Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Tooth Pain and Kato Boon Puts Sexy Shoes in Hog Poop. Papa Bas Boon is explaining some daily routines at the pig farm. Mama Rak describes why she is “massaging” the back of pigs. Kato decides to “borrow” Mama Rak’s shoes, causing his usual havoc.

The son of papa Bas has a new destination for sexy shoes and hog poop, while Pam is crying from severe Tooth Pain. Kato’s nephew Pam has been complaining about a ToothPpain for a few days and is going to the dentist.

The dentist’s advice is to stay at home and take some paracetamol. When Pam returns home, Bas decides to take Pam to the hospital. The face of poor little Pam turned into a balloon because of tooth pain, and a blind person could see he had a massive infection.

The doctors are grateful he did as Pam has to stay and will have to get surgery. Papa’s son misses Pam but is not allowed to visit Pam in the hospital because of the Covid19 situation. After five days in the hospital, the Kato Boon family starts to worry, will Pam be ok?

Unfortunately, the best lesson to learn for children to brush their teeth is a painful experience at the dentist or the hospital. Will Pam and Kato Boon start brushing their teeth before they go to bed?

Red Ants “fire ants” Attack Funny Kato Boon

(c) Bas Boon

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