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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Is seems that Trump’s ally Brazil’s President Bolsonaro is leading the charge in the fight against Covid-19 “cure for virus approved”.

Why is Brazil low on the Corona-virus crisis list? Brazil Covid-19 numbers as of today 30/03/2020 are 4256 infected, 136 death (population 220 million).Anvisa (Brazil’s FDA) approved a new formula of the drug chloroquine (approval attached).Brazil’s president Bolsonoro applied a ...

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#WuhanVirus, Lies, Manipulation, Propaganda, WHO/CDC “Human Errors”, Incompetence, but there is hope, here is why:

I am writing this blog from my farm in the South of Thailand distancing myself from this pandemic and waiting for my new son to be born in a few months! I am surfing the internet and speaking to sources ...

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The “planned” Chinese #Wuhanvirus – The WHO / CDC world domination!

The “planned” Chinese #Wuhanvirus  –  The WHO / CDC world domination! In January 2020 I had a conversation with a hedge funds manager about math. I knew my friend was a brilliant mathematician as well as my father. I followed ...

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