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News of 27 March 2008



Despite the number 13th of march 2008, no luck needed for Golden Glory

Golden Glory fighters shined at Balance Fight Night in Den Bosch Holland at the 13th of March 2008

The fight night included an 8 men tournament till 75 Kg from its Showtime, but none of the tournament fighters really impressed.
When Niecky Holzken from Golden Glory made his way to the ring the the audience went wild. Holzken who always brings lots of fans when he fights, fought a smart game. After the war with Lima at beast of the east, Niecky listens to his corner and did not take any risk despite some vicious backward kicks by Holzken. In the first and second round we see Holzken dominating the fight. In round three he is professional enough to win the fights by decision and not going for the ko.
This was an important victory for Niecky Holzken, who now can prepare himself for his upcoming fight against Murad Direcki for april 26th K-1 event in the Arena.
Winner by decision Niecky Holzken (Golden Glory)

Gokhan Saki continued his winning streak of 10. His fight against Jantje Siersma showed how much Sakifs skill has been improved. Jantje got owned by Saki, vicious combination with punches followed by low kicks and high kicks made Siersma run through the ring. In round two after a few knock downs and eight counts, Saki wins by tko in round two and impressed everybody with his powerful spectacular kicks. The fight was also broadcasted live to Turkey and Dutch TV and europsort were Gokhan Saki is the newest and youngest star together with Errol Zimmerman out of the stable of new generation Golden Glory fighters.
Saki will fight at the k-1 Arena event on april 26th against the tournament winner from last year Paul Slowinsky.
Winner by tko in round 2 Gokhan Saki (Golden Glory)

Speaking about Errol Zimmerman who is only 21 years old and has almost 80 fights to his name with almost 60 of them came by way of KO. He is considered the next rising star with spectacular ko techniques in both hands and feet from the Golden Glory stable.
Errol was supposed to fight Bjorn Breggy but Breggy got sick three days before the fight and 2 meter tall Rene Rooze was found as a replacement fighter for Breggy.
There were great discussions on the Dutch internet forums who would be winning this fight and the opinions were very divided 50% Errol and 50% was in favor for Rooze. Zimmerman had to eat a big knee in the beginning of the first round which closed his left eye. After one minute in the round Zimmerman start unleashing his flying kneefs and high and low kicks. Rooze tried to defend but Errol was every were and flurry of punches and kicks rained down on the tall chakuriki fighter Rooze. The beginning of round two Errol attacks again and defends a low kick from Rooze by a good block which results in a huge cut in the shin bone of Rene Rooze. The doctor stops the fight and the third victory of the night for Golden Glory is a fact. Respect for Rooze who took the fight at short notice and Errol proves to be ready for the big guys in April
Errol Zimmerman will participate in the 8 men qualification tournament at the K-1 in Amsterdam April 26th.
Winner by TKO Errol Zimmerman (Golden Glory)

On March 5th another new young upcoming Golden Glory fighter Siyar Bahadurzada made his debut at the Sangoku event in Tokyo Japan.
His first fighter was against former pride middleweight tournament champion Kazuo Misaki (who also holds a win over Dan Henderson).
Siyar became immediate a star in Japan by the way of his fighting style. He opened the fight with a huge hard and powerful left right combination were the right hand of Siyar immediately closed the eye of Mizaki. It is clear the Siyar is the better striker so Misaki takes the fight to the ground. Misaki tries and arm bar but Siyar showed great ground skills and makes a reversal to end on top of Misaki. End of round 1. In round two it is Siyar again who dominates the stand up game. After two minutes in the second round Siyar shoots for the take down and gets in a very unlucky position in the corner. He is caught bu a quillotine choke and has to tapp for the first time of his life. The Japanese audience is went crazy, Surprise win for Misake, but Siyar left his visit card and he promises that with a little more experience he is the next big thing in the middleweight class in MMA

(c)photos by Ben Pontier story by Bas Boon www.goldenglory.com

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