoting this debunked Hoax was: “ooh no, not again.”
Wallace: Are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacist and militia groups?

Confusion and Accusations

Trump’s answer: Sure

Then Wallace and Biden, together, challenge Trump once again to say it.

Trump: how would you want to name these people this time? Now things get confusing as Trump is agitated about Wallace and Biden using a debunked Hoax, and indeed, he should have answered the accusation in a different matter. 

Trump points out that the 100 days of rioting in Portland and many other parts of the country had zero to do with White Nationalists and Neo Nazis. This question and acknowledgment by Biden of the “Fine People Hoax” is why Trump reacted in such a way. How should we name them this violent “protest group “? What do you want to hear? The Donald does not hear Biden or Wallace asking again to condemn White Supremacist one more time. This happens after answering Wallace with the word “sure” the first time Wallace asked the same question during the debate. The reason was that Trump simultaneously tried to answer the debunked Fine people Hoax.

Trump said that it was clear that Antifa played a massive role in the violence and had nothing to do with White Nationalists. Biden’s reply: he claims this is not true; Antifa is just an idea (a lie). Maybe Biden should tell this to Antifa?

Trump Made a Mistake in My Opinion.

Trump should have first cleared up the fine people hoax and answered that the Fake Media left out his clarification where he condemned Neo Nazi’s and White Nationalists. He should have answered Wallace the following way. Trump: screw White Supremacist and Nazis, like I said many times. That would have been loud and clear instead of answering Wallace with “sure” (I still can understand Trump why Trump responded the way he did, being the fatigue of the “Fine People Hoax”).

Understandably, Trump got confused and agitated while debating Chris Wallace and Biden simultaneously.

Wallace should also have interrupted when Biden claimed his addicted son Hunter never got a billion + from China and 3.5 million from the major’s wife in Moscow (we all know this is true). A future president lying about such a thing should be a huge issue (nothing in the Press).

Hillary did it.

Trump was sharp in bringing up the following:

Which peacefully transfer are democrats and the Fake News referring to?

  1. Russian Collusion Hoax from the moment he won the election
  2. Ukraine Hoax
  3. Impeachment Hoax
  4. Fine People Hoax
  5. Kavanaugh Hoax
  6. Tax Hoax
  7. FBI Hoax
  8. Bleach Hoax
  9. Soldier Hoax

The establishments, Fake News, Celebrities, and Intelligent Agencies have relentlessly attacked Orange man Bad since the people elected him. Trump was the illegal President, and people claimed the Russians helped him. We know “The Russian Collusion Hoax” was all made up (the Steele Report) by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. CIA director (Trump hater) John O. Brennan acknowledged he briefed Obama about this. We now even know that Hillary paid for it.

Which “Peaceful” transfer of power?

When asked if Trump would accept a peaceful transfer of power, Trump answered: As long as the election is done fair, I will have no problems giving up the presidency.

An excellent point Trump brought up is the mail-in ballots. In the US voting history, more than 80 million people have voted by mail (Blank Absentee Ballots in that quantity have never been tested before). The same postal service backed up by Joe Biden was indeed a disaster in the making.

Another strong point by the President was that people are suffering from the Coronavirus crisis in many different ways because of the lockdown: people’s stress, divorce skyrocketing, violence, domestic abuse, financial suffering, and suicide. And nobody talks about it.

People like Wallace, Democrats, and Fake News keep racism and diversity alive in the US. The constant cherry-picking of racism and using a debunked hoax to keep promoting hatred is sickening and frightening at the same time. Donald’s press secretary said the riots were good for Trump. It is undoubtedly true as people are sick of this lawlessness and BLM and Antifa taking over cities, looting, shooting police officers, setting fires, and destroying properties.

Play by the Rules?

Why would The Donald play by accepted debate rules if he debates the Fake News Wallace and Biden at the same time?

Trump condemned Neo-Nazi and White Nationalists multiple times. The Fake News did not report this to keep the racist narrative alive (keep doing this even today).

When Trump repeats his condemnation of white nationalists and Neo-Nazis, the Fake News will claim,” Trump is too late with the statement and does not mean what he says.” The Press is dead.

Deep State in panic. Did Trump set a Dominion trap?

(C) Bas Boon

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