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Baby Kato Snake Battle Grandfather Catches a King Cobra. Kato is almost two years old and has his first encounter with an enormous snake.

After a storm, the snakes come out.

A storm in the Isan caused a wall to fall at the Kato Boon Family Pig farm. Because the wall fell, reptiles, rats, and other creepy crawlers came to service. While #Kato is playing near the collapsed wall, he spots a snake. While producing this video, I suddenly freaked out seeing Funny Baby Kato with an enormous serpent wrapped around a stick Kato was using.

I immediately stepped in and ensured the snake was dead, wounded, and had part of his head buried under a rock. Safety first, not knowing what kind of snake it was and Baby Kato Boon nearby, I ensured I terminated the reptile’s life.

Kato Boon picks up the snakes and knows that a family member who helps me produce the baby Kato YouTube series is afraid of serpents. Never before has Kato toughed a snake, but he picks up the snake. He holds his head towards the person behind me and tries to scare him. Baby Kato is not two years old yet and can barely speak but perfectly knows people are scared of reptiles. Time for Kato to take advantage of his enormous snake catch. Mama Rak is not amused.

King Cobra at KatoBoonFamr Number Two.

Kato Boon Family Pig farm two, we find the Papa from Rak caught a King Cobra. When we arrive, you can see the respect the grandfather of Kato shows for the serpent. The bite of the King Cobra is the most potent snake bite of all venomous snakes. Unfortunately, baby Kato is not afraid of snakes.

Over 2500 people a year die from snakebites in Asia, and many more end up in the hospital. A teaspoon of this venom can kill ten humans and, people said the bite of a Cobra could kill an elephant and, it has.

Kato got a good lesson when he saw that nobody would approach the trap with the King Cobra inside. Baby Kato would also stay away, knowing and feeling there were instant threats and dangers. Papa Boon sleeps after a long and hot day until Kato shows up with another “reptile.”

Spearfishing with comical Kato Boon, papa Bas saves a puppy.

(C) Bas Boon

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