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News from 3 May 2007



It has been a very busy month for Golden Glory

Ultimate Glory event Amersfoort Holland part 3 May 3th 2007

10) SH B –100kg Hamid Corassani (GBG MMA, Stockholm) vs Dion Staring (Golden Glory)

Dion Starring was put to the test against the 20kilo light fighter from Sweden. The first round the Swedish fighter impressed everybody with great boxing combinations and speedy techniques.
In round two Dion gets from the mount to a back mount and bombards Hamid with punches.
Winner by ref stop in round two

Dion Staring (Golden Glory) WIN round 2 opponent give up

11) K-1 A –100kg Kevin Klinger (Kickboxing Hamburg) vs Gökhan Saki (Golden Glory)

Gökhan Saki (Golden Glory) WTKO

Saki is showing the World that he is the next big star by taking any fight he can, mma or kickboxing. After knocking out Harry Hooft from team Aerts and beating Amada with low kicks in Japan in round two (both fights in kickboxing) It was time for his second mma fight. With a spinning turning back kick to the liver Saki wins by ko in round one. His mma skills were not tested here, but Saki took no risk according himself as he wants to be top fit for his fight against Murad Bourzidi on June 23th in the Amsterdam Arena.

18) SH A -83kg Kurt Verschuren (Cobra Karate, Antwerpen) vs Siyar Bahadurzada (Golden Glory)

Siyar knock downs his opponent already after 10 seconds with an uppercut hook combination. The audience already thinks the match is over but the ref continues the fight after an 8 count. Then bothe fighters start punching but again Siyar landing the better strikes and the fighter from Antwerpen goes down and is counted out.

Siyar Bahadurzada (Golden Glory) WTKO round 1

19) MT B –100 kg Alistair Overeem (Golden Glory) vs Jürgen Dolch (Sylla Kick Boxing, Kempten)

Alistair Overheem shows in this thaiboxing match that he is ready again for the big boys. The fight starts slowly but takes a wicket turn as Alistair lands a big right hook and ko’s the German fighter.

Alistair Overeem (Golden Glory) WTKO round 1

May 13th Fight Night in Veghel

The younger brother of Errol is Benji Zimmerman and thaiboxing runs in the family. In his first tournament Benji showed everybody that it’s not only his brothe whor has talent.

1 Benji Zimmerman vs Reginaldo Nascimento:
Winner Benji Zimmerman Golden Glory

2 Benji Zimmerman vs Ralf Blewanus:
Winner Benji Zimmerman by tko in round 1

3 Benji Zimmerman vs Said Elja jani
Winner Benji Zimmerman by ko in round 2

Tournament Winner Veghel Benji Zimmerman (Golden Glory)

The light weight fighter from Golden Glory and K-1 max winner from Sweden Nicky Holtzken was fighting his last fight in preparation for his fight in K-1 max.

Nicky Holtzken vs Marijn Geuens
Great first round from both fighters – Nicky finishes his opponent with an old fashion spinning turning back kick to the face.
Nicky Holtzken (Golden Glory) WTKO round 1,
Nicky will fight now on May 28th against Bukaw (2 x k-1 max winner) for the qualification for the last 8.
Good luck to Nicky!

K-1 Sweden qualification May 19th 2007

Golden Glory fighter is present at the K-1 in Sweden.
Aswhin Balrak the bad boy lawyer from the Antilles has a hard time making the weight of less then 91 kilo. Only three weeks before he fought in Romania and lost – decision against a French fighter. He did not feel good for that fight – but this time he was fully prepared and feeling well!

1 Aswhin Balrak vs Damian Garcia
Aswhin Balrak wins by ko

2 Aswin Balrak vs Rick Nordstrand
Aswin Balrak wins by decision

3 Ashwin Balrak vs Nathan Corbett
Aswin Balrak (Golden Glory) looses decision in finals

Ashwin was loved by the audience in Sweden because of his crazy techniques and showed a lot of hard. Being in the sauna two hours on the day of the fight to make the weight was according Ashwin the main reason he could not perform better in the finals.
However he proved to be a great fighter with huge possibilities in the future for the K-1. Well done Aswhin!

June 2nd Tilburg Holland 2007

After Benji Zimmerman won the 8 man tournament in Veghel it was time for brother Errol to show that his bad luck in Romania, he won his first fight but got injured and lost on points to Wallis Brecht in the half finals (the same Wallis he beat three weeks before the Romania event).
Errol Zimmerman vs Gurhan
Gurhan a very muscular build fighter and strong puncher, attacked Zimmerman a few times but Zimmerman famous for his explosive knees and punches did not want to go for a second round and knocks his opponent out at the end of round 1.
Winner by KO round 1 Errol Zimmerman (Golden Glory) .

On the same night in Tilburg the rematch in MMA between Brian Lo Anjoe and Golden Glory fighter Oktay Karatas.
The first fight was in the Ahoy Rotterdam in 2006 and was titled the best fight of the night. Oktay being aggressive standing and on the ground. Brian counter punching and reversing Oktay on the ground. Oktay lost in round two by a choke after wanting to finish the fight with an arm bar giving away the mount.

This time it wasn’t going to happen again and it did not!
A great fight! where the audience was the real winner. Three rounds of action were Oktay this time dominated each round!

Oktay Karatas (Golden Glory) winner by decision

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