Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Happy New Year, Funny Kato Abuses the word No/Mai

During the New Year’s celebration in Esan Thailand, Kato is planning some good intentions. Kato Boon is wrestling with his first words as a toddler, but he can say a happy new year.

The word “No” is Kato Boon’s favorite. In Thai, “No” is spoken as “Mai.” Kato promised that he would always listen to his parents for the new year and not use the word No/Mai anymore.

Kato Boon says three times happy new year but does not understand the word “No”/Mai when Papa and Mama use it. Surprisingly when funny Kato Boon refuses to come of a ladder or is disobedient, he can produce more No’s /Mai’s than anybody.

In this episode, we also see Kato riding a motorcycle with his dad. They are enjoying the new years’ celebration with their family. Get ready for a laugh, happy new year.

The hilarious situations where Kato say no no no is priceless, any parent will recognize this.

It’s hard for children the moment they learn words and how to interpret these words. When papa Bas Boon says no, Kato does not understand papa. Of course, Kato understands exactly what papa means, he is just an actor.

Happy New Year

No in Thais = ไม่ (Mị̀)

(C) Bas Boon

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