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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Isis Giant “Bruce Lee’s”, Cage: Muslim lawyers and human rights-groups, Cologne Cathedral cost 1 euro!

  Before I comment on some of the recent news reports that were apparently witnessed by human rights activists I would like to share the following study conclusion with you all: In a recent program on the Discovery science channel ...

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King “Clint”Abdullah “Punks” Isis. An Execution too far, Muslim killing Muslim.

Feeling Lucky Punk! The King of Jordan “Clint” Abdullah” declares war on Isis The King of Jordan “Clint” Abdullah” declares war on Isis, the king quoted in the movie from Clint Eastwood the “Unforgiving” and he portrays himself as the ...

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Holocaust Documentary “Night Will Fall” Is Full OF Inconsistencies And Propaganda! Palestine & Israel questions.

  I Just finished watching the TV documentary Night will fall also called the lost footage of the holocaust.   Please note I am not a holocaust denier nor do I try to say that this horrible event did not ...

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