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Chinawood, my first negotiations with Billionaire Bruno Wu. I want to congratulate Bruno Wu from China on the creation of Chinawood👍👍 and a phenomenal first quarter in 2018 earnings for Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc. (NASDAQ). Well done! The first billionaire who I negotiated with regarding the Golden Glory trademarks and Glory World Series “almost made a deal” Bas Boon.

My trip to Beijing, China, after the invitation of Mr. Bruno Wu

It was in the downfall of K-1 that FIKA from Bruno WU in China should have brought new light to Ishii’s organization.
Mr. Ishii called me and invited me to go to Beijing, China. Bruno Wu, the owner of seven-star entertainment, was a big fan of Semmy Schilt. So, I went with Semmy Schilt to China. WE talked a lot together, especially about his new venture, “Chinawood.”

We walked the great wall of China and visited the forbidden city. It was crazy to go with Semmy. He is recognized everywhere, and people are not shy to ask for a picture.
We were treated like kings. The food was from a different planet, so good. Not your local bami pang hang. While we were eating and having negotiations, we were entertained by a performance by circus athletes.

I think Bruno Wu had a lot of interest in Semmy Schilt for his future Chinawood plans, which he later executed.

Chinawood Calling: Bruno Wu & Tianjin Plot $1.2 Billion Film Complex

The China deal went sour.

I guess Tanigawa with FEG could not present the correct paperwork for Bruno Wu. The media Mongol decided to back off. But we kept in contact. This resulted in me going back several times. I almost made a deal. We already had many negotiations, and a 27-page term sheet was the result. We tried to make a deal for the trademarks of Golden Glory and the Golden Glory World Series and how things would have turned out different. The real reason is crazy how FEG screwed this deal; you can read this in my book “The Fight Game Mafia.”

Bas Boon and Semmy Schilt with Chinese fans in front of the forbidden city in Beijing.

I made a deal with another billionaire Pierre Andurand.

In the end, I ended up making a deal with Pierre Andurand, and I was glad I did. I still have good contact with Burno Wu, and we did some minor business when I was president of Glory. He is an extraordinary person. Bruno and his wife are the Opera Winfrey in China. The Golden Couple. I wish them well in these turbulent times. The launch of Chinawood is exceptionally successful. Bruno will be fine.

Fighters and Hollywood, can they become successful actors?

(C) Bas Boon

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