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Trainer Fred Royers




Fred Royers

Birthplace : Arnhem , The Netherlands
Date : 15-3-1955
Height: 1.73 mtr
Gym: Kickboxing Arnhem
Affiliation : Golden Glory
GG contracted Students: Ray Staring, Benjey Zimmerman, Krista Fleming, Lex Wybenga
Profession: Muay Thai instructor/Televison commentator/free lance journalist

Fred Royers was born in Arnhem, in the eastern part of Holland. After finishing high school he went to college to study the English language in order to become a teacher. But his interest in the fight sports was much greater than his desire to study. After three years he decided to stop going to College. Ever since then he devoted himself entirely to the martial arts.

He had started practicing traditional Karate when he was 16 years of age. Soon he became quite proficient. A long and very successful competition career followed.

10 times national champion, European champ (’79 Finland) twice bronze medals at the World championships (1980 Spain, 1982 Taiwan)
As a member of the national squad he became world-champion in 1977 in Tokyo and fought for a 2nd place in Spain 1980. Furthermore with the national squad they won, they won various European team championships. (Geneva ’78 and Finland ’79) as well as numerous team and individual medals

A proficient amateur boxer, he held several regional boxing titles in the A class.

In 1978 he started to train muay thai in the famous Mejiro gym dojo. Sparring with the likes of Lucien Carbin, Rob Kaman and Andre Brilleman soon made him one the top competitors on the European muay thai and kickboxing circuit.
Royers fought on all kickboxing systems and won titles in each of them. Muay Thai, Full contact, Boxe Francaise Savate, WKA kickboxing, you name, he did it!

He won the European Savate world cup in Paris in 1984 and became a WKA world champion in 1985 defeating Japanese superstar (and reigning WKA world champion) Yasuo Tabata over 12 rounds of intense fighting.

His gym, Kickboxing Arnhem, was one of the first in the Netherlands and many a champion has thrown their first kicks, punches and knees there.
Besides training muay thai and kickboxing champions, Fred Royers works as a television commentator for Eurosport TV (since 1990). His views are critical but always positive.

The same can be said of his approach of fighters, events and organizations during his commentaries.
Furthermore he is a full time associate editor for eRingsport magazinef and a free lance contributor to other magazines and various television stations.