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Deep state in panic? Did Trump set a “dominion” trap?

What happened on election night?

Opinion: Joe Biden got fewer votes than Hillary and Obama in every single state except for four states: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin, these four states Biden destroyed Obama and Hillary’s vote count. The guy in the basement who is “sniffing” kids, he allegedly raped a woman. Son Hunter taking millions from China, Moscow, and Russia, left his laptop with porn at a repair shop, a story censored by the fake media (The New York Post Twitter account got blocked). Biden defeats Donald Trump, Trump, who held five rallies in one day, filling up five stadiums.
The election was totally “normal” Trump just won Florida, Ohio, and Texas till suddenly the democrat run swing states all held the “big pause’ they stopped counting. One excuse to stop counting was a water pipe that broke (but no report of a broken pipe by any repair plumbing company, only the fake news reported this).
At 4 am (after the great pause), suddenly 100K votes for Biden pop up (not one single vote for Trump), counties forgot to upload data, pre-dated ballots pouring in, 25K ballots with the same signature, poll watchers kicked out and threatened, memory sticks and laptops stolen, voting machines connected to the internet, vans full of voting ballots delivered in the middle of the night, dead man voting, total chaos.
Seven districts in Milwaukee alone reported higher than 100%+ voter turnout, some over 200%.
The GOP loses zero house seats (gains seats).
Biden mail-in dumps with over 100% margins
Glitches’ reports in the voting machines’ software change votes for Trump to Biden (apparently the software loves Biden) similar for house and senate candidates.


Did Trump set a trap?

Biden outperforms senators in the swing states but underperforms in VA, NH, RI.
Biden underperforms in Obama cities except for PA, MI, Wi, GA.
What if there is a much bigger scandal than all this fraud?
Four years long, we get bombarded by the media with the Russian Collusion Hoax, The Impeachment Hoax, Ukraine Hoax, Fine People Hoax, and above all, Obama weaponized the CIA and FBI. They spied on the Trump campaign, the FBI and Fake News falsely destroyed the reputation of General Flynn and others and abused the FISA court. There was never a peaceful transmission of power by Obama, just a formal meeting with Trump for the cameras and a big fake smile.
Trump had to fire many deep state swamp creatures such as James Comey and Andy McCabe from the FBI. Evidence was destroyed or withhold, and four years long, Trump was pressured by the intelligence services and fake media and named a Russian agent and Putin’s puppet.

Don’t underestimate Donald Trump.

Despite all these relentless harassments, lawsuits, and fake news spreading daily anti-Trump propaganda, Trump went to work and accomplished many promises he made to the public. One of Trump’s stunning performances was appointing tons of conservative judges, and the crown of his presidency is appointing three conservative judges to the Supreme Court.
Trump knew getting into the elections; the Democrats would try to steal it. His Twitter account gets censored, so it became a public delay censorship campaign from big tech and the big social media platforms to ban conservative publications. So here is what we know, Trump even spoke during a rally about the super corrupt state of Pennsylvania.
What if Trump prepared? What if he set a trap? What if this trap would expose voter fraud and directly prove links to Obama, deep state officials at the FBI/CIA, and Hillary Clinton?

Project Veritas USPS whistleblower.

PV had a USPS worker come forward who signed an affidavit that he saw and heard a superior instruct worker to backdate voting ballots. He went on camera and told his story. He then was approached by a biased Fed who tried to scare him without a lawyer present, but James O’Keef weaponized the USPS worker with a recording device, and it was clear the FBI agent get exposed to illegal interrogation tactics. Then the USPS worker went on tape again, claiming he never recant, and later O’Keef made the whole unedited recording public. The Washington Post and all other fake news propaganda outlets stayed with their bogus story that the whistleblower fabricated the story, but O’Keef has the proof and would win this case in court, and the Washington Post has zero proof just propaganda.
The sad part is that a day later, the title of the New York Times reads “the times called officials., there is no voter fraud”? All established in less than one week after the elections while after four years, we still hear Russian Collusion without a shred of proof.
What if Trump prepared this month ahead? What if he pulled a James O’Keef?

This is what could have happened;

Trump knew that a CIA used (Obama worked with this) a project called “the Hammer / Scorecard,” (explained in my previous blog) which used a software program named “Dominion”. The voting machines with their software were used to change elections abroad and for other illegal purposes.

Trump worked his ass off and sometimes did five rallies in one day, and the Democrats knew that basement Biden would be crushed. The fake polling numbers attract more investments for the DNC but, above all, make the planned steal not apparent to the public.
The Dominion software works best when programmed to switch votes up to 3% (too many people would notice more glitches above 3%).

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about all the other voter fraud I previously mentioned, and none of these officials have a clue of what these voting machines were programmed to do. They just thought Trump was Hitler and committed voter fraud. This is how most brainwashed sheeple by the fake media justify their illegal actions to make Biden president-elect.

These voting machines are used in many states, but Trump just did what Trump does best, belief in the power of persuasion, and “only” works 20 hours a day to inform his supporters through massive rallies. After Trump spent a few days in the hospital recovering from COVID-19, he became the Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Superman all at once. He was unstoppable. Everybody knew Trump would win his re-election against sleepy Joe Biden. Biden showing himself in public a few times crawling out of his basement to speak to some empty parking lots.

Red Tsunami

The red Tsunami was so massive that even 3% in many states where the dominion software was programmed to switch votes from Biden to Trump would not change the outcome for Biden winning. It became evident that some of the swing states suddenly stopped counting while Trump was ahead in all those states. The mail-in ballots would be counted last in some swing states. Batches with 100% only for Biden votes to appear out of nothing sounded the alarm bells. Now poll watchers were no longer allowed in the Democrat running counting office even with a court order; the Republican poll watchers could not see the ballots. Arizona is still counting. They must have hired two dyslectic illiterate grandmas to count the remaining ballots. Florida did 10 million on election day, Arizona does about 10.000 per day?
What caught my eye was the tweet of President Trump and Trump Jr.

There are whistleblowers from people within the (first-hand knowledge) dominion software company (even democrat) who were so disgusted they became whistleblowers. Maybe Trump knew this and just let everything unfold the way it did?
If you would like to become an admin for these voting machines, here is how you do it. A woman on Twitter shows how easy it is to become an admin of one of those voting machines in under two minutes.

Another whistleblower made pictures of the LAN/Wifi connections within a vote counting facility and he signed an affidavit that voting machines were connected to the internet. The software is partly from China. The devices and software are connected to the Clinton Foundation (what are the odds)?
We know that the media chose Biden and is pressuring for Trump to concede. Instead, Trump made several lawsuits, and it probably will end up in the supreme court. That’s a court which he appointed three conservative judges, that supreme court the democrats claimed they would stack with democrat judges.


If I made a bet, I would bet on Trump.

(c) Bas Boon www.basboon.com

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