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Kato Boon Funny Food Fear Fails. Funny Kato Boon fears food and fails to eat any regular food, another hilarious episode of the KatoBoonFamily

#KBF32 It’s been too long for Papa Bas and Mama Rak to visit a nice restaurant. A new sushi restaurant opened in the small town the KatoBoonFamily lives.

Mama Rak decided it was a good idea to go to the restaurant. Unfortunately, nobody can take care of little Kato, so he comes for dinner. Papa Bas predicts a catastrophe as Kato cannot sit still for one second and only drinks milk.

Sometimes funny, Kato eats some nuts and fruit. Any other food he won’t eat, and you can expect a tantrum. Kato fears food. He developed a food phobia. Mama Rak quickly regrets her optimism in bringing Kato to eat food outside the door.

The restaurant turns into Kato’s playground. It does not take long, and the last few customers leave the restaurant in a “hurry.”

Parents know!

Parents know exactly how difficult children can become, especially regarding food. It would be a hypocrite only to show the perfect behavior scenes. Papa Bas Boon explains at the end of the video that he can’t judge and be too harsh on his sons, as when he was a young boy,, he misbehaved in a fancy restaurant.

It is funny to watch the resemblance of Kato Boon with his father, Bas Boon; it’s like watching a mini Bas. The scenes where Kato refuses food are sometimes hilarious and recognizable.

As a parent, you know that children are the best to test your patience. If you are about to become a parent, this is what you could expect.

Funny Kato Boon though lesson fails, Piglets Alert.

(c) Bas Boon

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