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News of 26 November 2007 (2)



Golden Glory: Two world titles in one week!

Alistair Overeem vs Paul Buentello Friday 16 November 2007 San Jose California World Heavyweight Title Fight Strikeforce

Alistair had a rough year and preformed very well when he fought Michael Knaap this year in the Amsterdam Arena by finishing the fight quick by a submission.
Not really well prepared Alistair excepted to fight the rematch against Sergei Kharitonov in September.
After a great first round Alistair lost the fight by TKO at the end of round one.
It was very difficult for Alistair as well as a lot of other fighters what the future would bring now Pride did no longer exist.
Sergei Kharitonov joined Golden Glory after September and started training in Breda with (how ironic) Alistair Overeem among others, both won their match and it was 1-1, with great sportsmen ship both trained together with great results.

Alistair won against Victor Belfort again in his rematch at Strikeforce in San Jose and Saterday the 16th of November 2007 Alistair Overeem was finally getting a title shot, fighting Paul Buentello for the Strikeforce worldtitle.

Overeem never felt better and surprised friend and enemy with a great performance. Alistair fought a smart fight. Scoring an early take down , Alistair dominated the whole first round. Side control, ground and pound and submission attacks it was all Alistair that first round. The second round we could see many people wondering if Alistair would not run out of stamina, he did not.
Alistair continued with striking and vicious knee attacks, after the fight was stood up 3 minutes in to the second round Alistair got up and attacked Paul with two knees to the liver, which dropped the American fighters and forced him to tap. Winner by TKO Alistair Overeem and first heavyweight Strikeforce champion! Congratulations with this great victory!!

Another Golden Glory fighter back on the road to victory is Ray Starring, after his win over Drago two years ago in the Arena he went through some difficulties but Ray is Back. His second win in the All Japan enterprise Kickboxing organisation came this weekend 18 November in Japan were he defeated the strong Japanese fighter Shinya Ishige.
The start from this 16 men tournament on full Muay Thai rules 5 x 3 minute rounds with elbows has left four great fighters with one of them being ray Starring.
Congratulations with this great performance.

Krista Fleming Golden Glory vs Bernise Aldiss England
World Title Muay Thai (WFCA -57.1kg) Enter the Dragin event 11 November 2007

Krista Flemings has an impressive record of 14 fights and 13 wins, with one controversial loss on the kings birthday last year. Krista is attractive and sweet looking, but let looks not deceive you in this fighting machine from Arnhem.

Krista preformed very well and scored with vicious low kicks which resulted in a very purple and black upper leg from the British fighter Bernise.. The 15 th fight of Krista resulted in her first world title fight.

Congratulations Krista which makes her the first woman fighter from Golden Glory to obtain a world title and the third fourth belt in the year 2007 for Golden Glory, Sem Schilt with his first world title belt K-1, Siyar became the world title holder of the Japanese Shooto organisation. Alistair is now world champion Strikeforce and Krista is World Muay Thai Champion till -57.1 kg.
Golden Glory is on a roll!!!

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