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Donald Trump, the King of Media, why will he win? The reason why Trump won the Media Hype and Social Media (uncensored). The GOP presidential race has never been more exciting than in the last couple of decades with the run of Donald. It is a perfect example of an individual who knows precisely how to play the media game. He has me as a fan. Everybody should pay attention to The Donald. 

The reality TV star of the apprentice takes the political landscape by storm. What people should understand is what TV does to the majority of humanity. The propaganda minister of Adolf Hitler, Joeseph Goebles, a media expert, once said quote :

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people eventually will come to believe it.” The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the lie’s political, economic, and military consequences. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent. For the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie. And therefore, by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” 

I do not say what Trump says is a lie (I am a fan) but repeating his message is a strategic method.

Donald knows how to trigger human emotions.

Media Slogan: Make America Great Again!

Now let’s look at Donald Trump. He is an expert in media appearances and one of the most successful reality TV show hosts in the history of American television. For example, look at The Donald’s appearance in the Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Alabama. He enters the stadium with over 25.000 supporters with the music from Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama. 

Music is also essential to put your image and message in people’s minds. The next time they play a song, they associate this with Donald Trump. Indeed the Donald leaving the stadium with Twisted Sister’s song “We Are Not Going To Take It” is all carefully planned and not coincidental. 

I wonder when we will ever have a politician using the song all we need is love. But apparently, the words peace and love are not what most sheep voters are familiar with. Good people like John Lennon, Kennedy, and Martin Luther King get shot and are murdered. 

Let’s hope the Donald does not step too much at those psychopaths’ toes! People love entertainment. If Matt Hughes would fight in the UFC, I first think about the country song from Hank Williams Jr: A Country Boy Can Survive!

Bomb the oil fields to cut off the money supply to Isis.

Take a stand for what you believe!

Trump was attacked by military generals on CNN and asked their opinion about bombing the oilfields and taking the oil from Isis to stop their money flow ( solution from Donald Trump). These military generals went to war because their military intelligence said there were weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq, which was a lie. 

They went to war because 15 Saudi hijackers parked their planes in the WTC. What did the US do? Did they go to war with Saudi Arabia? No, the generals agreed to go to war with Afghanistan and Iraq. Did they bomb oil fields and secure oil fields? No, they bombed Iraq’s infrastructure and entire cities! There is no way to win a war with these “strategies.”

These are the generals who talk on CNN saying you can’t enter a sovereign country like what Donald would suggest. Next time they bring up this subject, Donald slaps them around the head with this statement.

Sometimes bankruptcy is necessary and healthy!

The bankruptcy of the Donald.

The bankruptcy case of Donald had been discussed in the press, and Donald’s response – he used the possibilities within the law. Now that is a healthy situation. If you can’t pay your creditors anymore, you go bankrupt. 

Look at Greece. They’re getting the third bailout and then paying their previous debt interest off with bailout money a few billion to the ECB bank. It’s madness. Therefore, running a country like a healthy business is not a bad idea. 

Adolf Hitler did not want to work with the banking system and use the Rothschilds and British bankers. He started his note for work and barter deals system, and the nation became the strongest within five years. At the same time, all other countries were still suffering from the 1929 Wall Street Stock Market Crash and worldwide recession. 

Bad example, but a correct statement,

Don’t get me wrong. I’m afraid I have to disagree with many things Adolf Hitler did. But there were things he was right on point about. I realize quoting Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels should never be used as a persuasion part ( thanks for the advice in Scott Adams’s book “Win Bigly”). But shocking and waking up the people and creating attention sometimes requires a different approach. The general rule for persuasion: don’t mention Adolf Hitler (negative or positive meant) in the same sentence!

The Donald at work catches media headlines daily.

Then there is Megyn Kelly, the Fox TV anchor who was unfair to Donald (sure she was), but when Donald fires back, it’s an outrage.

They tried to catch Donald and proclaimed he was a woman-hater. If I look at his current wife and ex-wife, I must say he has excellent taste in a woman and must be a woman admirer.

“One of the things people love about you is that you speak your mind, don’t use a politician’s filter,” Kelly said. “But that has its downsides, in particular when it comes to women. You call women you don’t like ‘fat pigs,’ ‘dogs,’ ‘slobs,’ and ‘disgusting animals.'”

Everything the Donald touches becomes Media Hype.

Donald Trump replied: “Only Rosie O’Donnell.” Bam Media Hype!

Recently another tweet of the Donald: @megynkelly must have had a terrible vacation. She is really off her game and was afraid to confront Dr. Cornel West. No clue on immigration!” The media and Fox TV to make statements again and: All with special thanks to Megan! Bam Media Hype!

Lawyer: Donald Trump called me ‘disgusting’ for a request to pump breast milk


A woman comes forward with a breast pump story, and Donald publicly states she wanted to feed her baby right before him by breastfeeding the baby. Bam Media Hype!

The controversy used for personal branding the master at work!

Senator Mc Cain’s heroism was discussed and questioned by The Donald. Bam Media Hype!

Donald is putting out the mobile phone number of Lindsay Graham during one of his speeches on TV. This was the response:

Gawker publishes Donald Trump’s mobile number – and tells readers to ask him about his ‘important ideas’ Bam, Media Hype!

Trump’s response, thanks for the publicity. Do not forget to listen to my auto-response when dialing the mobile number. It has an important political message. Bam Media Hype!

Indeed the last stunt with the Univision’s Spanish Journalist being removed from the press conference. But then is allowed in by the Donald will be the next media hype to be seen with the Donald at the center of all the attention.

The win is for Trump in the end.

Potentially, half a Billion dollars for Donald, not for his campaign but himself.

People should realize that it has been said multiple times in the press that Donald has a 500 million dollar lawsuit against Univision. Trump even mailed his contract to the media to show he has nothing to hide and will win this case against Univision. 

People should understand that Trump is already playing some of his hands, warning lawyers, especially judges. Those judges are going to be very careful in judging a case (Univision) with the involvement of the possible future president of the United States. Trump is creating a win, win scenario.

Trump does not need lobbyists.

This is another great advantage for The Donald. He does not even need to take 1 dollar from lobbyists (he publicly denied a 5 million dollar gift in the media). Donald cancels his TV Apprentice contract and gets a present for politically correct stupidity from Univision. They are going to bleed.

I would suggest Danna White from the UFC, Vince McMahon from the WWE, and Don King from Boxing to take a seminar with The Donald on how to work with the Media (Ok, I would love to be there myself as well).

Herbey is an example of my own experience with the mainstream media.

Bas Boon Says at Sonja Barend at Barend & Witmann

How my brand became famous.

I had my experience with the media at a young age, especially during the rise of MMA. I remember a TV interview with a famous Dutch TV talk show host named Sonja Barend in a program from Barend & Witteman (known for her left-wing views). 

The interview was after I had held my first Cage fight on Dutch soil and the media hype was at apocalyptic proportions. Never as a promoter of fight events did I have that much free media hype for an event I promoted! 

My timing was also perfect as no other sports events or big headline news took place. My Cage Fight Event from Emmen Holland topped the charts. It became a political question, and the discussion took hours in the Dutch parliament.

They argue that kickboxing and MMA are barbaric blood sports, and our culture is going backward. It should be forbidden. The result is a sold-out show with tons of international media present with live broadcasting and tons of revenues in TV footage and ticket revenues.

I learned Media Training by observing and witnessing the results.

I noticed something in one of my first TV appearances: how they set up interviews with candidates to attend the TV show Sonja Barend. They will call you and ask you questions: would you say this and that on TV? They will try your emotions with specific questions, and they are looking for characters who are pro Cage Fighting and characters who are against it. Stereotypes are likewise also engaging. What to think of a Cage fighter and promoting such a show? 

When I was present during the live studio broadcast, the following happened. They had one of my cage fighters who was scheduled to fight the following show answering some questions. 

They ask Gerard Gordeau, one of the participants in My Cage Figh Tournament Championships, to explain why he molested a burglar that broke into his car and how he wanted to demolish somebody in a Cage. 

After that, it was my turn to give my opinion. The problem was that the Cage fighter would be allowed to talk for 15 minutes (pretty much all negative), and I would get less than 1-minute airtime to talk about this. What is also very important is to speak in a friendly, relaxed way and not get annoyed or frustrated, which would make you look aggressive (I learned this later from a professional). 

The next show was with Katherine Keijl, another Dutch TV personality. By now, I learned, I stayed relaxed and answered politely with timely answers and opinions. They invited a politician, a woman who was strongly opposed to MMA fighting. But she had no media experience and started shouting and interrupting my answers. This made her look unprofessional, and she lost her audience. Now I was getting more time to speak, and even women in the audience applauded me. I learned how to play the game learned how to win.

Jacobse en van Es – De hele teringzooi van De Tegenpartij

I remember two comedians in Holland named Kooten en de Bie, and they were doing political sketches during their shows. One of their sketches’ names is “De Tegenpartij,” which means the party of the opposite. 

When the Dutch went to vote that year, tens of thousands wrote “De Tegenpartij” / part of the opposite) on the voting paper. Kooten en de Bie’s Tegenpartij was not a political party. But tens of thousands voted for them. If they had been severe, they actually could win the election.

It all has to do with communication, being relate-able, humor, and not being a dull political puppet whose voice is controlled by the big corporations. Those days are over except when Big Tech censors or shadowbans, you and the Fake media align with the big corporations. Then any guy who lives in a cellar and never hardly campaigns will be elected president.

I can’t wait till Donald Trump becomes president. Even better, his wife would rock as the first lady!!

Big win for the Kickboxing Sports and interview with Bas Boon

Voter Fraud, Trump voters, would like to see digital audits.


(C) Bas Boon www.basboon.com

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