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God’s Current End of the World Prophecies, but Bas knows were to hide!

Planet Niburu, Zombie Apocalypse, Asteroids, Supervulcano’s, Sun flares, Radiation, Nuclear Holocaust, Tsunamis, The Four Horseman “ The Bible”, New Ice Age, Global Warming, Famine, Disease, War, Viruses, the list is endless, the end is near we all are going to die. Welcome to the end of times, you better be scared, you better pray, you better follow the course of doomsday peppers (history channel) and lots of praying, because soon it’s the end of times and you get, sick, hungry, infected and burned by the suns deadly radiation, hit by an asteroid, volcano, tsunami, nuclear bomb or a terrorist. We can not leave out the war on terror.

 We humans have a tendency in predicting and fearing dooms day scenarios and to back this up we quote translations from the so called “holy” books. For me it does not make sense, Jesus father God let his son die in agonizing pain on the cross for the sins of mankind ( because god “loves us” he needs some violent events to satisfy his ego, what’s more cruel then sacrificing your own son?). What people did not know is actually God flipped his finger to his own son because he was a rebellious alcoholic. God pretended he cared for human kind and he promised his own son he would die for the sins of mankind, but the truth is God did not give a crap. Jesus suffered and died for nothing and things only got worse from the day he died. The disciples of Jesus only spread the word of Jesus mostly to the poor, uneducated and dumb people: to give up their belongings to the church, making the Vatican one of the richest and powerful institutes in the world.

People should understand that fear is big business.
 Trillions of dollars in the fear business today, some examples are:
The 9/11 terrorist attack, resulting in two wars and a huge military defense budget approval by the united states congress. For the sake of fear, people giving up their civil liberties, so the government and God (for the praying community) will help them.
You better pray and be scared, pay more taxes so the government, God or some special institute will protect you against the next world apocalypse.
Picture by Renata Sedmakova Shutterstock.com
Doomsday prophecy’s going wrong:
2012 was the end of the Mayan calendar and ooh boy did the propaganda machine make a scene. Hollywood was leading the pack with the movie 2012,
The Essene sect of Jewish ascetics predicted that the Jewish would revolt against the Romans in 66–70 CE they spoke of the final end-time battle. By the authority of Simon, coins were minted declaring the redemption of Zion.
Quote: The angel explains to Daniel that the meaning of the visions will remain undecipherable until the events of the End of Days itself:
“And he said, ‘Go Daniel, for the things are closed up and sealed until the end time.” (Dan 12,10). The holy book from the Jewish believers is not much different, it is vague about the date. The best way to keep people scared for a long time is to keep an open ending. Like the war on terror, it never ends and cannot be won.

Lots of doomsday scenarios lately are based on the alignments of the planets, blood moon etc, surely throughout history we found multiple prophets who just do not seems to get the date right: John of Toledeno said this event would occur on 1186, we are still there, I guess God wanted to see us sweat just a little more.
Pope innocent the third predicted the world would come to an end 666 years after the rise of Islam. We passed that period now and God is laughing and adding another 6000 years for his amusement (he loves humans to be scared of death).

The black plague was considered to be the end of times.
In 1346 the black plague was killing almost 200 million people in Europe and was considered the sign of the end of times. Just imagine living in that period , no TV, radio or internet and people dying everywhere, darkness, the smell of death and the screaming of the helpless. Surely they would assume everybody on planet earth would die, but we did not! God’s ego on the other hand became universally big, the dying and living had never delivered so many prayers to him, God had an erection for a whole year. God was pleasantly amused, it turned out it was the rats that were spreading the disease leading to the Black Plague. God had nothing to do with it (many on earth said he had) except watching the suffering of all these infected humans. Them little rats causing hundreds of millions of people to die and live in fear and above all pray to him, like they never had before.
It all happened while God was busy in constellation Bullshit, with planet Imaginary. God was throwing lightening and let it rain for 45 days to kill the inhabitants of planet Imaginary (he is pulling a Noah on many planets in the universe, one of his favorites) as they had not prayed to him enough.
God thought to himself the universe is strange, I do not get enough praying from the inhabitants of planet Imaginary and suddenly, I get overwhelmed with prayers from earth. It reminded God of what Buddha said; karma.

God pulling a Noah in the constellation of Bullshit at planet Imaginary
In the year 1600 we had Martin Luther who predicted the world would end no later than the 1600 ( surely it was all egocentric attention seeking prophets, who would predict the world would end in the century they lived).

Columbus did not predict the end of the world but did deliver violence and disease.

In the year 1656 Christopher Columbus the guy who according to our history books discovered America predicted the world would end around 1656.
That’s no surprise to me as Christopher Columbus’s crew was responsible for bringing smallpox and Christianity to the Americas, killing 90% of the population, whipping out an estimated 100 million humans. The Church had a huge opportunity during this apocalypse, they were running around with crosses, conversing the native into Christianity and spread the word of God, after the virus whipped out the majority of humans. I guess if you have smallpox any attention is welcome for believing something better is going to happen when you’re, lying down in excruciating pain choking on your own blood waiting for your death.

God loved human sacrifices really loved the Aztecs.
The Aztecs also lost half of their population to small pocks and the other half too aggressive gold seeking Spanish Christians who claimed to have god on their side (Hernan Corte, Spanish Conquistador 1506 of 1507) . God was very amused, he loved the Aztecs, they gave him a lot of human sacrifices and female child’s blood offerings. This was like hardcore porn for God, the end of the month highlight, cut out hearts and chopped off virgin children heads. First God enjoyed all the suffering and the bloody fights between the Spanish and the Aztecs, then small pocks disease and war mongering Christians destroying the Indians. God realized only when it was too late, the Aztecs pretty much all died of viruses and holy violence. No more Aztecs virgin child blood offers was the result , so God though by himself, I got too exited I shot myself in the foot with this one, bummer.
Prophet John Wesley founder of the Methodist Church was wrong.

In the same year the Fifth Monarchist (radical Christians) predicted the world would end. They have Six thousand churches 70 million members worldwide.
John Wesley founder of the Methodist church wrote that revelation 12:14 referred to years 1058-1836 “the return of Jesus Christ”. But Jesus did not come, so no end of the world.
Wesley was pissed and when he met God later when he died in 1791, he said what is this for bullshit. I got you 70 million followers and I spread your message of the end of the world and you made me look foolish. I had to bullshit my way out of that one and still got you 70 million devoted followers, sheep, despite the fact that I looked completely retarded to my “sheep” followers when the world continued to exist.
God’s answer: My sincere apologies, I was caught up in this plague death situation in the Americas at that time, so many prayers and blood offerings, I forgot to tell you I would postpone the date for worlds end. My apologies here are some virgins and I will make sure that in 2002 you are mentioned in the top 50 of the top 100 of most famous Britain’s ever. Don’t complain now, look to your left down their, you see those burning humans down there and smell the rotten burned flesh? Just for you to know, I control hell as well so don’t give me attitude, I am God and divine remember that.

The Mormons must be disappointed: 
Its 1835 Joseph Smith founder of the Mormon church, spoke to god one night and God told him that Jesus would return 56 years after 1835, he did not, but the Mormons community likes to forget this chapter as the man in power really like to keep their multiple wife’s. God was far from amused, he said you were doing so good we could have had so much more followers and prayers by printing that newspaper in 1844. Why would you tell those guys you were fucking the 16 year old girl (who was a member of your church), the daughter of the person in charge of printing ? I could not stop the bunch from killing you even while you were in jail. But I will make an exception as you did promote a lot of sex with children and obedience and marrying multiple wife’s, therefore I will have your followers see you as a martyr. Btw I loved how you forced that rule for everybody to be shaved under the banner be clean ( you could have shaved those beards as well, but I forgive you for that). The man can have multiple woman no age mentioned, the woman should shave all their hair everywhere, nothing better than a bald pussy.

TV preachers are very skilled at spreading the word of God, they have an open communication line on a daily base with the divine. In 1980 Christian Coalition founder  Pat Robertson guaranteed his audience the world would end in 1982. Pat admitted that God told him a day after all life should have ended and that he misunderstood God’s words. God said all life will end in 1982 if he would not receive enough prayers that month. The communication line was not great that day and Pat did not hear the last part, he felt pretty foolish.
God’s Church minister Ronald Weinland, writer of the (2006) BOOK “2008: God’s Final Witness” hundreds of millions of people will die the year 2008, the United States will collapse as a world power, and no longer exist as an independent nation.” The book propaganda selling point:  “Ronald Weinland places his reputation on the line as the end-time prophet of God. Publishing books about the subject is always a great way to earn money and spread the message of fear.

Nostradamus made some predictions that did not come true, but many of his predictions were quite accurate including his prediction of the second world war and Hister which was Hitler.
Not only the religious are doomsday prophecy preachers: Astronomers are lining up as well through history with false predictions, doomsday scenarios with planets like Niburu and other collisions with comets and asteroids that did not happen. But patience everybody I predict now with absolute certainty, the end of the world will happen somewhere in the future, have a little patience, a disaster will indeed come.
Religion and the prediction of the end of times and many interpretation problems.
God loves sarcasm and pulling pranks, he has a morbid sense of humor, he told his own son the world would end 2000 years ago. Jesus was resurrected according to the book and guess what, we are still here.
According to the Bible the “End Times” Should Have ALREADY Occurred!
Surely the Christians from today will deny this, kind of logic otherwise their whole bible and faith would be worthless, it is going to take a few more decades before they all know it is completely bullshit. This is a smarter way to keep people fearful and in sheep mode:
Matthew 24:36 (“No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven) this would be typical for God and the writers of the bible. Keep the prediction vague and open for imagination, do not mention a date, it never fails.
The Jewish “holy” book.
The Jewish have the same written in their holy book, not mentioning a date for the end of times and just a vague description. An open ending for everybody’s interpretation and ooh we humans have a wide range of delusional interpretations.

The Quran “holy” book.
Quran: Quote: “God is the Knower of the future; He does not permit anyone to unveil such knowledge. Only through the messenger that He chooses does He reveal future and past events” 72:27 .
“When the horn is blown once. The earth and the mountains will be carried off and crushed; utterly crushed. That is the day when the inevitable event will come to pass” 69:13-15
“The Hour has come closer, and the moon has split” 54:1
Splitting of the moon, well humans walked on the moon in 1969. Like I thought no date is mentioned for the end of times, all religions have a very irritating way to not reveal the end of times. We are kept in fear for centuries but our “holy” books can not even mention a date or a normal way of formulating a sentence understandably for everybody? Seems to me the writers were drunk and they all nicked certain writings from other holy books to fit their own version.
What about Hindu end of the world predictions?
What about the Hindu’s: Quote “prophecies in the Manu Srmiti and other BOOKS indicate the exact date of the end of the Kalki Yuga and the coming of the Kalki Avatar. This date, 1844, is also the year of the beginning of the Baha’i Faith. Therefore Baha’is believe that, faithful to the promises and prophecies recorded in the Hindu holy books, the Lord has now manifested Himself again in the form of the Kalki Avatar”
Well they past that date, but it is similar to the bible, the return of a Messiah will be when a guy arrives on earth named Kalki. He might be already here on earth, just enjoying the misery of human suffering right now live in person and therefore life on earth continued.
 The More logic approach of historical disasters and explanations.
In the last 150 years we invented aviation, the automobile, light, TV, internet, mobile phones, modern medicine etc. Now just picture this scene: On December  26 2004 An earthquake in the Indian Ocean causing massive tsunamis killing globally an estimated 300.000 people.
Japan’s earthquake & Tsunami in 2011 – Shocking video – killing 18000 people. Hurricane Andrew August 1992, August 29, 2005 both hurricanes combined causing thousands of deaths and hundreds of billions of dollars in damage. Nuclear Chernobyl disaster 1986, its unknown how many really died   in the aftermath of radiation and contaminated food in all Europe, some say the number is aprox 50 million.
None of these mountains paid ECO tax and damages for their CO2 pollution

Here is a list of Volcano eruptions wiping out almost all human kind starts with the lake Toba eruption in Indonesia end result is estimated 3000 people left on earth alive.
Plenty of doom scenarios and horrible events effecting hundreds of millions of people and in some cases the whole humankind.

Modern day Scenario and propaganda!
Now picture the following scenario, in the early days there was only word of mouth to pass on stories and information, there was no communication over great length, no good way of fast transportation and if 250.000 people died because of a terrible tsunami, 100 miles away from the coast where it would happen, life is just as normal as any other day.
People had no knowledge of natural disasters and what people do not know they fear or try to explain as supernatural and divine. Today we have internet, TV, satellite TV, radio, mobile smartphones, YouTube, more news faster than ever from every little corner of the planet. Take the above disasters and make a highlight video of the worst moments, screaming burning people running and begging for their lives, huge title waves tsunamis destroying everything in its path. Radiation burnings of children in close up and lots of war stuff from the achieves of the first and the second world war. One push on the button and this propaganda highlight of end of the earth scenario promotion video goes viral. Every time there is a pandemic like Ebola, Swine flu, Bird Flu, the plague it’s the end of times and we are remembered on the four horseman by many biblical preachers. Hollywood is spitting out 2012 and the film Noah. The history channel is producing the Bible story, the greatest story ever told.

Watch this and you will know we’re in END TIMES!

It’s all bullshit, if we would follow a text from   the bible it should be:
Quote: God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”
– Genesis 1:28 (the rest of the chapter)
That is exactly what we humans did and while we are growing 7 billion strong now in 2014. We are building massive coastal cities as we love to live near water. I have news for human kind, since the beginning of time the weather changes. This natural phenomena is called nature, so if the earthquake from December 2004 would have occurred 2000 years ago. Maybe 10.000 would have only died and the survivors would tell a story of the was sea splitting ( Moses) in two and God made the earth shake. Great misery would follow and pestilence and disease, which they actually witnessed that time after a tsunami or earthquake would have occurred or an volcano eruption. More and more humans live on this planet at every corner of the earth, we even have a space station and are thinking about building a base on Mars. So if we are building on the fault lines of Volcano activity like the San Andreas Fault, I can predict now that San Francisco and California will be hit by a huge earthquake in the near future, no divine advice needed.
At least two Billion humans died since the crucifixion of Jesus and God did nothing! 

The summarize: since the death of God’s son Jesus who died for the human sinners there have been at least two billion people that died due to natural disasters, wars, hunger, diseases, murder and rape and God did absolutely nothing. But he did show us a sign like in New Orleans. If there is a god he is one cruel SOB. If you want to escape the wrath of God, make sure you live in/near the red light districts of your cities and communities. New Orleans was hit by Hurricane Katrina and destroyed everything except for the red light district ( its a sign). God loves whores and sex. Hide out and be fruitful and increase the number, fill the earth and subdue it. , Amen to that.

Do what God says and hide and multiply in the red light district.

Motörhead – Whorehouse Blues 

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