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Does the Government conspire with Elon Musk to destroy Bitcoin?

Billions of dollars go up in smoke when Elon Musk makes an announcement he will no longer accept Bitcoin as payment for buying Tesla cars. According to Elon Musk Bitcoin is not using enough renewable energy and therefore harms the environment.

I started trading cryptocurrencies

I recently started trading in Crypto Currencies. The Crypto community is fascinating with people on YouTube like @MMcrypto and DaVinci, “experts in investments and Bitcoin” who openly showed their trades, how and why, and when.

It is nice to follow them on social media, in one week, I was up 20K following their lead.

Suddenly in the last few days, the market was more volatile, with big “whales “manipulating Bitcoin for the need to obtain huge gains.
Yesterday I learned about stop-loss etc, and it worked fine when the big Kaboom came because of the Announcement on Twitter of Elon Musk.

I do not consider Elon Musk as not informed on the subject of cryptocurrencies, he is up to something

Since I started the KatoBoonFamily YouTube Channel, I stayed out of politics and deleted my pro-Trump tweets and Facebook post.

My own business is in Esan Thailand with my family, far away from American politics. But even here, the environmental mafia of the US has its reach.

The people who blame everybody for their failure and laziness got into my pockets.

I know some Thai people learned about Cryptocurrency, poor farmers, and working girls making some money on the side to support their families.

My family got enthusiastic so did many of my friends. Most of that enthusiasm came to an end because of the bogus tweet of Elon Musk. I knew something was brewing, starting with his tweet about DogeCoin.

I was greedy and paid the bill

It should have set up my alarm bells, but I was in the winning mood, the perfect flow so I ignored the warning signs. I ended up losing half of my winning of the first week, which is not so bad.

But many Thai people and other friends I know lost everything. First of all, I blamed myself for being too greedy and not taking profits on time (hands up).

However, there is more to this attack on Bitcoin, and it could have a ripple effect.
Other companies could also want to “virtue signaling” or being bullied into dropping Bitcoin as payment for doing the so-called right thing.

This would push Bitcoin and other altcoins into the abyss.
Now I am a fan of Musk.

I like his grotesque thinking and acting on it; nothing is the impossible moto. The public should realize that Musk’s success has a huge tie to the government who paid billions in subsidies for environmental reasons. Musk claimed he did not sell his Bitcoin and therefore made a loss, what if Bitcoin will go up again?

Musk gets a subsidized jackpot from the Biden administration and makes a fortune on Bitcoin (later he can claim that Tesla will use Bitcoin again when Bitcoin proves they are using more than 50% renewable energy), shout out to Elon Musk (brilliant).

Did Musk make a deal with somebody to make this shitty Bitcoin announcement?

Did Musk make a deal to destroy Bitcoin because it is a threat to Bankers and the government? Everything is upside down; the US inflation rate hits a 13-year high, but gold and silver are dropping (manipulated)?
Biden just became president, and already gas stations are running out of gas. Israel and Palestine are at each other’s throats again, a substantial huge immigrant border crisis.

Some European Headlines:

In Europe, it is not better: The BBC reports that French soldiers warn of civil war in the new letter.

Germany, which is the engine of Europe, sees the biggest decline since the financial crisis. “Daily Sabah”

The FBI confirms Dark Side as Colonial Pipeline hacker “The NYT”.

Everything is hackable except the American Elections

News Headlines “the pipeline was hacked,” but American Voting machines were not hackable?

Such nonsense news announcements made me wonder how dumb people are.

Of course, “The Cabal” wants money printing and endless wars not to stop.

South Africans are massively using cryptocurrencies. They know inflation and what infinite printing of money can do. Ask anybody in Zimbabwe.

You wonder why the Mass media published anti-Trump rhetoric every single day. Here is your answer (The Cabal owns the Media) and does say whatever narrative they need to push (most significant contribution to the so-called news is big “Pharma).

Elon Musk is not the only billionaire playing with cryptocurrencies.

The Market Cap of Ethereum is now bigger than JP Morgen and if you think Cryptocurrencies are not a threat to the Bankers and Wall Street, think again.
It will be a challenging time ahead for the CryptoCurrency community and humanity, but with inflation at a level of 13%, looming Biden Neo-Con Wars, the pandemic, and democrats in charge – the world is rapidly speeding into the abyss.
Let’s hope that Zuckerberg can turn the ties who recently posted that he named one of his goat’s Bitcoin (all-time greatest).

We are in for a rough ride.


Or it is just more trolling from the upper class. Who knows. Take care of yourself and prepare for what’s coming because it seems inevitable that we are in for a very rough ride.

Somehow being on my two farms in the Esan in Thailand with a few hundred pigs, thousand chickens suddenly actually seemed like an excellent idea.

Quote: When the Well is dry, we know the value of water Benjamin Franklin.

(C) Bas Boon www.basboon.com

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