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News of 19 September 2007



Seven Golden Glory Victories in one week!!!

It was a great week for Golden Glory with seven victories out of 8 fights.

About G4 Productions:
Martijn De Jong, Patrick Mooney, Marko Leisten and Augusto Frota have joined forces to create the first ever pan European MMA production Company. The new company G4 Productions, will now handle all of the groups separate promotions marketing their events under one banner.

De Jong, Mooney, Leisten and Frota have control of many of Europe’s top MMA shows including, Cage Wars, Ultimate Glory (Affiliated with Golden Glory) Shooto Switzerland, FinnFight and ADCC to name a few. This coming year will see G4 produce 16 shows across Europe and increase their live productions to 32 in the following year.

G4 Productions is exclusively producing MMA shows for MAX (otcbb:MXEH), Martial Arts X-treme . The G4 / Max deal will establish live Mixed Martial Arts events throughout Europe, creating content under the Max banner for TV, DVD and digital media.

G4 Productions powered by Martial Arts Extreme presents:
Ultimate Glory 4 results

Sunday 2 September 2007
Hof van Salland, Deventer, The Netherlands

Shooto grappling -80kg (special weight)
Rafles la Rose (Tatsujin Dojo, NL) defeats Issaias Santos (Brazil) by decision

Shooto grappling -91kg
Martijn de Jong (Golden Glory, NL) defeats Taro Obata (AACC, Japan) by decision

G4 Productions powered by Martial Arts Extreme presents:
Ultimate Glory 5 results

Sunday 9 September 2007 DE Flint Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Shooto Class A -76kg
Hamid “Akira” Corassani (Golden Glory,Sweden) defeats Raymond Jarman ( B.A. Physical, NL) by rare naked choke (pressure legs around neck), round 2 at 1:46 min.

Shooto Class A -76kg
Oktay Karatas (Golden Glory, NL) defeats Yoshitomo Watanabe (AACC, Japan) K.O . (gnp), round 1 at 1:52 min.

Shooto Class A -70kg
Vincent Latoel (Golden Glory, NL) defeats Daniel “Bingo” Abrol (Cum Sut, Ireland ) by K.O., round 1 at 32 sec.

Shooto Class A -95kg (special weight)
Dion Staring (Golden Glory, NL) defeats Hans Stringer (Super Pro, NL) by 3-0 decision

Shooto Class A -91kg
Robert Jocz (Team Beast of the East, Poland) defeats Murat Chunkaiev (Golden Glory, FR) by guillotine,
round 3 at 18 sec.

Muay Thai A -70kg
Nieky Holzken (Golden Glory, NL) vs Barakat Bakar (Energy Gym Euskirchen, Germany ) by decision
Alistair Overeem will fight Sergey Kharitonov in a rematch in Japan on September 19th, before Sergey joined Golden Glory he had agreed one fight in Hero’s and he will fight this fight for Team Volk Han. After this fight Kharitonov will fight for Team Golden Glory Russia which will be leaded by George Kobyliansky.

Foto’s by Golden Glory and Dave Huizing (c)

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