Sun. Dec 5th, 2021
Once Kato and Conan Boon were babies

Once we were all babies highlights Kato Boon Conan Boon and how fast babies grow up.

The birth of Conan Boon triggered me to start this YouTube Channel. Baby Conan was born in July 2020 in Esan, Thailand, right in the middle of the pandemic.

I started editing and produced the first video. I edited myself and made the video with the title “New-born baby Conan Boon first trip home meeting brother Kato Boon.”

As the KatoBoonFamily channel got over two million views within six months, reaching 10K subscribers, I have more and more fans asking for Kato Boon and Conan Boon’s footage at birth.

So, I decided to combine Kato’s and Conan’s babies’ footage and added this with the first video I made. The first production, “New-born Trip,” I edited at the end is because it is the HD quality version and the right format.

At the beginning of my YouTube adventure, I made tons of mistakes (I still do, but I am learning).”
Another problem I had is that YouTube flagged the music I bought for the first video as a copyright violation.

I did buy the music rights. but could not find the certificate anymore, a wise lesson learned (better archiving). I numbered this baby’s video #1 as it was the beginning of this channel and the start of a new adventure.

A must-see for people who are expecting a baby and enjoy life.

Enjoy this additional lovely new edited footage of Kato’s and Conan’s birth and their first months as babies.

(c) Bas Boon

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