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Terror in Paris “Muslim” France, Frantic Muslim extremists shouting Allah Akbar killed a dozen. The Islamization of France well on its way!

The Prophet Mohammed just fed fresh human blood after a bloody attack on a French Satire Magazine.Twelve  people got killed and more wounded in a shooting incident at French Satire magazine office.

Charlie Hebdo attack: 12 dead at Paris HQ of French satirical magazine

The Media reports multiple shooters uses Kalashnikov machine guns to spray a rain of bullets at the people at the french magazine. According to eye witnesses two masked men entered the building of  where the weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo is based. The magazine did not hesitate to print cartoons of the prophet Mohammed. In 2011 the first attack was made at the editors of the magazine when a firebomb exploded after the magazine printed a character of the prophet Mohammed.
The shooters deliberately aimed at employees of the magazine Charlie Hebdo and knew their names according to the report.
So far 12 people have been killed and 5 have been wounded, authorities waiting for confirmation on the exact number of casualties and wounded.

This is why CNN and all the newspapers in the U.S didn’t broadcast or print the Danish comics, they were afraid of a “minority” group of fundamental Muslims attacking their businesses.
There were many riots in France during the 1990’s but the big outburst came in 2005
The national French police wanted to arrest six French youths of African or North African origin a politically correct term for Muslim. Just don’t dare use the term Muslim this could stir up a shit storm. The African or North African origin suspects tried to hide near an electrical box which was broken and this caused two suspects to die by electrocution and the other African of North African origin youths were severely burned.

Teenagers torch cars in France as riots turn violent
This was the start of riots in many cities in France From the 3rd to the 16th of November 2005,  some cities in France turned into a war zone: thousands of vehicles (40.000 that year) were burned many people from North African origin have problems with ambulances and vehicles and like to start fighting with these vehicles or set them on fire, I think it helps to cool down their rage, sadly several people were killed and thousands arrested. Many French policeman were severely wounded according to the policemen they were attacked by North African origin groups. Maybe some of the North African origin people have stocks in car insurance company’s, this would actually make sense.

Driver shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ hits crowds of pedestrians in France, 11 injured

French president Sarkozy suspended eight police officers for beating up a suspect they had arrested, surely the media was faster than light by spreading images of this act of police brutality on TV which resulted in more riots.
On 16 November, the French parliament extended a three-month state of emergency in the entire country  ( it ended on 4 January 2006) the purpose was to curb the riots (spoken very politically correct). This was of course a minor incident and caused by some “minority”  youth groups of North African origin.

French actor Roschdy Zem made a “politically correct statement about the riots according to him the riots were hyped in the media. The media said that the riots were caused by Muslim youths with integration problems:
Quote: “Making of those riots an ethnico-religious affair seemed to me particularly disgusting. When railwaymen are blocking France, nobody goes search further as their demands. Take any Norwegian or Swede, inflict the same life conditions [as those of some French banlieusards] on them and I can assure you that they will end up burning cars too..

french muslims attack police,cops,men in france
The BBC reports: Quote “”Islam is seen as the biggest challenge to the country’s secular model in the past 100 years”. The BBC reported that the French society has been in denial and made a practice of hiding. Plenty of signs of racism, classism and xenophobia, failure, separatism, Muslim ghetto’s and massive integration failure.
The majority of French media kept things “politically”correct”, direction centrale des renseignements généraux found no Islamic factor in the riots

French Police Shoot, Kill Man Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ while Stabbing 3 Officers Inside Station
Integration policies all over Europe are a farce!
Since 2008, the French national institute of statistics, INSEE, reports that 11.8 million foreign-born immigrants + descendants (born in France) lived in France representing 19% of the country’s population ( millions of illegals Muslims and family reuniosn are not reported). An estimated 4 million of those are of Maghrebi origin. In the CNN report regarding the terrorist they claimed France has 5 million Muslims, they should do some more research!
French City with 40% Muslim Population is the Most Dangerous City in Europe
The Islamization of France in 2013

British Islamists Protest Mali Campaign: Hollande a Son of Pharaoh, Islam Will Dominate France

The left wing and the politically correct will never admit that there is a clash of civilizations going on in France and other parts of Europe. The integration policies is a farce and it is used by politicians to demand large amounts of money from the government to so called help the integration of muslims in France which just continues to fail year after year. The left wing anti-racist subsidized groups keep growing along with their salaries and pensions. The so call “activist/ social workers” thinking very socially about themselves.
Burka Ban Violence: French riot police attempt to defuse confrontation over Muslim face veils
The new French president Hollande a left wing socialist, wants to tax the rich more which led to many people fleeing the country.
France approves Francois Hollande’s 75% ‘millionaire tax’
Imagine you worked your ass of and twice ended up in the hospital with a heart problem and failed arteries because of running a multi million dollar business. Socialist Hollande comes to power and takes 75% away from you, ( last push to get your final heart attack) you who worked 20 years 7 days a week with practically no holidays to set up your company. The 75% tax money is then divided towards the African or North African origin people who have problems getting a job and have families with 12 children or more. Does Hollande really think the French people would stay and stand for that?

The result:
Portugal is just one of the countries where rich French find a new residence, there are many more countries. The result of Hollande’s tax implications are disastrous for the less smart business entrepreneurs that have stayed in the country.
As for those cowards who attacked the weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo. There was never a picture or image of the prophet Mohammed ( forbidden by the Quran) so why worry if some cartoonist or magazine prints a picture ( you know its false) ? The picture is always false as nobody knows what Mohammed looks like. Even if somebody puts a name of Mohammed under whatever sketch they make, just don’t buy the magazine, stay cool and do not make other Muslims look stupid by killing because your ego is hurt, because you are offended. Mohammed did not or order you to kill people neither did a book called the  Quran. Seek professional help when you have delusional images and hear Gods voice in your head, you have a serious problem and you bring peaceful Muslims in a very difficult situation. 

Every Friday thousands of Muslims (“small minority group”) shut down the streets of Paris to pray. Is Sharia Islam destroying French culture? 
If you would like to visit Paris and going to the famous Moulin Rouge at the Boulevard de Clinchy , please do not forget a bulletproof vest, helmet and two bodyguards and make sure every 5 seconds to look over your shoulder to see if the “media” does not try to attack you. Make sure you learn Arab as this is the spoken language on the street by the “minority” group of French youths of North African origin. But have confidence and do not worry soon it will not be called a “minority group” anymore. For the French people, please read a little bit of history about Lebanon where more than 100.000 Lebanese Christian were killed after the Muslim people took over the country, these killings were done by of course a “minority groups” of North African origin.

France riots erupt
Shooters shouting Allahu Akbar, shopping windows are penetrated with bullet holes, broken glass everywhere, screaming and loud machine gun fire from Kalashnikov’s It’s shown on TV The repulsive images how one of the Islamist executes a policeman in the head. I’m curious how the French people and politicians handle this in a politically correct way without insulting the minority group of delusional lunatics. The whole integration policies in Europe is a pile of rubbish and  nonsense, this message has been kept alive for political correct reasons and now the small “minority groups” have grown  in some cases to 50% of Muslim Inhabitants in French cities such as Marseille. France is not France anymore, but hey just to stay politically correct and do not even say the word Muslim and certainly do not print a comic of a prophet that nobody has seen before as this insults some ”minority” groups of Muslims. CNN Kerry: it is not a clash of civilizations, yeah right, the same CNN that did not show those cartoons, show some balls and stop speaking this shitty insulting politically correct words, they are empty, meaningless and above all very insulting to the deceased caused by the outburst of extreme violence against the freedom of expression by fanatic lunatics from the so called religion of peace ( minority group)!

Check this out Jim Kerry its been going on for years what do you mean not a clash of civilization?Jews Fight Back Against Muslim Mob In Paris

Don’t worry about this videos were we can see the “minority” of “extreme” Muslims at “work” in France and Moscow( just some minor incidents nothing to worry about).
Not only France has a Muslim problem check this out from Moscow Russia

“Minority” Groups Of Muslim Caused “Incidents” Of Genocide In History, The “Bin Laden” Monk And Private Bank Religion.


Quote: Salman Rushdie onTerrorist Attack In Paris.

Religion, a medieval form of unreasoning, when combined with modern weaponry becomes a real threat to our freedoms. This religious totalitarianism has caused a deadly mutation in the heart of Islam and we see the tragic consequences in Paris today. I stand with Charlie Hebdo, as we all must, to defend the art of satire, which has always been a force for liberty and against tyranny, dishonesty and stupidity. ‘Respect for religion’ has become a code phrase meaning ‘fear of religion.’ Religions, like all other ideas, deserve criticism, satire, and, yes, our fearless disrespect”.

Islam at the workplace

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