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News of 27 May 2008



Gentleman Promotions may 24 th 2008 Tilburg Holland

The reign of Golden Glory victories continues

Oktay Karatas Team Golden Glory 2×5 Cengiz Dana Team Alfa 76

Oktay came for revenge as he lost to Brian Lo Anjoe and this Cengiz won against Brian. Oktay made sure this night in Tilburg that there would be no doubt in who the winner would be.
The first round Oktay is scoring some nice take downs and Cengiz has to fight from the guard. Not really a position you want to be in as Oktay is famous for his ground and pound. Oktay is landing some big blows to the face of Cengiz, even when the fight is on their feet a few times Oktay showes some great stand up skills to. The first round is full of action and Cengiz has to go to his corner with a bleeding nose after round 1.
Round two is similar to round 1 were Oktay scores some nice take downs and Cengiz landing on his back again and fighting from the guard. No the right eye is also bruised and cut and with the bleeding nose it is not a pretty sight. When the fight is on their feet again Oktay counter wit two nice left hooks wich rock Cengiz, back to the ground the ref has to stop to finally stop the fight as cengiz can not defend himself anymore. Winner by TKO Oktay Karatas

Murat Direcki Universal Gym 3×3 Chaid Oulad Golden Team 70 WTKO

Murat Direcki is already a veteran of its Showtime Arena and K-1 max, but that did not help him in the fight with young rising star Chaid.
In the first round we can see already how dangerous Chaid is with his boxing combinations. This is a 70kg fight with a ko in his hands and the surprise is sweet when in round 2 Chaid gives Murat 3 x an 8 count with some huge right hooks. Winner by TKO Chaid

Ali Mazidi Golden Glory WSUB 2×5 Jhon de Wilde de Hoyer

Another heavyweight Golden Glory fighter Ali did not wait long for ending the fight, scoring the quickest victory of the night finishing the fight with a choke in less then 20 seconds in to the first round!
Winner Ali Mazidi


  1. Ferhat Gumrukcuoglu Team Superpiele Jeugd Idris Demirci Team Gunyar 60 WOP
  2. Emin Ozbasi Team Gunyar 5×2 Imed Future Gym 62 WOP
  3. Rini van Gelder Team Kraus 5×2 Zakaria Hambaken 70 WOP
  4. Pedro Sedarous Team Gunyar WOP 5×3 Khalid Lazaar F.C.Den Bosch 70
  5. Oktay Karatas Team Karatas WRSC 2×5 Cengiz Dana Team Alfa 76 Germany
  6. Rachid Bellani Mike’s WOP Gym 5×3 Youssef Aknenni F.C.Den Bosch 65
  7. Kamil Uygun Team Slamm WSUB/Siam Gym 2×5 Berry Bunthof Pardoel 85
  8. Ohran Delibas KB Arnhem WTKO 6×3 Vasiav Fiali Tjech Republic 75
  9. Murat Direcki Universal Gym 3×3 Chaid Oulad Golden Team 70 WTKO
  10. Albert Kraus Team Kraus WOG 5×3 Ali Gunyar Team Gunyar 70
  11. Henry van Opstal Team Kraus WTKO 5×3 Andre Brul Germany 67
  12. Bjorn Breggy Mike’s Gym WTKO 3×3 Andre Janssen The Intruder zw
  13. Ali Mazidi Golden Glory WSUB 2×5 Jhon de Wilde de Hoyer zw
  14. Kreshnik Real Team WOP 3×3 Volkan Duzgun Siam Gym zw
  15. Hassan ait Bassou Fightclub Purmerend WTKO 5×3 Mustafa Ziani Gym International 63.5
  16. Najim Ethoulali Mousid Gym WTKO 5×3 Emil Zoraj Croatia 76.20
  17. Cagri ermis Top Team Beverwijk 5×3 Petrosyan Gevorg Italy showtime 70 WOG
  18. Gilbert Yvel Vos Gym KO 2×5 Michal Kita Kops zwyos

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