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Papa Boon wrestles a Funny Pig at their Family Farm. Wrestling a funny pig was not in the KatoBoonFamily script. The family found a new home in the Esan, leaving behind the luxury Boutique Garden Villas in Pattaya, Thailand.

The KatoBoonFamily left Pattaya for the Esan in Thailand. Bas found somebody who rents his gym and some of the homes, time to go for a new adventure.

Bas Boon learns about farm animals. Papa Bas is learning about pigs and is showing the latest pig, which he named Rocky.

Pig “Rocky” is almost four months, and his father made many pigs pregnant. It’s breeding time at the KatoBoonFamily farm, and Papa Bas explains: Rocky is muscular and has massive testicles for future success.

Pigs guidance.

Producing this YouTube series is more complex than working with pigs. The collection of pigs with huge testicles is fantastic.

Sometimes after working with the pigs, my laptop smells like pig shit; it makes me laugh. Papa goes to clean the stable and the place where Rocky the pig lives. Papa Boon ends up on the ground. How will this end?

AI / YouTube decide that the video “Papa ba wrestles a pig” could not be public. This headache makes me become an expert in SEO and AI. I want to know what my opponent is. It is like a fight; you study your opponent and what his weaknesses are. You make a battle plan to win the fight game. This is what separates the winners from the losers.

After you watch the video, it will put a smile on your face (sarcasm alarm).

This video is hilarious and should get a reward, not put on private.


Papa Bas thinks about his travels around the world to many islands. What a prestigious life he lived. Has this come to an end? A must-see episode of the KatoBoonFamily, educational, funny, shocking, just life.

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