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Andrew Tate Influencer or Fraud? Answer this Question. The new internet sensation is Andre Tate. His controversial statements about women bitches and others people’s girlfriends have the internet buzzing. Cleverly, Andrew is portraying himself as a self-made multi-millionaire and a success story.

He has a short life story of how he started with the sales of TV advertisements and later started a successful webcam business. The one was “bitches” to use one of his terms, who worked for him.

I have no problem with none of all this. The start-up capital I gained at age 17 by fooling thousands of students into paying me 50 euros. Details are in my upcoming book “The Fight Game Mafia.”

I decided to do some digging, and there are discrepancies, to say the least, in several of the stories of Andrew Tate. Is he a fraud? For example, he talks about being a heavyweight kickboxer in many online videos on different media platforms. As a producer, manager, and promoter of many of the first prominent European televised Fight shows, I had never heard of Andrew Tate.

Which promoter paid you 100K, for which fight, when, where?

The self-proclaimed most genius and handsome man on the planet says that a promoter paid him 100K for a fight. I think then this must have been the title fight. In this video, I will ask Andrew some questions about this. Now he could have exaggerated the amount times 100X. Maybe he meant 1000 dollars and made it into 100.000. Or it was maybe 10K, and he added a zero. Is he a fraud? Let’s find out.

It is weird for Andrew to say he only wants the best and the rest of the world are pussies. But his videos do not seem to impress me. Heavyweight Kickboxer, it looks like 80kg. Maybe he is a heavyweight now. It would be interesting to know which promoter paid him 100K, for what fight, and when.

That does not mean I do not like much of his videos. Here is why. I think as humans, we need to be provocative. I will show this in a few videos, giving Andre Tate some of his own medicine. Like Andrew, my first YouTube channel was removed (later re-installed). Many times videos got flagged, put on private, or deleted. If Andrew exaggerated his fight purse, it does not make him a fraud. Or exaggerating about the weight class, he performed as a kickboxer.

Always on edge. I had a similar situation with Tik Tok. One of the videos was where my son of 4 stabbed (with a scissor) a plastic pool was considered dangerous according to Tik Tok. It would help if you swallowed much from an animal rights activist as an influencer or entertainer online. Then there is the LGBTQ and hate speech “police,” the offended, and the Obese community. Antifa, BLM, supremacists, the list is endless.

Viral video erased.

My viral video on Tik Tok of over two million got erased. I had two viral videos on YouTube with my channel KatoBoonFamily, but they were put on private and got an age restriction. A video where I wrestled with a pig and pig breeding. It had 200.000 views in 10 days and was moving towards 40 to 50K views per day.

The good thing is. We have the gift of making viral videos. Now it’s just finding the balance not to get De-platformed. It does not make us a fraud but active producers.

I also had a suspension from Instagram, hacked accounts, lost accounts, payment issues, Facebook problems, Google and Youtube algorithms issues, and shadow bans.

I do not think Andre Tate or I had an easy road on the digital entertainment highway for a second. It is taking punches, and knockdowns, a daily battle. Often with losers (correct term of Influencer Andrew Tate) who do not even have one uploaded self-made video. Just comments and complaints about their daily lives. If anybody is a fraud, it’s anonymous keyboard worries with one follower.

It is a significant achievement what Andrew Tate did. His hustlers’ university sounds negative. But in the end, every day is a hustle, a struggle, and a fight to make ideas work. We humans need to try new things. We must explore the digital world and all its possibilities to the fullest.

Andrew “Dracul” Tate, is he afraid of the Dentist?

It is mindboggling that the self-proclaimed most handsome and intelligent man on the planet has rotten teeth. He looks like a rodent. In my next video with questions and tips for influencer Andrew Tate, I ask about Andrew’s appearance.

He buys a ten-million-dollar Bugatti but somehow, his teeth look horrible. His small round volleyball head sticks out strangely on a neck that is too thin and long. I understand Andrew also wears those sunglasses in places with no sun. Probably he has these tiny little piss-holes of eyes with a crappy color that are empty.

I have often been to Romania, where Andrew Tate, the influencer, lives. The nightlife was incredible, and there were no lies from Andrew when he talked about the Romanian girls. I always had the best times at the Marriot in Bucharest.

Then already noticed I stood out with my brown face and pearl white teeth. Being on TV with world-famous fighters did also help a lot. Those were the golden times. Dental hygiene in Romania is not amongst the world’s best. This bad mouth hygiene in the country where you live now could be why Andrew Tate is comfortable running around with rotten and misplaced teeth. Maybe you don’t care because of Dracula, blood, and energy-sucking vampires whose historical mythical home is where you now live.

It is tradition for the influencer Andrew Tate to say; I do not give a fuck, I don’t care.

Remember this, Andrew, if you ever brush your teeth, it will make you think about the brilliant mastermind Bas Boon. I planted this seed in your head, a golden tip to make more and better business deals.

You want to fight Jake Paul, another YouTube celeb who has some names to his credit of people he fought. Why not own a fight show, be the promoter and producer and sell the franchise as PrideFC and the UFC?

We will meet in the future. Andrew, I have some Billion Dollar projects and ways to make this happen. The sky is the limit when you have the same smile as me. You lived like me now in Thailand. The land of smiles. Let’s laugh at the world but take care of your teeth. I want a Tate with a Hollywood smile. This smile with white teeth is essential for the Andre Tate TV show. Future Billions are at stake, and more women will attack you. I know.

Check out my video and give the world an answer with a new mouth full of beautiful white crowns.

My view was at the immense big Nicolae Ceausescu palace. The place inside is completely nuts. Some say you could put the giant pyramids of Giza inside. Those were the communist times in Romania. One bloodsucker vampire communist Ceausescu, set in his golden place when the rest of the Romanian people starved to death.

The fact that Andrew Tate has some interest in Romania casinos and his story of how he achieved this is good for him. I dealt on a much higher level. When you were a teen, I brought the K-1 to Romania, where the deal was established with Pro TV. I dealt with fighters like Ghita, the Romanian president’s bodyguard. Yes, Andrew, there are more handsome and more connected people on this planet, and one of them is me.

I have a lovely story about Romania. We opened our first Golden Glory franchise gym in Romania. Yes, influencer Andrew Tate, I have a lot more, better, and more hilarious stories to tell than you. That would be hard to believe, but some people did much more. Check out this link from my upcoming book “The Fight Game Mafia.” The word fraud is not in my vocabulary.

Win-win situation.

We will meet in the future, Andrew. I am sure of it; you are not afraid of anybody. We are in that same category of fearless people (unless you have a dentist phobia). I understand you are asking to fight Jake Paul. But there is no value for him in that fight, except you are a media personality like him. He will choose Mc Gregor 100x over influencer Andrew Tate. However, the media value and promotion as two YouTube influencers battle will be excellent if you are a promoter and producer. If you accept the fight on boxing terms, you will lose, but like MC Gregor vs. Mayweather, it’s a win-win situation. It would help if you learned how to work around this. I have some golden tips. Promoter Simon Rutz said once; that Bas Boon is in the top 3 of completely fearless people. I do not believe you are a fraud, but like Trump, you exaggerate and, by doing that, gain attention.

Who are you?

Some ask after reading this interview, who are you to criticize? It does not only blame but a lot of compliments. Reread it. Well, google Wikipedia or:

Eureka from Transberg Capital; Bas Boon is a suave entrepreneur with a business mind that switches between wall street and a street hustler. You see, Andrew, that name (hustler) and a title not claimed by me but given by others.

Daisuke Teraguchi K-1 director: Bas Boon could sell ice cream in the Nord Pole and Sand in the Dessert.

K-1 founder Isshi Kazuyoshi: Bas Boon is a genius.

Dana White: If Bas Boon says we can make a deal, we certainly can.

Enough bragging, get some dental work done, Andrew Tate, and brush their teeth. Keep making the videos. Watching your videos is fun and informative, and entertaining. That’s an excellent job!

Glory Kickboxing is a Billion $ franchise in the making.


(C) Bas Boon www.basboon.com

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