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News of 20 February 2008



Another world title for Golden Glory young rising star Gokhan Saki

February 16th Schiedam Holland

Gokhan Saki continues his 9 win victory streak and becoming World Champion WFCA

After saki’s victory over Magomed Magomedov in Istanbull Turkey last year, Saki was ready for the WFCA heavyweight World Title Fight. Chris Knowles (Knowles brothers from England) was not an easy picked light opponent for Saki, as the weight of Chris was 110 kilo and much taller then Saki.

Saki can always be found in the Golden Glory dojo training with Cor Hemmers and the GG team, he is always training and wants to prove his place is with the last 16 in Japan. He was in great shape and showed great speed for this title fight

The first two rounds Saki is showing unbelievable fast combinations, Saki’s left hook is starting to become a great weapon, but his high kicks and low kicks were already well known (Amada in Japan who could not walk after the second round).
Chris Knowles simply could not do anything against the quick moving Saki, who kept firing hard low kicks to the legs of Chris.
In round three it became to much for Chris and he could not stand on his bruised legs anymore, winner by tko in round three Gokhan “the rebel” Saki (Golden Glory) gaining the WFCA world title.

Congratulations Gokhan Saki who had a busy schedule and is looking forward for his fight on April 26th in the Arena in Amsterdam against Paul Slowinsky

Another Golden Glory heavyweight warrior (youngest from the team with age 21) is Errol ” The Bonecrusher” Zimmerman.

Errol fought a thaiboxing match against Orlando Breinburg at the Ultimate Glory event number 7 (Breinburg fought once a great fight against Rob Kaman in Paris France) in Amersfoort Holland at 20 th january 2008
Zimmerman just came in the ring started brawling and kept his KO in the first round reputation by knocking out Orlando Breinburg in round 1.
Winner by KO in round 1 Errol Zimmerman (Golden Glory)

Zimmerman has been fighting a lot. After his KO victory over Breinburg at the Ultimate Glory event Errol took the plane to Hungary Budapest on February 9th for his qualification match for the K-1 World GP at the Amsterdam Arena on April 26th.
His opponent Tovarovic Damir fought one round with Errol and did not get knocked out, to only bump in to an extremely explosive start of the second round by Errol, were Errol pounded the legs of Damir with hard low kicks.
Winner by KO in round two Errol Zimmerman (Golden Glory), With this result Errol qualified for the 8 men tournament in Amsterdam for qualification by the last 16 best fighters of the world.

More news comes from Johanes Hofman beast of the east promoter, who is working together with Golden Glory. This new young upcoming promoter put up a great fighting card (January 26th 2008)

Highlighting the evening was the fight between Holzken and Lima which kept the audience at the edge of their seat every minute. Holzken started dominating but suddenly he received an eight count at the end of round 1 but a vicious knee from Lima. Nieky survived the 1 st round after receiving an eight count, to come back strong in the second round. Great round by both fighters were Niecky tries to force a KO and Lima looking for the counter. Round three both warriors start again but then Niecky get caught by a short left hook, by the time he gets up he it is all over. Great fight, were the audience was the winner, great performance by both fighters. Alviar Lima (Super Pro) vs Nieky Holzken (Golden Glory) KO 3e ronde
Further that evening we can see how Golden Glory female world champion Krista Flemmings wins a decision over Marianka Krista Flemming (KB Arnhem) vs Marianka (Bulls Gym) – WOP.
Vincent Latoel (MMA) has not lost a fight since his pro debut win at the Arena its showtime event in April 2007 last year, Vincent Latoel (Golden Glory) vs Moskito Dana (Duitsland) – RSC 1e ronde. This event was broadcasted by Dutch Tv channel SBS6 and was live broadcasted to Romania and 22 other countries and delayed broadcasted by europsport.

More info on the new Beast of the East event with 7 Golden Glory fighters fighting on May 31st 2008

A great start of the new year, were Gokha Saki becomes Golden Glory fighter number 7 gaining a world Title.

Photo’s Gokhan Saki Mustafa Koyuncu Hurriyet muhabiri
(c) Golden Glory 2008

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