Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

KatoBoonFamily Funny Waterpark Adventure Drama.

Papa promised to go to a waterpark with funny Kato Boon but is afraid of a waterpark drama.

The Kato Boon Family still decides to visit an improvised Esan funny Waterpark on the weekend. The children love the water, and Kato Boon is having a blast.

The KatoBoonFamily is on the move. When the family arrives at the Waterpark papa Bas has a hard time keeping up. Kato Boon climbed the highest waterslide in the waterpark and showed no fear of heights, being only two years old.

Despite many warnings from papa Bas Boon, there is no way Kato is giving up. He has to win and get his way dominating the KatoBoonFamily

When the family is ready to leave the waterpark, Kato refuses. The drama starts and Kato makes sure the people in the waterpark witness his drama loud and clear. The KatoBoonFamily usual portion of Kato drama occurs.

When the family finally arrives at their home, Kato calmed down and showed brother Conan his best side. It is always good to be back home. You would think Kato would sleep immediately after his ADHD performance at the waterpark, you are wrong.

If you like to laugh and see more of Kato Boon check out this video, his greatest fails. This compilation video from Kato Boon from the last year is good for some great laughs, check it out.

Kato is re-living his waterpark drama when he is home, diving of couches. Papa Bas Boon is playing a little longer with Kato, but Bas is very tired himself after this water park adventure drama.

When he does finally sleeps with brother Conan Boon they look like angels wrong again.

A real KatoBoonFamily day out with many funny moments.

(C) Bas Boon

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