Sat. Dec 4th, 2021
Red ants attack Kato Boon

Funny Kato Boon is in trouble again poking around in red ants’ “fire ants” nests, they are pissed and attack Kato.

Papa Boon thought it was an excellent idea to make a video about the red ant.

Several times a week, ants’ eggs are on the menu for KatoBoonFamily members. In Thailand, the eggs of fire ants are a delicatessen.

The video will show you how the uncles from Kato take the eggs out of the ants’ nest, these fire ants are built in trees. Kato is getting curious and escaped under the watch of mama Rak.

It does not take long for sheer panic to break out when funny Kato decides to shake up the bucket with red ants. The result is that everybody gets stung, and a lot of oohs and aahs.

Do you know an ant named “Jack Jumper” causes more deaths amongst humans than snakes, wasps, spiders, and sharks combined?

Ants can lift 50x more than their weight, and they are considered the “hoovers” clean team of our planet.

Ants eat everything. If you do not get cremated, there is a good chance the last thing crawling through your body is ants.

“Aroy” in Thai means delicious or very tasty, “mot” in Thai means ant, and “cut” means stung in Thai.

The red ant is also named thesaurus, fire ants, red fire, ant nest, fiery red, fire red, frame red
Incredible footage of red ants eat everything including an attack on funny Kato Boon

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