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News of 21 January 2008



Golden Glory celebrates four world title belts on 20th January 2008

Many Golden Glory fighters came together including the four fighters who became world champion in 2007. Semmy Schilt became K-1 GP Champion for the fourth time in 2007. Semmy also captured the K-1 Heavyweight belt by defeating Ray Sefo by KO and then defended the same belt against Mighty Mo on April 2007 at the K-1 Arena Amsterdam event. Krista from Golden Glory saw herself being crowned as the world champion in Kickboxing. Siyar became the World Champion Shooto and Alistair Overeem captured the first world title heavyweight Strikeforce belt.
Nieky Holzken also attended the party and stated that he would be on this stage( with other belt winners) with his belt next year. Stefan Leko attended the party as well with his leg in bandages as he just was operated. Leko who had bad luck in 2007 said he would be back before the end of the year 2008. Chalid Arrab had also a strange year were his visa was not issued for Las Vegas and twice he became sick and injured for a fight, which resulted in only 1 fight on 2007 against Glaube Feitosa (which many considered one of the best k-1 fights of 2007).

Golden Glory fighter Errol Zimmerman who fought on the same night on the 20th of January (after GG Nye party) tko’d Orlando Breinburg and Oktay from GG fought an unbelievable war with his opponent on the Ultimate Glory Event, both young fighters are also on their way to become top fighters. Gokhan Saki beat Mogomedov at the end of the year 2007 in Istanbul Turkey and Stefan Leko showed he still was the Blitz in winning a very smart fight in Las Vegas 2007 against Mighty Mo.

The year 2008 started with Semmy Schilt returning back to MMA and winning by GNP in 2.45 sec in the first round in Serbia. Dennis Stojnic from Golden Glory overpowered his strong opponent from Macedonia by winning by KO in less the 1 minute and 30 seconds. There are negotiations that a young golden glory fighter will participate in the world youth K-1 and will fight against a Japanese star (more news soon). A good start of the New Year 2008. Happy New Year to everybody from the whole Golden Glory team!!!

by Bas Boon Photo’s (c) Dragon Trifunovic Belgrade and Bas Boon

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